South Korea Designer Face Masks.

South Korea Designer Face Masks.

Surgical masks are getting used as an important shield against the novel coronavirus in many countries. But this scenario flipped otherwise and created a shortage against the masks availability in the global market. Many countries are suffering from the lack of N95 masks and hand sanitizers but during the same time, some designers are using their creativity to turn the tables around. South Korean fashion designer Paul Park has created a line of face masks for people which he hopes will alleviate the shortages – and help cheer up people.

Many YouTubers are also making sure that people take it as a style statement rather than a precautionary measure as some people care more about fashion than health nowadays. An increasing number of the tutorials has come into light since January 2020 on proper adoption of masks without affecting your beautiful skin. Surprisingly, brands like Louis Vuitton have also started manufacturing face masks and hand sanitizers due to the increasing demand in public. As a matter of fact, LV converted one of their perfume manufacturing units into a Hand Sanitizer factory to help in the supply of essentials and make some money while doing the good.

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A change has started coming after the contribution of Paul Park on the design front for face maks. Though to solve the scarcity of the masks a lot of brands started manufacturing masks just like LV. The government has imposed a system to restrict the number of masks each week, each individual can purchase and put export limitations. In response, some South Koreans have turned to other methods of combining style and protection. one thing seen for sale online and in stores are hats with a transparent face shield.

South Korean Youth’s Response to Face Masks

The problem is with the young youth which is more rebel to the rules stated by the South Korean Government. The young sometimes behaves like “Young, Dumb and Free” because of the swaggy attitude they carry with them. Though Paul is a real genius and he knew from the very beginning that something like this might come up. His range of masks is not the only designer but comes in a variety of colours and combinations. Now, young icons can match their daily outwear accordingly. This has boomed instagram and N95 masks are no more ordinary surgical masks as they have turned out as fashion statement. It seems like even during this heartbreaking pandemic, South Koreans are currently trying to be sure that the coronavirus outbreak does not damage their style statement and outlook reputation.

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The world might have never considered them as great style icons but seems like South Koreans are perfectly filled with the pride and prestige of their fashion statements. Following this, it is expected to see the other countries to bring out their ideas to come up with the solution of shortage and adoption of surgical masks in their provinces.

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