10 Simpsons Valentines Episodes To Savor This Valentine

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It’s Valentine’s Day, let’s Ketchup !! Lol..sorry. But hey, it’s 14th Feb already? And I was thinking New year was just 2 days back…well, It definitely feels like that. So, what are your plans for the Day? You don’t? Well, in that case, you are in for a treat because you get to watch all the best Simpsons Valentines Episodes.

Simpsons, these yellow-colored funny-looking characters did what no other show could do. Started just as an animated sitcom parodying American culture and society, it has now become a must-watch American series. Whether it’s a holiday season or a relaxed weekend, we always come back to the Simpsons family and their entertaining episodes. I guess we can admit, Simpsons are our guilty pleasure.

Whether you have a date night planned with your special someone, or a sleepover with your squad, running a Simpsons Valentines Episodes marathon seems like a perfect idea. So, let’s get on with the race-

A List Of Simpsons Valentine’s Day Episodes For A Perfect Date Night

Looking for some amusing way to spend a perfect valentine’s Evening, here’s your one-stop guide to all the Simpsons Valentine’s Day Episodes. Trust me; they are worth it-

  • Principal Charming | Season 02, Episode 14
  • I Love Lisa | Season 04, Episode 15
  • I’m with Cupid | Season 10, Episode 14
  • C.E. D’oh | Season 14, Episode 15
  • Kill Gil, Volumes I & II | Season 18, Episode 09
  • Love, Springfieldian Style  | Season 19, Episode 12
  • The Blue & the Gray | Season 22, Episode 13
  • The Daughter Also Rises | Season 23, Episode 13
  • Specs & the City | Season 25, Episode 11
  • Love is in the N2-02-Ar-Co2-Ne-He-CH4 | Season 27, Episode 13

1. Principal Charming | Season 02, Episode 14

“Farewell, my Patty-cake.”

“Goodnight, sweet principal.”

With an interesting storyline, it is one of the emotionally mature Simpsons Valentines episodes that explores a unique relationship between Patty and Principal Skinner. Yes!! You read it right..Patty and Skinner. Though the life of Selma is thoroughly explored in the show but for the first time, Patty takes a front seat and gives a try with Principal Skinner this Valentine’s Day. But Selma gets really envious of this newfound love, and things get complicated.

1. Principal Charming   |  Season 02, Episode 14

But what makes it one of the best Simpsons Valentine’s episodes is the mature realization on the part of Patty and Skinner that even if something seems perfect, it isn’t necessarily right. Her love for Selma is the most significant aspect of Patty’s life, and therefore even though she and Skinner seem picture-perfect, they are bound to end. Moreover, Skinner handles it more maturely, making it an intriguing Simpsons Valentines Episode.

2. I Love Lisa | Season 04, Episode 15

I love Lisa Simpson, and when I grow up, I’m going to marry her!

Yayy..!! It’s the Valentine’s Day at Springfield, and just like all of our schools, Valentine has created its buzz among the children. The whole class is happy creating paper mailboxes for their Valentine’s cards except Ralph, who starts crying because he did not receive any card yet.

Simpsons Valentines Episodes

So, Lisa comes to his rescue and sympathetically gives him her Valentine’s card. This was enough to cheer up Ralph, but little did she know what was about to happen? Ralph becomes obsessed with Lisa and starts to annoy her every second, following her around and even making his way to Krusty’s upcoming 29th Anniversary Special. During the show, everything goes wrong and leaves the audience rolling on the floor with laughter.

It is a must-watch Simpsons Valentines Day Episode that’ll keep you entertained. 

3. I’m with Cupid | Season 10, Episode 14

“Oh, you are right. There are still seven days before Valentine’s. Seven chances to prove my love for sweet Manjula.

Add another name with the Romeo; Apu is in the town. The Kiwi-E-Mart convenience store proprietor, Apu, is feeling incredibly romantic and is showering his wife outrageous Valentine’s day gifts and love. Feel jealous yet !? Well, you will when you’ll see all the amazing ways he expresses his feelings to Manjula. 

But as they say, too much sweetness gets caught in the evil eyes, and that is what happens with them. All these Valentine’s grand celebration makes other husbands look bad in his shadow, and well… they have to think of something. Fast!!

As his gifts become increasingly grand, all the other husbands get together to devise a plan for hampering his attempts leading to Valentine’s Massacre.

4. C.E. D’oh | Season 14, Episode 15

Sweetie, these things are going to take time. I just found the door-shutting thing.

This Simpson Valentines Episode will make you miss your family, especially when you are far from your home, just like Homer, who has enrolled in a “How to Succeed in Being You” course.

4. C.E. D’oh    |   Season 14, Episode 15

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Homer wants to celebrate it by having sex with Marge, but she somehow seems too exhausted for it. Homer reacts angrily by leaving home and joining a course. When a lot of funny incidents followed, including Mr. Burns laughing at Homers’ proposal, Lisa decided to take the plant, and you can imagine how’ll that play out.

But in the end, Homer finds out the importance of family when he misses them and is unable to get to them during Valentine’s day. This Simpsons Valentines Day makes you realize how you have made yourself so busy in life that you now don’t have time for important people like your family.

5. Kill Gil, Volumes I & II | Season 18, Episode 09

Hey Homer, it’s Valentine’s Day, what are you getting the misses?
Homer: (angrily) A heart-shaped box of chocolates

We all have at least 1 annoying guest who unofficially settles at our home and refuses to leave…I guess they live on Newton’s third law and decide they’ll stay there unless and until an external force is applied on them ( yes, you have to kick them out; that’s the only solution..!!!)

