How to Solve Promotion Rags to Royalty in Storyteller: All 6 Slides!

How to Solve Promotion Rags to Royalty in Storyteller

We solved the Storyteller’s Baron Rules Alone puzzle, and now it’s time to switch to Rags to Royalty, the next puzzle you need to solve in Storyteller. Storyteller is a viral game right now because of its unique storytelling concept in game form. With 13 exciting chapters with slides you must arrange, each level is a different challenge.

Many of you might need to learn the correct order of slides in all the levels because some are harder than others. Rags to Royalty is under the third level (Promotion) in the tenth chapter of Storyteller, The King. You need to select and arrange different scenes to create the correct storyline in Storyteller.

Are you ready to complete the third level in the tenth chapter in Storyteller so you can progress to chapter eleven, Monster? Read on to get my Game Guide with the two proper methods to complete the Promotion Rags to Royalty puzzle in the Storyteller game so you can move to Storyteller 2!

How to Solve Promotion Rags to Royalty in Storyteller?

As the name suggests, the Rags to Royalty challenge showcases the ascension of a maid from “rags” to “royalty.” There are two methods to crack the challenges of the Rags to Royalty level under Promotion in Storyteller: one that starts off with the King and queen’s wedding, and the second starts with an affair. Here are the two solutions to Rags to Royalty in chapter 10 of Storyteller:

Here are the correct slides for Storyteller’s Promotion Rags to Royalty:

How to Solve Promotion Rags to Royalty in Storyteller
1stThe King and Queen’s Wedding
2nd1. Affair Scene
2. The queen is placed in the bush with the maid and King next to her.
3rd1. Kidnap Scene
2. The maid is placed in the cage with the queen next to him.
4th1. Kidnap Scene
2. The King is placed beside the maid.
5thThe King executes the queen
6thThe King and Maid’s Wedding

or use the second method:

Rags to Royalty
Slide 11. Affair
2. Queen
3. King
4. Maid
Slide 21. Kidnap
2. Queen
3. King
Slide 31. Kidnap
2. Maid
3. King
Slide 41. Execute
2. King
3. Queen
Slide 51. Wedding
2. King
3. Maid
Slide 6

Wrapping Up

Some chapters and levels of Storyteller are harder than others, although the game, in general, is easy. You might have gotten stuck trying to solve Storyteller’s Promotion Rags to Royalty, but you’ll be able to progress using my two methods to solve Rags to Royalty. Comment at Path of EX to share which method seems better to you for the Promotion puzzle and what chapter you loved the most!

Happy Gaming!

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