Snapchat New Update: Everything About Latest Features!

Snapchat New Update

Just like surprise gifts, updates are always welcome, and Snapchat knows this fact very well. Therefore from time to time, you keep getting new updates on Snapchat. During the Snapchat Partner Submit yesterday, Snapchat announced new features that will make the platform even more fun. So are you excited to know about the Snapchat New Update? If yes, come along!

Snapchat, Gen Z’s favorite social media app, has many exciting features to catch your attention. At the beginning of this year, Snapchat came up with many exciting features, and one of them is My AI, the chatbot. However, even the monthly update has something or other to offer to its valuable users, and now this Snapchat new update has more features to blow your mind.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the article and learn about the Snapchat New Update. Why wait, then? Let’s begin!

What is Snapchat New Update?

Snapchat new update is a set of new features released by Snapchat on April 19, and this update is as exciting and full of surprises as any other previous updates. Under this update, you will find something new under Snapchat My AI, new features to fuel your friendship, new features to grow your business, etc., etc. So let’s dive in and learn about them at length.

1. Snapchat New Update Has Feature to Fuel Your Friendships

Snapchat is all about friendships and staying close to each other even when you are miles apart. Therefore to fuel your friendship Snapchat has come up with new Calling Lenses that “let you break free from the grid and appear together, in one frame, and soon, even play games and solve puzzles while you’re virtually face-to-face.” Exciting! But did they just mention Games? Didn’t Snapchat remove Games from their platform? So are Snap Games coming back? Well, you need to wait for the next update, and you never know if you will get Snap Games back next time.

The next feature to fuel friendship is “After Dark” Stories, a new type of story after private story, so next time you’re up late studying or hanging out with friends, try this After Dark Story. In the morning, see the Story unfolds to debrief on the night.

Snapchat New Update Has Feature to Fuel Your Friendships

Another feature is Communities, a feature that lets you share perspectives with your classmates. And from now on, your throwbacks will also appear right into your conversations with friends, so you can relive those moments made up of your favorite Snaps you have saved together.

And last but not least, a feature related to Snap map, a new location-sharing option that makes it easy to catch each other and allows you to look out for new landmarks standing out in 3D. Plus, new tags buzzing last night in your friend’s location.

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2. Snapchat New Update Have New Programs and Features for Creators

 New Programs and Features for Creators

For creators all over the world, Snapchat has come up with new programs so that they can build sustainable businesses for themselves and features to grow and engage with their audience across Stories and Spotlight.

Snapchat is introducing Monetization programs like the Story revenue share program that provides a recurring source of cash payout. And now, “creators who have at least 50,000 followers, 25 million monthly Snap views, and post at least 10 Stories a month may be eligible to join our Stories revenue share program.”

Another reward program is on its way- the Spotlight Reward Program, which is another step towards supporting our community of aspiring and emerging creators as they turn content creation into a career.

More tools and features like adding Linktree to your profile are coming your way so that creators can showcase more of their content. Expect more tools and features like these every few weeks from now on. Moreover, creators’ content is now finding spots on new surfaces across Snapchat, like Snap Map. And Snapchat is also making the process of discovering creators across Stories and Spotlight more easy.

Also, starting today, Snapchatters aged 18 or older will be able to post their own Public Stories with a simple tap. Open the camera, create a Snap, and choose to share it with friends or add it to your Public Story, all from the same account.

3. Snapchat New Update Will Enhance the Live Music Experience Through AR

Enhance the Live Music Experience Through AR

As per Snapchat’s stats, 85% of their users are music fans, and for those users, Snapchat has come up with a Live Music experience through AR. Snapchat is coming in partnership with Live Nation and bringing custom AR experiences to 16 of the biggest festivals, including:

  • Beyond Wonderland Southern California (San Bernardino, CA)
  • Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas, NV) 
  • Creamfields South (Hylands Park, UK)
  • Roots Picnic (Philadelphia, PA)
  • The Governors Ball (New York, NY)
  • Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival (Manchester, TN)
  • Day Trip Festival (Long Beach, CA) 
  • Wireless Festival (Finsbury Park, UK)
  • Lollapalooza Paris (Paris, France) 
  • Rolling Loud Miami (Miami, FL)
  • Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL) 
  • Creamfields North (Daresbury Estate, UK)
  • Reading Festival (Reading, UK) 
  • Leeds Festival (Bramham Park, UK) 
  • Lights On (Mountain View, CA)
  • Austin City Limits (Austin, TX)

With an AR compass and a 3D map of the grounds, you can make your way to the right stage at the right time. Can’t wait to experience this!

Snapchat even integrated with Disguise, the industry’s leader in live event visualization and virtual production technology that will bring you some of the world’s largest venues and tours. Additionally, Snapchat has teamed up with Kygo, one of the most famous DJs, to create an AR experience for his concerts.

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4. Snapchat New Update Will Transform Retail with ARES Shopping Suite

Snapchat New Update Will Transform Retail with ARES Shopping Suite

Snapchat introduced AR Mirrors, a new service of ARES. These AR Mirrors “bring the power and creativity of AR to businesses in their own physical spaces” and allow customers to try on products virtually.

AR Enterprise Services (ARES) shopping suites are game changers in the world of online shopping. These shopping suites are made up of five features, 3D Viewer, AR Try-On, Fit Finder, Enterprise Manager, and Hands-on Integration Services. So now you can “check out products in 3D, try on apparel and accessories in AR, and receive fit recommendations with AI.”

5. Snapchat New Update Makes Snapchat Your Most Personal Camera

When it comes to personalization features, Snapchat is the sweetheart. These personalization features make the Snap camera the most personal camera for all of us. Snapchat is making it easier for the community to find the right lens at the right time. From now on, you will get a recommendation once you finish capturing a Snap that will fit the context of a photo or video.

Now you will find a new generation of Generative AI Lenses on Snapchat that are globally available. Transform yourselves and the world around you into an animated sci-fi scene through the Cosmic Lens and many more like it. And over the month, Snapchat will even start to recommend lenses when people or pets are in the frame.

All this will be through a combination of visual understanding and APIs that understand the time of the day and weather and recommend lenses that match the moment. Sounds Cool!

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6. Snapchat New Update Rolls Out My AI Globally

After a not-so-long wait, My AI is rolling out for Snapchatter globally with brand-new features.

Personalize Your My AI: Customize My AI Bitmoji just like your own Bitmoji, give it a name, chat, and make it your buddy in the real sense.

Make My AI Part of Conversation With Friends: To make My AI part of your conversation with friends, simply mention @My AI and ask questions. Simple!

Ask My AI For Recommendations: Use My AI to learn about the latest features of Snapchat. You can even ask My AI to recommend lenses for occasions and can ask to suggest activities to try next weekend.

Share Snaps With My AI: Just the way you share snaps with friends all day long, try to share snaps with My AI and receive a chat reply.

Get Snaps From My AI: Very soon, Snapchat Plus users will be able to send and receive Snaps from My AI. More fun is on its way!

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Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope now you know all about the Snapchat new update. So go ahead and check these new features now. And yeah, for any further queries related to Snapchat and its new features, you can comment in the comments section below.

So, guys, that is it for today. Take Care! And keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for more such updates related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

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