All the Best Simpsons New Year Episodes Binge-Worthy for Festive Mood

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On this New Year’s Eve, we shall be feeling no pain – except, of course, for the champagne, because we are giving you a list of all the best Simpsons New year episodes. 

The best thing about New year is making Resolutions and what’s even better is breaking them. So, here’s a toast to our New Year’s resolutions, which will no doubt be toast by this time next year. But don’t worry, I’ll make a resolution for you that I know you can definitely keep. Can you guess?

Yes, it’s to binge-watch all the best episodes of Simpsons, especially these joyful holidays and Newyear episodes that will soon have you rolling on the floor with festive vibes. I know you’ll surely be able to fulfill that resolution and about others’… well what can I say, resolutions were made to be broken.

All the Best Simpson New year Episodes

Yayy…!! It’s that time of the year where we can celebrate and party all we want and keep our tedious work for tomorrow…(which we know will never come..!!)

Because it’s the holiday season, and we all deserve a break before we get into the next year all freshened up. And what’s the best way to bid goodbye and welcome the new year with a marathon of Simpsons New year episodes.

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Here’s the list of all the Simpsons New Year Episode

  • Marge Be Not Proud    | Season 7, Episode 11
  • Miracle On Evergreen Terrace  | Season 9, Episode 10
  • The Trouble with Trillions   | Season 9, Episode 20
  • Treehouse Of Horror X     | Season 11, Episode 4
  • Grift Of The Magi    | Season 11, Episode 9
  • Kill Gil, Volumes I & II    | Season 18, Episode 9
  • Holidays Of Future Passed   | Season 23, Episode 9
  • Gone Boy   | Season 29, Episode 9
Simpson’s New year Episode

1. Marge Be Not Proud | Season 7, Episode 11

Of course, where there’s Bart, there’s a problem. Here again, Bart gets into a troubling situation when he shoplifts a video game just before the holidays. He gets himself and his family in a situation that threatens to ruin New year as well as the coming year. Marge is disappointed, and Bart is left guilty throughout the holidays… This episode is full of hilarious and entertaining content like mall cop incidents and homer’s speech-making its place in Simpsons New Year episodes.

marge not be proud

But irrespective of all the chaotic situations, the end turns out to be satisfying and justified.

2. Miracle On Evergreen Terrace | Season 9, Episode 10

Simpson’s love to celebrate holidays, but ironically, it is Bart or HOmer that end up destroying things and somehow ruining the holidays… which is seen clearly here, when Bart, unable to satisfy his curiosity, decides to have an early peek at the gifts but ends up burning all the gifts.

The episode is full of humorous elements with some fun messages and a unique Simpson’s twist( of course..!)

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3. The Trouble with Trillions | Season 9, Episode 20

The Trouble with Trillions 

The twentieth episode was one of the best Simpsons New Year episodes. It truly has a spirit of New Year with all its holiday vibes and preparation going on. Everyone in Springfield is busy celebrating New year except Ned Flanders, whose dainty tax return has accidentally fallen into the bin at the IRS. Now he’s harassed by the government and is therefore forced to go undercover. With a funny series of laughter, Homer finds himself on an exciting expedition where he has to retrieve a trillion-dollar bill that was stolen by someone named Burns.

This episode deserves the prime position among the Simpsons New Year Episode.

4. Treehouse Of Horror X | Season 11, Episode 4

Treehouse of Horror X”, also known as “The Simpsons Halloween Special X”, is a must-watch Simpsons New year Episode episode. While traveling, the family runs over someone and believes they have mistakenly killed someone. While on the other hand, Bart and Lisa have somehow now become superheroes. 

Treehouse Of Horror X

And Y2K destroys Springfield and the world.. Doesn’t make sense.!! Right, but what actually does when Simpsons are involved, but we love it anyway.

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5. Grift Of The Magi | Season 11, Episode 9

The concept of consumerism around the holidays is explored in this. After the Schools are shut down, a company takes over, and children, instead of studying, now help create an ultimate Christmas toy… Funzoo..!!

Gift Of The Magi

Though sounds like a dream for every student, it takes a dramatic turn and embraces the strange side of the story. On top of it, having a Gary Coleman cameo definitely ranks it to a higher position. Sounds like a treat for our holiday mood..!!

6. Kill Gil, Volumes I & II | Season 18, Episode 9

We all have at least 1 annoying guest who unofficially settles at our home and refuses to leave…I guess they live on Newton’s third law and decide they’ll stay there unless and until an external force is applied on them ( yes, you have to kick them out; that’s the only solution..!!!)

And Simpson’s guest Gil Gunderson seems to be inspired by the same idea when he stays for the holiday celebrations. His stay soon changes to overstay, irritating Simpsons as well as the audience.

7. Holidays Of Future Passed | Season 23, Episode 9

7) Holidays Of Future Passed |

With age, some shows lose their value, but it is the opposite of what happened with Simpson. Their creativity increased, and we received some of our favorite episodes.. like this. Holidays of Future Past is not only an intriguing episode, but some fans commented that it was perfect and could have been a grand finale to the series.

It travels into future Christmas and New year days, where we witness some surprising twists… Bart is like a dead-beat dad, maggie is now a singer, and Lisa is married to Milhouse… It sounds fun…right ??

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8. Gone Boy | Season 29, Episode 9

Opening with the festive credit sequence, this episode also incorporates some New year holiday vibes. During the holidays, Bart goes missing and gets trapped in an underground bunker. The story leads to Bob breaking from prison to find his old arch-nemesis.

Wrapping Up

We all love watching Simpsons again and again, and no one knows why?? We say it’s a children’s show; still, we come back to it secretly..just as Homer says.. “Alright brain, I don’t like you and you don’t like me. But let’s just do this, and I can go back to killing you with beer.” lol. I love these idiots and you surely do too, so before leaving do tell me Which of them is your favorite Simpsons New Year Episode.

Their puns, sarcasm, and comedy always win our attention. So let’s go and watch these fantastic new year episodes. And don’t worry, don’t think about your ‘Resolutions’ as Simpsons says…

If something’s hard to do, then it’s not worth doing.” 

Au revoir les gars..!!


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