Do Something Different This Summer With A Sailing Holiday

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As Jack Frost continues to nip at our toes it’s only natural for your mind to wander off to warmer climes. Right now is a great time to start planning your summer getaway for 2022 and more of us are realizing, the dream of a vacation on the waves could become a reality.

Whether you’re the seasoned nautical type or you’ve barely found your sea legs, BorrowABoat has all your boat rentals and yacht charter needs covered, with or without a skipper and crew—so the process is anything but daunting.

For the uninitiated, we’ve put together a glossary of watercraft so you can narrow in on what kind of experience it is you’re looking for.

Type of vessel:

  • Catamaran

Characterized by its two hulls, a catamaran or “cat” is a fast boat best suited to passenger journeys. Cats often experience less wave based motion than single hulled vessels so they can feel more stable when you’re dropping anchor in a picturesque bay and sipping cocktails on the deck. There’s also the unique experience of sunbathing on the webbing between the hulls with the spray of the sea whipping up underneath you.

Catamarans ​​can be powered by sail or motor but are often more expensive than monohulls of the same length. A three hulled boat is known as a trimaran or double-outrigger.

  • Sailboat

A sailboat is any boat that is propelled partly or entirely by the wind, through the use of its sails. Operating sailboats requires a higher level of expertise than a simple motorboat—there’s simply a lot more to consider. Sailing is a great experience, to travel across the seas in the same way humans have for millenia with only the sound of the air in the canvas.

  • Motorboat

Powerboats, speedboats or motorboats derive their propulsion from an engine. Motorboats come in all imaginable sizes, with motors either being inboard or outboard.

Other types of boats include RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) that you might recognise as coast guard boats, houseboats and gulets—a traditional two or three masted boat from the south coast of Turkey.

Now you know your port (the right side of the boat) from your starboard (the left side) you can start thinking about destinations.


Greece is an obvious choice for a sailing holiday with its innumerable islands—some estimates say there are up to 6,000. Plotting your own course through some of the popular highlights: think Rhodes, Crete and Mykonos, and some lesser known gems: Ano Koufonisi, Ithaca and Samothrace is an adventure unto itself.

Cruise into the caldera of Santorini to survey the whitewashed Cycladic houses and their distinctive blue roofs and later plunge into the hot springs of Palea and Nea Kameni. The best part about a sailing holiday is being in complete control of your own itinerary.

The Caribbean

The tropical climate means you will enjoy great weather all year round. The summers are hotter and more humid with higher rainfall but outside of the hurricane season, there’s no bad time to plan a Caribbean getaway, and many of the islands happen to be best explored by sea.

The Bahamas

The 700 islands that make up the Bahamas stretch from Florida’s east coast down to the southern tip of Cuba. Hopping between the Abaco islands (sometimes called the mini-Bahamas) in the north makes for a great itinerary. Experience soft white sands, swimming pigs and sea turtles.

British Virgin Islands

Part of a stunning volcanic archipelago to the east of Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands are well-known as an ideal yachting destination. Comprising four main islands, they offer a multitude of opportunities for holiday fun.

Cistern Point on Cooper Island is a great spot to drop anchor, snorkel and catch an unforgettable sunset. Jost Van Dyke to the north is the smallest of the main islands and has a quaint local feel, with only 300 permanent inhabitants. White Bay is home to some fantastic beach bars and eating opportunities.

The Seychelles

The 115 strong archipelago of The Seychelles sits in the Indian Ocean, 600 miles off the east coast of Africa. They’re a varied and abundant land—from mountain rainforests to nature reserves and vivid coral reefs.

Embark from Mahé, the home of the capital, Victoria, towards the national marine park of Sainte Anne. This is a scuba diver’s idyll but there are also a handful of magnificent beaches if you’d prefer to take things a little easier. You also mustn’t leave before visiting the four small granite islets of the Coco Islands for it’s shallow turquoise waters and rounded rock formations.


For a slightly different backdrop, head to Chesapeake bay and enjoy some of the United States’ most superior sailing opportunities. Begin with fresh crab at an Annapolis seafront restaurant and navigate over to the tranquility of Oxford and the rich history of Cambridge to the east.

A sailing holiday is a holiday like no other. You’ll be able to create a unique experience that wouldn’t be possible with just a plane and a transfer to the hotel. So, select your crew, pick your spot and take to the waves this summer.


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