Snapchat Update 2023: Trends & Predictions About Upcoming Features!

Snapchat Update 2023

Known for quick updates, Snapchat is currently the most sought social media platform, especially among Gen Z. The features of Snapchat make it stand out from the rest of its competitors. A new year means new changes on your favorite social media platform; more interactive features simply mean more engagement. In this article, I will tell you about Snapchat Update 2023 and what are the latest features that the platform will incorporate.

The updates of Snapchat always align with the need of its audience. While this may take a whole lot of effort to keep up with the updates, you don’t have to worry; I am here to help. So without wasting time, let’s jump to the Snapchat update 2023 and what we can expect from the platform in the upcoming year.

What is The Snapchat Update 2023?

The January 2023 update of Snapchat was mostly aligned with the holiday season theme and mostly it was about filters, recaps or wraps. Now, there are huge expectations from Snapchat in the upcoming months.

In the below-mentioned I will tell you everything about latest features and plans of Snapchat for the year 2023.

1. Three New Features For Snapchat+

Snapchat Update 2023

In 2022, Snapchat introduced its paid premium service called Snapchat plus. The service offers a wide range of exclusive and pre-release features, along with new features that include friend solar system, ghost trials and more.

In 2023, Snapchat is all set to add and edit the app’s features like a camera capture button, icon, and more in its Snapchat plus features. Snapchat plus users can also change the button’s color or form to any emoji.  Gifting is another feature that is introduced by Snapchat, in which a user can gift someone a Snapchat+ subscription for a year.

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2. Increasing Presence of Advertisements

Snapchat Update 2023

Social media platforms are the hub of new-age digital advertising; the reach of brands on social media is more today than ever. Snapchat is all set to push is the Snapchat Story Ads. The ads in Snapchat stories, although ephemeral, will reach wider audiences, and the advertisements will show up in the Discover feed.

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3. Snapchat for Political Debates

Snapchat Update 2023

Snapchat’s algorithm provides a user with curated content in its Discover feed section. The platform is working really hard to increase the visibility of politicians on the Snapchat app. It is to be noted that considering the amount of users Snapchat has in the U.S., it will be a great way to introduce people to participate and know about contemporary politics. Earlier in 2018, Snapchat was able to register to vote over 400,000 users.

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4. Paid AR Lens Add-Ons

Snapchat Update 2023

Snap Lens Fest event this year was held in December, and in the event, Snap announced that the platform is all set to roll out its premium AR lens add-ons. The parent company of Snapchat, Snap, has its focus mainly on AR, and the platform is collaborating with remaining AR developers and creators in order to develop an enhanced AR ecosystem. Apart from that, AR Spectacles are also expected to launch soon.

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5. Global Digital Fashion Collection

Snapchat Update 2023

We all recently saw Snapchat and H&M’s collaboration for the Christmas season. A user can try the three available AR Try-On Lenses on both H&M and Snapchat mobile apps. Apart from apparel, Snapchat is also collaborating with makeup brands. The latest collaboration is between Snapchat and Allure; they have collaborated in order to develop lenses for 2023.

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6. Personalized Snapchat Year-End Stories

Snapchat Update 2023

Personalized Snapchat Year-End Stories is another feature that is added by Snapchat in order to show your best and finest Snaps from the year in a video format. It is to be noted that year-end stories are, in a way, Snapchat Wrap-Up and then looking back at the year through best the snaps.

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Wrapping Up

Snapchat is known for its user-friendly updates to keep up with the needs of its young audience. With each update, Snapchat upgrades its platform. And with the new year, there are many changes that the platform will incorporate. To know about Snapchat update 2023 and what can we expect from the platform in the upcoming year, read the entire article and share it with your friends. Visit Path of EX for all the trending stuff!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Snapchat Update 2023?

The new features that Snapchat will add in 2023 include:
1. Snapchat Introduces Paid AR Lens Add-Ons
2. Personalized Snapchat Year-End Stories
3. Global Digital Fashion Collection

What is the personalized Snapchat year-end stories?

Personalized Snapchat year-end stories is a look back at your best snaps from the year in a short-form video.

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