Book Your Tickets to Mars with SpaceX Travel Card (2022)

Book Your Tickets to Mars with SpaceX Travel Card (2022)

Space isn’t just a void in the infinite galaxies, it is a possibility of undiscovered planets, unknown existences, and unending mysteries. One can never be too fascinated by space and how we, as humans, can explore this universe. Let’s not go too far light-years and just limit ourselves to 34 million miles. Well, if you didn’t get the cue, I am talking about Mars here, and someone on Reddit gave us a view of how we will book tickets to Mars with the futuristic SpaceX Travel Card

When I mention Space, it is not just a subject, it is a passion that can never be described in words. Some kids dream of going to space, and some actually fulfill their dream by getting into SpaceX or NASA. Whether one dreams of being an astronaut or not, one might always be thrilled with the idea of space travel. 

What if you could book your flight to outer space in a way easier than you currently book your flights? While the idea of traveling to Mars might seem a little far-fetched now, one Reddit user has intrigued many on the internet with his fun input. Taking his intellectual liberties, armedialabs has put a quite realistic way to book flights to Mars (or any other planet). 

If you have no idea about the SpaceX Travel card, you should definitely stick with me for a while and know what’s happening in the world. It’ll be fun, trust me!

Futuristic SpaceX Travel Card on Reddit

Book Your Tickets to Mars with SpaceX Travel Card (2022)

Even when we know all the best technologies are only meant to be accessed by the richi-richs of the world, we cannot help but wonder about all these technologies. Every space program costs billions of dollars, making us believe that the improbable might be probable one day. When a Reddit user puts a SpaceX travel card on the internet in such a frenzy, it automatically builds the excitement. 

Once upon a time, people didn’t believe humans could go to space, and it happened. People used to believe humans couldn’t go to the moon, and it too happened. People also believe space travel cannot happen, but after looking at the imagination of Armedialabs, space travel isn’t too far a dream. 

So, what’s SpaceX Travel Card?

Armedialabs posted an animated video on Reddit of a SpaceX Travel Card, booking a ticket to Mars within seconds. The video was posted to r/SpaceXLounge, and you can easily see how realistic the who process seems. Holding a simple card, which almost looks like a credit card, one might be able to book his/her flight to Mars just like that.

How will SpaceX Travel Card Work?

Coming back to the Reddit SpaceX Travel card, it looks very simple and is hand-held. It authenticates the person’s identity with a fingerprint sensor. After authenticating, the user can choose which planet or moon does s/he wants to visit, the date of the visit, and exactly how many people want to book the flight. With just a basic Book Now option, you would be traveling to Mars in no time. 

A scanner code will confirm your booking, displaying your arrival and departure date, the price of your visit, and your identity. Isn’t this Uber Cool!

Not to forget, only if I have a few more millions, if not billions, in my bank account would I actually be able to see this SpaceX Travel Card IRL. 

Instagram will load in the frontend.

How much is the SpaceX TravelCard trip from Earth to Mars?

According to the animation made by Armedialabs on Reddit, a SpaceX travel card trip from Earth to Mars would cost 5 Million dollars. As I said, only the richest people in the world would be able to book these luxuries and think about actually taking these tours.

Wrapping Up

With every single day, there is a new invention taking us a step closer to space and even time travel. There’s no end to possibilities when we are talking about space and the endless technologies revolving around it. I hope you understand now what the SpaceX travel card is and how it works. I do not think there could be an easier way to book your tickets to Mars, or could it be? Well, as I said, there’s no limit to possibilities.

So, comment below what you think about the SpaceX Travel card posted on Reddit. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and space enthusiasts. 

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