The Slipknot Masks: All You Need To Know | Hidden Meaning & History

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Slipknot is a famous musical band from the ’90s that became the talk of the town right after their first performance. Yes, it was because of their magical performance, but along with this, their masks became the reason for their popularity. All the members of the band wear scary masks to hide their faces. But why such scary Slipknot masks? Ever thought of it? Interested in knowing about it? Here is a post that will let you know about the hidden meaning behind these Slipknot Masks. 

Slipknot is a nine-member metal band from Des Moines, Iowa, formed in 1995. They have become one of the most popular metal bands in the world. The band’s unique style is defined by their masks. Each member has a distinctive mask, which makes the band’s live shows more intriguing. With a history of touring, their fans have had the opportunity to see Slipknot in action for more than 21 years.

Well, it’s been 21 years and still, no one knows why they wear such scary Slipknot masks. Moreover, these masks have become a fundamental part of the band’s identity. No, they do not wear such masks because they want to be a style icon or to create a wave among their fans. It’s their love for music that made them wear Slipknot masks all the time. 

Wait! What? Love for music? How does wearing such scary masks justify their love for music? This is confusing, Right? But don’t worry! You will get to know about all this in the post below. So, dive deep to get detailed information about these weird masks. 

How Has The Idea Of Slipknot Mask Evolved? 

All You Need To Know About The Slipknot Masks | Hidden Meaning & History
Source: NME

To know how Slipknot masks evolved, you need to go on an imaginary ride to the ’90s. 

At that time, the music industry was popular because of the hot singers and musicians, more than the songs. However, Slipknot wanted their fans to know them for their music and not by their looks. So they came up with the idea of hiding their faces with a Slipknot mask. This became a medium to hide their faces because of which the fans began to listen to their songs with more emphasis, rather than staring at them.

Now, you must be thinking that if this is the reason, then why do they choose scary masks? They can have normal masks as well. 

Obviously, they can! but the idea of using such masks actually came from an old clown mask.

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Shawn Crahan in 1996, while searching for something in the old boxes placed in his basement found his 10-year-old mask. He was so fascinated with his clown mask that he decided to wear that mask all the time during a band’s practice session. He liked the idea and continued wearing the same mask for his live performances. 

Well, he had faced a lot of criticism from his mates. 

Even a few wanted him to throw away that mask. But, he never listened to them. Eventually, it became an innovative idea and his teammates started wearing similar masks to hide their identities. Using similar scary masks was to make it clear that they would work as a unit forever.

Also, these masks hold a hidden meaning. 

Taylor, one of the core members of the band said,” the mask is a representation of the person on the inside.” 

Well, it seems to be true.

Once, in an interview, the members of the band said that each member has their own reason for wearing the mask and this scary mask represents the darker side of their personality. It lets them show their real side free of constraints like social politeness, conventional morality, or shared mannerisms.

How Long Are They Wearing Such Masks?

All You Need To Know About The Slipknot Masks | Hidden Meaning & History
Source: Louder

You might think this as a joke, but no one has ever seen the faces of all the Slipknot’s members. 

Yes, that’s true. 

The mask became so popular since the start that it became their identity. Even the famous photographers, and their designers, who have worked with them claimed never to see their faces.

But with time, they started to reveal their faces. Be it Corey Taylor, Shawn Crahan, or Chris Fehn, their images are easily available on the internet. 

Yet, few of them are still reluctant in showing their actual face and no one knows the reason.

What Are The Specialty Among These Slipknot Masks? 

All You Need To Know About The Slipknot Masks | Hidden Meaning & History
Source: Beat Magazine

Yes, these Slipknot masks do have some specialties. If you look at their masks, you will notice that each member wears a particular kind of mask that makes them different. 

  • Shawn Crahan wears a Clown Mask.
  • Corey Taylor wears Changing Masks
  • Mick Thomson wears The Evolving Hockey Mask
  • Jim Root wears a Jester Mask.
  • Craig Jones wears the Pinhead Mask.
  • Chris Fehn wears a Pinocchio Mask.
  • Paul Gray wears Pig and Hannibal Lecter mask. 
  • Joey Jordison used to wear the Kabuki Mask
  • Sid Wilson wears different masks. 

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Wrap Up: 

That’s all about the Slipknot mask. It is clear that this mask was just for the purpose of hiding their faces. But, along with this, the reason for using the scary theme for their mask seems to be more interesting as this theme is said to represent their true inner self. 

People have also asked:

Q. What is the scariest Slipknot mask?

In my opinion, all of their masts are horrifying, yet the scariest among all is the Corey Taylor – Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses. Taylor’s Vol. 3 mask. This mask resembles the burned, Rotten, and disfigured face. 
Oh, God! This mask can give you a nightmare for sure. 

Q. Does Slipknot throw up in their masks?

Well, No, they never throw up their mask. No matter, they are performing in hot or humid, they keep on following their unique tradition of wearing such masks. As they do not want to reveal their face.

Q. How To Get These Slipknot Masks? 

You need not wander around the globe to get these masks. You will be surprised to know that these Slipknot Masks are easily available on the official Slipknot stores. From clown’s mask to Craig’s one, all of these masks are accessible on the site. Along with these scary masks, you can grab the apparel, accessories, and other stuff as well. 
Isn’t it great? 

Q. Who has died in Slipknot?

If you are a die-hard fan of Slipknot, then you will be disheartened to know that Joey Jordison is not anymore. He was one of the core members of the band who had his contributed to finding the band. He died at 46 in his sleep.


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