Snapchat Plus Planets in Order: Meaning and Order Explained!

Snapchat Plus Planets in Order

Have you ever wondered what those planets next to your friends’ names on Snapchat mean? Do you want to know how to get them and what they signify? If you are curious about Snapchat Plus Planets in Order, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this cool Snapchat planet order feature or Snapchat bsf list planets that only Snapchat Plus users can enjoy.

Snapchat is one of the leading social media platforms that let you share snaps and stories with your friends and followers. It has unique features like Friend Solar System Friendmoji, best friend list view, and more. Snapchat has given more power to those who have subscribed to Snapchat Plus. It makes them stand out, as it is easy to identify who has Snapchat Plus by looking at their planets.

As you may have an idea of Snapchat’s best friend list order, similarly there is Snapchat planet order. Each planet represents a different level of friendship and interaction on Snapchat. The more you snap with someone, the closer you get to their planet. But how do you get planets in the first place? And what do they mean? Read further to know what is Snapchat Plus Planets in Order or Snapchat + planet list, Snapchat Planets meaning, and how to use it to spice up your Snapchat experience.

What is Snapchat Plus Solar System?

Snapchat Plus Solar System

Do you know what Snapchat Plus Solar System is? It’s a cool feature that only Snapchat Plus users can access. Basically, it’s a way to show off your friendship status with your Snapchat friends using planets. You’ll see them next to your friends’ names on the chat screen, and they change depending on how often you snap with them.

The planets in the Snapchat Plus Solar System or Snapchat + solar system order are based on something called Snapstreaks. A Snapstreak is when you and a friend snap each other at least once a day for several consecutive days. The longer your Snapstreak, the closer your friend’s planet is to you.

The Snapchat Solar System order is not only fun, but it’s also super useful. It helps you keep track of your Snapstreaks and see who your best friends on Snapchat are. Plus, it motivates you to snap more with your friends and keep your Snapstreaks going. And if you snap more, you can get more planets!

The Snapchat Solar System order even has some hidden features that you can discover by tapping on the planets. You can see more details about your Snapstreaks, like when they started and how long they’ve lasted. And there are some cool animations and effects that make your best friend’s planets Snapchat come to life.

If you’re a Snapchat Plus user, Solar System order is definitely one of the reasons why it’s worth it. It adds more fun and excitement to your Snapchat experience and makes you feel even closer to your friends. 

Snapchat Plus Planets in Order

Snapchat Plus Planets in Order is a super cool feature exclusive to Snapchat Plus users. It shows how close you are to your friends on Snapchat based on your Snapstreaks, which are when you and a friend snap each other at least once a day for several days in a row.

The longer your Snapstreak, the closer your friend’s planet gets to you. In this feature, you are the sun, and your friends are the planets. The closest friend is Mercury, and the farthest friend is Neptune.

So, there are eight planets in the Snapchat Plus Planets in Order, and they all mean something different depending on how close you are with a friend on Snapchat. Let me break it down for you:

01. Mercury: You’re tight, like BFFs! You send the most snaps, have a blast together, and know each other inside out. Solid bond!

02. Venus: You’re besties too! Second most snaps, mutual respect, and share common interests. It’s a cool friendship!

03. Earth: You’re homies! Third most snaps, friendly and supportive vibes. Enjoy chillin’ and talking about anything and everything.

04. Mars: You’re adventurers! Fourth most snaps, lively and daring friendship. Love challenging each other and trying new stuff!

05. Jupiter: You’re buddies! Fifth most snaps, big-hearted and hilarious friendship. Laughter and uplifting vibes all around!

06. Saturn: You’re reliable pals! Sixth most snaps, stability and trust define your friendship. Always there for each other!

07. Uranus: You’re creative pals! Seventh most snaps, one-of-a-kind and full of surprises. Sharing original ideas rocks!

08. Neptune: You’re intriguing pals! Eighth most snaps, mysterious and fascinating bond. Curiosity sparks your friendship!

So there you have it! Snapchat Planet Order is a rad way to see how close you are to your friends and keep track of your nearness. And if you tap on the planets, you can even see some sweet animations and other hidden features, such as the Friend Solar System Friendmoji guide.

