Why Getting a Social Security Disability Lawyer is Important

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The world works in mysterious ways, no one knows what the future holds for them. Suffering from an injury or getting disabled from a diagnosis is as frightening as it is stressful. What adds to these existing injuries is the emotional pain it causes. Leaving an individual to be stressed about their job, their family, and the financial damage an accident can cause. Many disabilities are scary since they prevent someone from doing their job, and can take ages to recover. 

This is where a good social security disability lawyer comes in. With their experience in this specific area of the law, they can easily make you eligible for the social security disability insurance program (SSDI) or a supplemental security income (SSI). These programs were made by the government so disabled individuals who are unable to work for over a year can get benefits to make it easier to move on and recover.

Filing for these claims without having a legitimate backing is not advised. A social security disability lawyer will only make your case better and more presentable. This can increase the chances of your claim being accepted. Although claims like these are always denied on the first appeal, there’s no law stopping you from trying again. Any good lawyer would advise you to do. It might take its sweet time but it’s worth the wait. 

What to do when your claim gets denied: 

There’s a very good chance that your initial application will be denied. But don’t worry because this happens all the time. Over 70% of individuals filing their claims are instantly denied disability benefits. This might seem like a concerning percentage, but it has some reasoning behind it that hasn’t been exposed yet. Many people quit on the first try which shouldn’t be the case when it comes to the benefits one can get after getting accepted. This is why we urge you to reconsider and appeal the decision so you can improve your claim.

Fighting the decision is an option you should definitely make the most out of while you still can. The process of handling an SSDI or SSI application includes multiple reconsiderations and appeals. With the right social security disability lawyer, you have a much better chance of getting the benefits awarded to you, which you deserve as a taxpaying US Citizen.

How does one file an appeal?

There’s no saying what’s going to happen with your initial application towards a social security disability benefits claim. Maybe it’ll get denied or maybe it’ll get accepted, allowing you to reap the benefits you deserve. Although feeling shame or indignity after getting denied in the initial stage is common, we realize how stressful it can be after getting the news. Especially since most initial applications are denied anyway, giving second chances is what makes us human.

After hiring a good social security disability lawyer and reconsidering your appeal, you’ll understand the procedure better. This will increase your chances of getting accepted.


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