This is a unique Simpsons Valentines Episode, but it starts with Christmas and then leads to Valentine’s Day. Liza taking pity on Gil invites him to her home, but soon the holidays pass away, and guess what..? He’s still there!

On Valentines Day, Homer and Marge are about to “snuggle” in their room when Gil interrupts, of course. Wait, there’s more- just when Marge is about to throw Gil out, the phone rings downstairs, and Gil thinks it could be his old boss offering him his job, but it turns out to be his foot doctor. It is really an amusing Simpsons Valentines Episode.

6. Love, Springfieldian Style | Season 19, Episode 12

They were the Bonnie and Clyde of their day. Their names were Bonnie and Clyde.

6. Love, Springfieldian Style   |   Season 19, Episode 12

It is a Simpsons Valentine’s episode that begins on a Valentine’s Day afternoon. As Valentine’s Day treat, Homer decides to take Marge to a carnival, where they lose the kids so that they can spend the entire day with each other in the Tunnel of Love.

And as per the Simpsons tradition, mishappenings are bound to happen- Homer and Marge get trapped in the Tunnel of love leading to the unfolding of 3 Simpsons Valentines story- Bonnie and Clyde stealing each other hearts; a take-off on Lady and the Tramp depicting Homer as a deadbeat dog, and Lisa and Nelson the punk rockers becoming hooked on sweets.

7. The Blue & The Gray | Season 22, Episode 13

“A lot of great movie stars have gray hairs. Like all those women we loved in the 80s.”

7. The Blue & The Gray    |    Season 22, Episode 13

Don’t have someone to spend Valentine’s Day, well so does Moe, who has even attended a seminar led by Dr. Kissingher in the hopes of gaining more confidence with women. Finally, he decides to take Homer as his wingman, making Marge suspicious of cheating. She is annoyed because of his increasing popularity among women, but by the end of this Simpson Valentine’s Episode, Homer proves how he has eyes only for Marge. I guess love is still in the Springfield air.

While Marge discovers her first gray hair and abruptly decides to go full grey. Nice…I wish I had that motivation. Which color would I choose..?? umm ..! 

8. The Daughter Also Rises | Season 23, Episode 13

“We show girls love on Valentine’s Day, and they let us blow things up on the Fourth of July. I just pray they never fall on the same day.”

It’s valentines day in Springfield, and Liza and Marge had made plans for a perfect Mother-daughter Valentine’s evening.

8. The Daughter Also Rises   |   Season 23, Episode 13

But hey… Look, there’s a new Boy in the town- Nick and a fun fact- he is hopelessly romantic with shere passion for culture and literature… Sounds like an ideal match for Liza. Yes..yes..!! They fall into a fairytale romance and make a secret getaway to Mulberry Island. Ohh, I forgot to mention, she forgets her preplanned Valentine’s day evening.

Also, in this Simpson Valentine’s Episode, Bart and Millhouse set out on a “myth-busting” venture at Springfield Elementary.

9. Specs & the City | Season 25, Episode 11

“Simpson, there’s going to be a heart in my hand, either paper or yours.

What’s valentines day without some spicy drama? And you can tell the drama is in the cards when Mr. Burns gives high-tech eyeglasses to all of his employees so that he can spy on them. Home is so excited about these glasses until he realizes what they actually are. When Marge tries them, he gets to know that she is seeing a marriage counselor. 

In this Simpson Valentines Episode, Bart makes his condition worse when he doesn’t buy Valentine’s card for Nelson. Nelson, in return, gives Bart an ultimatum of finding him the best Valentine’s Day gift ever, or he is fed to the classroom electric pencil sharpener. Lol. that would be interesting to watch.

The shoemakers initially decided the title of the episode to be “I Only Have My Eyes for You” and the oogle goggles to be called ‘My Eyes’

10. Love is in the N2-02-Ar-Co2-Ne-He-CH4 | Season 27, Episode 13

It’s like an episode of The Bachelor, but you drive there and pay six dollars for parking!

In this innovative Simpsons Valentines episode, isolated Professor Frink makes use of science to finally turn himself into a man whom women adore. But when he is overwhelmed by all the attention, he works on an algorithm that perfectly pairs the lonely men and women of Springfield. Realizing that scientific exploration is his only true love, he wants to help all the others to find their ideal matches.

10. Love is in the N2-02-Ar-Co2-Ne-He-CH4 | Season 27, Episode 13

Meanwhile, it’s Valentine’s Day, and Marge, Bart, and Lisa are visiting Grampa. There, in a fun series of incidents, they try to rescue the occupants from a drug-induced hallucination that allows them to relive their happiest memories. 

Okay, who else needs that drug..!! Probably ME.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I really loved this Simpsons Valentines Episodes name. Makes me remind of all those chemistry classes I used to bunk. Shhh..!! Don’t tell anyone.

Wrapping Up

Wow, there are so many fascinating Simpsons Valentines Episodes. A couch, bucket of popcorn, and a marathon of Simpsons Valentines Episodes with your Squad…Now, tell me what else could be better than that. Well, a date maybe, but who needs that one special person when you can have a whole family of specials for your perfect date night. So enough with the scrolling; get up and start your Simpsons Valentines Episodes marathon before you are too late for the race.

Also, I have prepared for you a list of All the Simpsons Christmas Episodes and Simpsons New-year’s Episodes for your festive binge-mood.

Do share the article with your friends and let me know which episode personally fascinates you the most. C’mon, I’m waiting. 

Do svidaniya.. !!


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