What is Smart Shuffle Spotify? Everything You Need to Know!

Smart Shuffle Spotify

The Smart Shuffle feature on Spotify is an amazing one that you can use to curate and shuffle your songs and playlists, as the feature is now available on all devices for Spotify users. Most users are wondering what is Smart Shuffle Spotify. Hence, to put your curiosities to rest and satisfy all the questions you have, you can read the article I have written below. You will get to see all the information in detail. 

The Smart Shuffle feature is unique in its own way, but there are other interesting features in the Spotify app, which also curates your playlists or your listening habits in the app. They are the Receiptify, or the Spotify pie chart, which tells you how much time you spend listening to a particular genre of song. 

Anyhow, you can read below and get all the required information about what is Smart Shuffle Spotify. After getting to know the details, you must try the feature yourself and experience a curated list of music all yourself now. 

What is Smart Shuffle Spotify?

What is Smart Shuffle Spotify

This is the most game-changing feature launched by Spotify. This feature is widely appreciated by Spotify users. It analyzes your listening habits and preferences to create a unique customized experience for you. This feature is not as same as the shuffle mode that you see in the app. Here all your listening habits are taken into account and shuffled as per the taste and preferences of the listener. 

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How Does Smart Shuffle Spotify Work?

What is Smart Shuffle Spotify

Smart Shuffle Spotify works by analyzing your listening history and habits and creating a playlist that is unique and customized as per your taste and preferences. While creating a playlist, several factors are considered, like the artists and the songs you listen to the most or the genres you prefer. In addition, it considers the time of the day, listening history, time of the year, and the events related to the playlist.  

The smart shuffle Spotify considers all this information and curates a playlist that is personalized and unique only to you. 

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How to Use Smart Shuffle Spotify?

What is Smart Shuffle Spotify

Using the Smart Shuffle Spotify feature is quite straightforward. Just read ahead to know more:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your device. 
  2. Select the playlist or album. 
  3. When the music starts, click on the option of Shuffle Play.
  4. It will activate the Smart Shuffle feature. 

Spotify will then create a playlist or album for you to play. You can skip the songs you do not like, and Spotify will keep the information for future playlist customization. 

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How to Turn Off Smart Shuffle Spotify?

What is Smart Shuffle Spotify

There is no disabling option for the Smart Shuffle Spotify feature. But there are other options that can work around and cancel the smart shuffle feature on Spotify on your device. So, check out the options now:

  1. Deactivate Spotify – You can choose to deactivate the Smart Shuffle by clicking on it twice. This method is tried by some users, and as per the report, this worked for some. So, you may try this and see if it also works for you. 
  1. Sign Out From Spotify – You have to log out of all the devices you use the Spotify app. When you do that, you can not sign into Spotify, and you might be able to disable the Smart Shuffle feature on Spotify. 
  1. Update Spotify app – The Smart Shuffle feature is now in the Spotify app. Hence, you can try and update the app and check whether the disabling options are also introduced for this feature. 
  1. Reinstall Spotify app – You can try and reinstall the Spotify app and reset the settings. This also includes resetting the Smart Shuffle feature of the app. So, you can try this for turning off the feature of Smart Shuffle on Spotify. 

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Benefits of Using Smart Shuffle Spotify

What is Smart Shuffle Spotify

The Smart Shuffle Spotify feature is an amazing option for users. Below I have listed some of the benefits of this feature. I hope after knowing the benefits, you can opt for the feature on Spotify. 

  1.  Personalized listening experience: The Major benefit of this feature is you can customize your listening experience with the playlist designed by this feature. It helps you to get a playlist as you would like and according to your taste and preference. 
  1. Discover new music: You even get to hear music as per your taste that might be new to you. The songs and albums curated in the Spotify playlist can be of your genre, which would not have been included in our playlist earlier. Hence, you get to hear little surprises in your playlists. 
  1. Time-saving: You do not have to take the pain of curating the playlist. You can get the playlist designed by the feature. And you do not have to spend time doing so. The Smart Shuffle Spotify feature does everything for you. 
  1. No additional setup: You do not need to make any more additional changes for this feature to shuffle your playlists. You only have to activate the feature, and your curated playlist will be there for you without you putting in any hard work! 

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Watch How to Use Smart Shuffle Spotify

Wrapping Up

The Smart Shuffle feature is quite an amazing one in the app, and most people at least try this once while listening to music. If you have any queries regarding what is Smart Shuffle Spotify, then read the article now. I am sure all your queries will be answered. You can share the article with anyone who also has the same query. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Smart Shuffle Spotify available for all users?

Smart Shuffle is available for premium users all across the globe. This feature is available in all devices, whether it is Android or iOS.

2. Can I skip songs in my Smart Shuffle playlist?

Yes, you can skip songs in the Smart Shuffle playlist.

3. Can I turn off Smart Shuffle Spotify?

There is no direct method to turn off the Smart Shuffle feature on Spotify.

4. Does Smart Shuffle Spotify cost extra?

No, Smart Shuffle Spotify does not cost anything extra. You only have to be a Premium Spotify member to use the feature.

5. Can Smart Shuffle Spotify be used offline?

The Smart Shuffle feature of Spotify does not work offline.

6. Can I use Smart Shuffle Spotify on a specific artist’s page?

Yes, you can Smart Shuffle Spotify on a particular page of an artist and check out the next song.

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