11 Best Snapchat Halloween Filters To Try Now!

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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October brings in the chill and spooky Halloween feels. Let me tell you the best Snapchat Halloween filters you can use now! These filters are a mix of spook, scary yet fun. You might want to save some of these to send cute snaps to your crush. Here are the 11 best Snapchat Halloween filters for you.

Snapchat is best known for its amazing filters. I will tell you all about the best ones for Halloween. You can get the Halloween filters on Snapchat in a few simple steps. If you are new to the app you might want to know what hourglass means on Snapchat. Snapchat has its own language, TBH. You might want to add WYA slang to your Snapchat dictionary.

So, what are the best filters on the app this Halloween? Here are the 11 best Snapchat Halloween filters.

Snapchat Halloween Filters

Now, that Halloween is right around the corner try Snapchat’s best filters. Here are all my top 11 Snapchat Halloween filters.

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1. Halloween Mask by arda

Snapchat Halloween Filters

This filter will turn you into a scary beauty. Making your Halloween more interesting. Keep that streak with your friend going! Try the Halloween Mask lens by arda lens on Snapchat.

2. Rose Crown Lens by Snapchat

Snapchat Halloween Filters

Snapchat’s Rose Crown Lens will make sure you enjoy the festive spirit in a cute way. This is a cute Halloween Snapchat filter that you can use to snap with your crush. Try the Rose Crown Lens by Snapchat now!

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3. Spooky Hands by Snapchat

Snapchat Halloween Filters

Spooky Hands is a fun addition to your Halloween filters. It has the right amount of spooky yet fun vibe. Try this one with your friends. Add the Spooky Hands by Snapchat right away.

4. Neon Pumpkins Lens By Snapchat

Snapchat Halloween Filters

Neon Pumpkin lens is another sweet filter you can use. Best used along with those cute trick-or-treat costumes. So send those snaps and increase your snap score! Try the Neon Pumpkin Lens by Snapchat.

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5. Halloween Mask by BRI

Snapchat Halloween Filters

Use the Snapchat Halloween mask filter this season. This will get you looking like a spooky clown in no time. Add this filter to favorites right now. Get the Halloween Mask lens on Snapchat.

6. Monster Invasion by Snapchat

Snapchat Halloween Filters

Monster Invasion is an interactive filter on Snapchat. Use it to make the most of those spooky Halloween decorations. Try the Monster Invasion filter to send spooky snaps to your friends.

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7. Pumpkin Mood by Snapchat

Snapchat Halloween Filters

Snapchat’s Pumpkin Mood is the filter to use with your BFF! Get together with your chosen fam and click away. Send those cute BBF goal snaps and increase your snap score. Try the Pumpkin Mood filter now!

8. Festive Devil Horn by Snapchat

snapchat halloween filters

The Festive Devil Horn lens can give you the devil horns this Halloween. Transform yourself into the Devil this year. Try the Festive Devil Horn now on your Snapchat.

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9. Scary Spiders by Snapchat

snapchat halloween filters

Scary Spiders will literally scare you! This interactive Snapchat filter will make spiders crawl on you. Try this one and see if you can scare your friends. Get the Scary Spider on Snapchat now.

10. Cool Cat Style by Snapchat

11 Best Snapchat Halloween Filters To Try Now!

Cool Cat filter gives you those cat whiskers, tail, and eyes. Use this filter to make your inner Cat Woman come to life. Use this filter this Halloween! Get the Cool Cat Style lens on Snapchat.

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11. Vampire Lens by Snapchat

11 Best Snapchat Halloween Filters To Try Now!

This might be the last one on this list, but is the best one. Use it this Halloween to turn into a Dracula. Tune into your inner Halloween spirit with this lens. Add the Vampire filter to your favorites on Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

So, now you have your list of the best 11 Snapchat Halloween filters. Try these and make the most of this season. We will keep up with more such trending stuff. Keep visiting Path of EX!


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