How To Solve Duke Shoots His Wife In Storyteller | Storyteller Chapter 8

solve Duke Shoots his Wife in Storyteller

Storyteller is a comic-based game where a player has to accomplish multiple challenges and chapters all along their gameplay. Here, on this page, I will reveal how to solve the puzzle: Duke shoots his wife in Storyteller by two popular methods. Go on, step into the shoes of a Storyteller, and get into this epic comic-based game.

There are a total of thirteen chapters in Storyteller, and each one of them has a varied difficulty level. A player has to complete each puzzle to reach his destination and earn some Storyteller stamps. Out of all the puzzles, the tougher ones are Adam Resurrects the Third Day and Last Straw Knight Imprisons Queen In Storyteller.

The Duke Shoots His Wife Challenge is an easy puzzle where all a player needs to do is add the Ballroom scene with Duke. Let’s follow this page and learn about the slides and steps you need to follow to solve this one in Storyteller. Go on and conquer this chapter 8.

How to Solve Duke Shoots His Wife in Storyteller | Chapter 8 Slides

solve Duke Shoots his Wife in Storyteller

Storyteller is an exciting game where a player has to play the role of an author and cross various chapters. Look underneath and learn how you can solve Dule Shoots his Wife in Storyteller via multiple slides. Let’s go!

Here’s how you can solve Duke Shoots his Wife in Storyteller:

Slide 1Add Witness scene with the Devil
Slide 21. Ballroom scene
2. Duke and Duchess
Slide 3Gun scene with Duke
Slide 4Add Witness scene with Duchess
Slide 5Ballroom scene with Dukle

Wrapping Up

In order to solve Duke Shoots His Wife in Storyteller, a player has to follow through the five total slides and add a Ballroom scene with Duke in the end. Follow through this guide above and ace this gameplay by featuring a Devil, Duke, and Duchess.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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