Skull and Bones Gameplay & Walkthrough (Closed Beta)

Skull and Bones Gameplay & Walkthrough (Closed Beta)

Skull and Bones is a new and original action-adventure game by Ubisoft. The game checks every box for adventurers by giving us a Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl vibe. In this article, you’ll learn everything about the Skull and Bones Gameplay and walkthrough for the closed beta.

Skull and Bones come from the makers of Far Cry 6, the Tom Clancy Games, and the Assassin’s Creed Games, where you aim to rise from a nobody floating in the sea to the most fearsome Pirate. Much like the new game Shadow Gambit, we see pirates, ships, and the adventure of a lifetime.

With unbelievable graphics and insane amounts of customization, Skull and Bones definitely won my heart, but will it win yours? Read on to get the Skull and Bones walkthrough and see the Pirate Paradise every Pirate dreams of!

Skull and Bones: Closed Beta

Skull & Bones closed beta is from August 25 to 28, 2023.

The closed beta program allows players to experience Skull and Bones gameplay firsthand. The Skull and Bones closed beta is from August 25 to August 28, 2023.

Skull and Bones Gameplay & Walkthrough

Skull and Bones begins with you in the sea, with ships all around you, eager to attack each other. You and your crew get to attack ships with cannons, but it eventually ends with you getting overwhelmed with a fleet of ships at your tail.

Skull and Bones Gameplay & Walkthrough

The inevitable happens, and your ship sinks with the rest of your crew. Luckily, you survive floating in the sea for days after the cutscene. You’re rescued by two other Pirates who tell you about Sainte-Anne, the pirate paradise. They become your crew, and you sail with them to find Saint-Anne.

Skull and Bones Intro Walkthrough: Find Sainte-Anne

Skull and Bones Intro Walkthrough: Sainte-Anne

Your mission is to find Sainte-Anne, the Pirate Den, and get treasure from the pirate paradise. But the dhow you’re on with your crew is broken and needs repairing.

How to repair your dhow and ship to Sainte-Anne:

1. Dock at the Island Marked on the Map

To repair your dhow and the directions or the map to Sainte-Anne, you need to find help. Go to the “undiscovered island” to dock your dhow, as shown in the image below. (It’s West Island.)

undiscovered island

2. Speak to the Pirate Chief Officer

Once you’ve docked at the island, you walk to the Pirate Chief Officer to ask about Sainte-Anne. The first chapter of the Skull and Bones walkthrough starts here.

Pirate Chief Officer

Skull and Bones Chapter 1 Walkthrough: A Pirate’s Deal

The first chapter of the Skull and Bones Walkthrough is A Pirate’s Deal. In this contract with the Pirate Chief Officer, you agree to Recover Scurlock’s contraband for the Chief in exchange for information about Sainte-Anne.

A Pirate’s Deal

How to Get Sainte-Anne’s Location in Skull and Bones:

1. Recover Scurlock’s contraband

According to the deal with the Chief, you need to recover Scurlock’s lost contraband from the Exeter ship. To recover Scurlock’s contraband:

  1. Set sail.
  2. Follow the compass to get to the Scurlock’s contraband and rewards.
  3. Kill sharks following you with spears.
  4. Return to West Island.
  5. Talk to the Pirate Chief Officer again.

You didn’t get the coordinates of Sainte-Anne because turns out that the Chief was bluffing. Luckily, you got the tools to fix your dhow in the repair kit out of this exercise.

2. Talk to Captain Rassler

It would help if you still found Sainte-Anne’s coordinates. You need to search the Exeter wreck to talk to Captain Rassler and get information about Sainte-Anne.

Captain Rassler

Steps to find Sainte-Anne’s coordinates in the Exeter:

  1. Force open the Exeter.
  2. Go upstairs and enter the golden door.
  3. Find Captain Rassler and talk to him.
  4. Collect the spyglass and Scurlock’s letter.
  5. Go back to your crew on the dhow.

Wrapping Up

Skull and Bones is about exploring the wild seas with your crew and finding treasures. But it’s not easy to survive because of the stormy weather, deadly pirates, and Captains that want you dead. You can navigate the seas and outrun your enemies through this Skull and Bones walkthrough.

Happy Gaming!

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