Are Snapchat Plus Planets in the Same Order as Our Solar System?

Have you ever wondered if the Snapchat Plus Planets in Order are arranged in the same way as the planets in our solar system? Well, the answer is both yes and no.

Because the Snapchat Plus Planets in Order follow the same order as our solar system from the sun to Neptune. That means the order goes Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

But hold on; there’s a twist! The Snapchat Plus Planets in Order don’t include Pluto, which is considered a dwarf planet in our solar system. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union downgraded Pluto from the ninth planet to a dwarf planet. However, some people still think of Pluto as a planet and wish it was included in the Snapchat Plus Planets in Order.

If you’re a Pluto fan, I’m sorry to say that it’s not included in the Snapchat Plus Planets in Order. But don’t worry; there are still eight other awesome planets to explore on your Snapchat Plus Solar System. And who knows, maybe Snapchat will add Pluto as a bonus planet in the future. Until then, keep snapping and collecting your planets!

What Does the Earth Mean on Snapchat Plus Planets in Order?

Alright, so you’re familiar with the Snapchat Plus Solar System order and its quirky planet names. But have you ever wondered what it means when your bestie’s name is next to the Earth planet on the chat screen?

Well, my dear friend, that indicates you’ve been exchanging snaps for quite a while. You and this friend have snapped each other more than the other five close people on your Snapchat Plus Planets in Order list! This friend holds the rank of your 3rd closest friend, just like Earth is the third closest planet to the sun. By the way, many people mistakenly think they’re the Earth in the Snapchat Plus Planets in Order, but that’s incorrect. The user represents the sun, not the Earth.

Earth holds significance in the Snapchat best friends list of planets, and it’s even more important in the Snapchat Planet Order. It’s the only planet with Wi-Fi, pizza, and Netflix—the essentials of life. Additionally, it’s the only planet inhabited by humans, animals, plants, and the occasional alien. We also have some awesome landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Great Pyramid, and the Space Needle.

So, when you see Earth next to your friend’s name, it means you’re true friends. That friend is your 3rd closest friend, right after Mercury and Venus. You genuinely care about each other and keep exchanging snaps. You share common interests and enjoy each other’s silly snaps. Congratulations, you’ve reached the third planet from the sun in the world of Snapchat. It’s like receiving a participation trophy for being a consistent snapper.

But hey, don’t get too comfortable on Earth just yet. There are still 2 more planets to conquer on your Snapchat Plus Solar System journey. So keep those snaps coming and aim for the next red planet: Venus! And don’t forget about the friend already orbiting around you as Venus does around the sun — they’re your second closest planet.

How to Get Snapchat Plus?

Craving that Snapchat Plus Planets action? No worries, I got you covered. Let me break it down for you, homie.

Snapchat best friends list planets is a feature of Snapchat Plus. So, you need to learn how to get Snapchat Plus. It is the ultimate upgrade that grants you access to a bunch of sweet exclusive features on Snapchat. But, you gotta pay to play. It’s going to cost you $3.99 a month, or $39.99 for a year. Prices may vary depending on where you’re at, so keep that in mind.

To sign up for Snapchat Plus, follow these steps:

Step 01: Open the Snapchat app on your phone and tap on your Bitmoji avatar in the top left corner.

Step 02: Tap on the ⚙️ gear icon in the top right corner to get to the settings menu if Snapchat+ banner is missing.

Step 03: Scroll to the Snapchat Plus option.

Step 04: Hit Subscribe and pick your preferred plan.

Step 05: Enter your payment details and confirm your subscription.

Boom! You’re in! You’re now a proud member of the Snapchat Plus crew, and you can explore the Snapchat Plus Planets in Order and other sick features.

Snapchat Plus Features

Hold on to your hats, folks, because subscribing to Snapchat Plus is like hitting the jackpot! Not only do you get the Snapchat Plus Planets in Order feature, but you’ll also unlock a whole galaxy of goodies, including these Snapchat+ features:

✓ BFF Pin: Your bestie deserves to be at the top of your list, right? Pin them there so you never miss a snap from them again.

