Social Media Turns Home Chefs To Celebrities, And Vice Versa

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Social media is a new way of communication that has infiltrated the way people interact and perceive each other on every level imaginable. The entertainment industry has always been difficult to penetrate, and culinary entertainment adds more obstacles for those looking to get famous. All that is a thing of the past, as social media has managed to flip everything upside-down.

Home Cook Achieving Celebrity Status

Although social media platforms are saturated with people cooking out of their home kitchens, some have been able to reach enough popularity to be considered celebrities in their own right. Starting a career on social media can be exponentially boosted by services such as SocialWick, but these home chefs have exceeded that initial phase to reach new heights. 

Brothers Green Eats

Two brothers (Mike and Josh Greenfield) from Brooklyn set out to make videos experimenting and learning how to cook together. This channel was very popular before the duo split up, with Mike going on to create Pro Green Eats.

The beginning of their YouTube channel was during their college years where both took some interest in cooking and/or catering. Much of their initial content involved hacks on how to cook great food but with the budget (and kitchen) of a college student. This was probably a very important contributing factor to their success as it was appealing to the younger generation. 

At the height of their success, they made a few television appearances including joining The Rachael Ray Show for a burger cook-off. Eventually, they got to record their own MTV Series Brothers Green Eats

Adam Ragusea

Once a journalist and college professor, Adam Ragusea gained popularity for his YouTube video on pizza making. Within three years, he had gained a large enough following (and subsequently sponsorships) to warrant quitting his job at Mercer University to pursue YouTube full-time. 

Adam’s videos are widely popular, mostly for their straight-forward cooking style, honesty, and light-hearted scripts. Most of his content is recorded from his home kitchen, which he recently renovated specifically to create better YouTube videos. However, he does claim that he intends to record more content from other locations, adding that the pandemic was the only reason for his recent stay at home. 

As any celebrity (internet or otherwise), Adam Ragusea has his fanbase as well as critics. Thousands of videos are posted online to critic him, often in a joking manner. Some social media stars might not be mature enough to handle criticism from internet trolls, especially at the level that celebrities are accustomed to. Adam, on the other hand, handles it well. 

Celebrities Cooking From Home

Many TV channels are dedicated to producing only food-related shows, and from within those channels emerge TV chefs. Lately, some celebrities have started their own home cooking channels with minimal professional editing.

Jamie Oliver

He started his culinary career on British television, with his hit show The Naked Chef which was based around him cooking at home. Several cooking shows later, he became famous worldwide for his down-to-earth style and experimentation with different foods.

Although there are several Jamie Oliver shows starring him cooking at one of his residences, they are usually professionally produced by an entire production crew. Since the pandemic, he has been showing us a little more reality and recording videos by himself at home. It only proved that he has always been a natural at what he does because he is just as engaging when filmed on a smartphone camera. 

Jennifer Garner

Award-winning actress and producer Jennifer Garner is well known for her role in the thriller series Alias and her roles in highly successful movies such as 13 going on 30, and Daredevil. She is also an activist for child education and other campaigns. 

Despite her fame on the big screen, she is very down-to-earth. In 2017, like many home chefs, she too started sharing videos of her cooking from her home kitchen. The Jennifer Garner Pretend Cooking Show is shared on her social media accounts, with little to no editing. She was praised by several celebrity chefs for her ‘sweet’ show, where she often makes common mistakes that ordinary people do while cooking. 

It’s obvious that social media has changed many aspects of our lives. If ordinary people and celebrities are switching places, what next? 

Feature Image Credits: Forbes


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