Snapchat Update For October 2022 & Everything About The Latest Features!

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Known for its quick updates and user-friendly features, Snapchat sure knows how to make itself stand out among the rest of its competitors. In recent times, Snapchat has updated its app quite a few times to keep up with the ever-changing needs of its young audience. Fall updates of Snapchat are here. In this article, I will tell you about the Snapchat Update For October and what new features will offer to its users.

There are many new features that Snapchat is planning to launch for its users. The new features include personalized widgets for iOS 16 and much more. So without further ado, let’s dig in to find more about the latest news, Snapchat Update For October.

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What is Snapchat Update For October 2022?

For fall 2022, Snapchat has announced a way for its users to keep chats with friends refreshed, quick, and manageable to locate. If you are looking for October 1st Snapchat update, let me tell you till now there is no official statement about the update that will be announced on 1st Oct 2022. However, the new features introduced by Snapchat for Fall 2022 are as follows:

Lock Screen Widgets

Snapchat Update For October

In the latest update of Snapchat, Apple users can now have Snapchat iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets which the users can now personalize.

The two options for lock screen widgets that you can choose from include, the iOS 16 Lock Screen widget that will open directly to the Snapchat camera. The second option is a bigger rectangle icon that opens a conversation with a friend or group.

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 Question Stickers 

Snapchat Update For October

The question stickers are a feature for Snapchat stories, it is one of the features that is considered an engagement feature for the platform. You can use the feature and do AMA-style questions with your friends on the platform anytime.

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Snapchat for Web 

Snapchat Update For October

Snapchat has announced that the new desktop version of the platform will now be open for all Snapchat users. Snapchat for the web allows Snapchatters to exchange messages and video calls with friends and syncs their chats between the devices. 

Earlier, the feature was announced in July for only Snapchat+ subscribers, but now users from across the world can use Snapchat for Web features.

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Best Friends List

Snapchat Update For October

There is news that you can now view the best friends list on the platform. The feature was taken down by Snapchat in 2015 as it was considered intrusive. Many users are claiming that the feature will be back but so far there is no official confirmation from Snapchat about the returning of the feature.

Internet Reacts to New Features Launched By Snapchat

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Wrapping Up

Snapchat has announced its latest update for October 2022. To know about, Snapchat Update For October, read the entire article and do share it with your friends. Visit Path of EX for all the trending stuff!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new features of Snapchat updates?

1. Lock Screen Widgets for iOS 16.
2. Question Stickers.
3. Snapchat for Web.
4. Best Friends List.

What are the Snapchat Lock Screen Widgets for iOS 16?

The two options for lock screen widgets that you can choose from include, the iOS 16 Lock Screen widget that will open directly to the Snapchat camera. The second option is a bigger rectangle icon that opens to a conversation with a friend or group.

Is Snapchat for the web available for everyone?

Yes, Snapchat for the web is available for everyone. Earlier, the feature was available only to Snapchat+ users.


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