Story Rewatch Indicator: Curious if your friends are as hooked on your stories as you are? Look no further! This nifty feature shows you exactly how many times they’ve watched your story on repeat. Keep an eye out for the eye icon indicating the number of rewatched views.

✓ Custom App Icons/Themes: Who says Snapchat can’t be stylish? Choose from a range of app icons and themes to make your Snapchat experience uniquely yours.

Snapchat+ Badge: Want to show off your VIP status? Flaunt it with a special badge on your profile.

✓ Priority Story Replies: Want to make sure your Snap Star crush sees your message first? With this feature, you can cut the line and get to the front of the queue.

✓ Post View Emojis: Let your friends know how you really feel about their snaps with these post-view emojis.

✓ Bitmoji Backgrounds: Add a splash of personality to your Snapchat profile with these Bitmoji backgrounds.

✓ Story Timer: Set your stories to self-destruct after a certain amount of time, just like Mission Impossible.

✓ Capturing Color: Feeling inspired by a rainbow or a juicy piece of fruit? Capture the color and use it as a background for your snaps.

✓ Custom Notification Sounds: Tired of the same old ding? Choose a unique notification sound for each of your friends so you know who’s snapping you without even looking at your phone.

✓ Friend Snapscore Change: See how your friends’ Snapscores stack up against yours over time. It’s like a friendly game of Snapchat Monopoly.

✓ Chat Wallpapers: Set the scene for your chat conversations with a variety of wallpapers to choose from.

Ghost Trails on the Map: Track the whereabouts of your pals on the Snap Map with this exclusive feature.

Custom Capture Buttons: Move and resize those pesky capture buttons so you can take snaps with ease.

✓ Gift Snapchat+: Want to spread the love? Gift a subscription to your friends and make their day.

✓ Story Boost: Make your stories the star of the show by giving them a boost. Just like a good hair day, it’s all about getting noticed.

There are more features that are added regularly, so you can always expect something new and exciting from Snapchat Plus.

Wrapping Up

Well, well, well, we’ve reached the end of our Snapchat Plus Planets in Order extravaganza. Come on, don’t be shy; which planet is your fave? Spill the tea in the comments section! And, if you’re crazy enough to fork over some cash for Snapchat Plus just for the Snapchat Best Friends List Planets feature, I need to hear from you.

Seriously, don’t leave me hanging; drop a review or comment down below. And hey, while you’re at it, why not check out our website, Path of EX, for more awesome social media, gaming, and tech stuff? You won’t regret it. Catch you later!😉

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What do the planets mean on Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus planets represent the order of your friendship with a user, based on the Solar System. They appear on ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badges, indicating your closeness to other users. The planets revolve around the sun, representing your relationship with your friend. For example, if your friend is Venus and you’re the sun, they’re your second closest friend.

02. What is the order of snap planets?

The snap planets follow the order of the solar system, and each Friend emoji can be associated with a unique planet. Here’s the order of the snap planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. There ain’t any Pluto in it.

03. How do you use Planets on Snapchat Plus?

If you want to use planets on Snapchat Plus, you gotta sign up for the premium service and then go to the settings menu to access the feature. Plus, you can even create your own planet and share it with your buddies.

04. Can people tell if you have Snapchat Plus?

Yes, and by the way, if you’ve subscribed to Snapchat+, people will know. Your profile will sport a special badge. But even if you don’t have the badge, you can still use some of the cool Snapchat+ features, such as the Friend Solar System.

05. What do you get from Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus gives you access to some cool features that are not available on the regular Snapchat app. With this subscription, you can pin your closest pal as your BFF, track how many times your friends have watched your stories, and even customize your app icons and themes. And the best part? You get to try out new features before anyone else!

06. What is Mercury Snapchat planet?

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and you will see this planet bitmoji right beside the person with whom you shared most streaks.

07. What does Venus Snapchat planet signify?

Venus Snpachat planet signifies you are the second best friend in the best friend list of your friend.

08. What planet is number 1 on Snapchat?

Mercury is the number 1 on Snapchat.

09. What is the Green planet on Snapchat plus?

Uranus is the green planet on Snapchat Plus.

10. What is the red planet on Snapchat plus?

Mars is the red planet on Snapchat Plus.

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