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Simpsons, these yellow-colored funny-looking characters did what no other show could do. Started just as an animated sitcom parodying American culture and society it has now become a must-watch American series. C’mon, you can admit, irrespective of your age, watching these hilarious personalities has been your guilty pleasure… hey.. I’m the last one to judge..!! You reading this and me writing this, is proof enough of how impactful the show has been with its best holiday and Christmas episodes.

Trust me, when I say even the creator had no idea of how valuable it would become. Becoming the longest-running American sitcom as well as longest-running American animated series is no joke. With 33 seasons premiering and being renewed for 34, it calls for a celebration..!!

Talking about celebrations… it’s Christmas month..yayy. And Simpsons and Christmas definitely go hand in hand. With its continuing series, new episodes are being added but still, those old glorious Christmas episodes have not lost their keep coming back for their share of holiday entertainment.. And here’s a list of all of these worthy mentions—

Simpsons Christmas Episodes
Simpsons Christmas Episodes

Simpsons Best Christmas Episodes

Although we enjoy watching all these intriguing episodes, here are my Christmas favorites.

10) The Fight Before Christmas Season 22, Episode 8

In this Christmas episode, three different Christmas stories are told just like the episode “Treehouse of Horror”. These stories are interesting and exciting but yet feel as if they are being rushed. It seems as if Christmas stories were not the focal point of the episode and got distracted with pop culture references.

But in all, it rekindled the Christmas vibes as when the family begins to lose their Christmas spirit, all the family members get lost in dreams which helps them remember the value and specialty of Christmas.

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9) A Springfield Summer Christmas For Christmas Season 32, Episode 10

This is definitely, an entertaining episode.. Well we all those childhood memories where we used to make connections between teachers and in some cases, get our principal set up so that we could enjoy while they are distracted… Hahaha..!! 

Simpsons Christmas Episodes
Simpsons Christmas Episodes

In this episode, a producer comes to Springfield for her promotion of movie but her visit here seems to become one of the typical movie stories when she falls in love with Principal Skinner. This episode also takes on a meta approach as it pokes fun parodying the holiday Christmas movies. It is successful in getting lots of laughs from the fans.

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8) White Christmas Blues Season 25, Episode 8

This episode mocks today’s world problem by highlighting the issue of global warming. It is shown that snow will not fall anywhere in the U.S during the holiday season but somehow happens to fall in Springfield, the Simpsons homeland making the town a tourist hotspot.

While it comments on the modern issues, it also brings out the Christmas mood when the Simpson family opens their home to strangers. It gives a message that no matter who the person is, the holiday love and celebration only gets double when shared with others.

But it surely doesn’t mean you call random strangers to your house and get looted..!! Lol

7) Skinner’s Sense Of Snow Season 12, Episode 8

Simpson Christmas Episodes
Simpson Christmas Episodes

It is a witty winter adventurous episode, where principal skinner gets stuck in school with several other students.. It is full of Christmas jokes, gags, and skinner’s lame Christmas special as the kids’ revolt against skinner. It gives the cold Christmas vibes with a lot of humor generating when Homer and Ned attempt to rescue the children.

Not much Christmas preparations are going on but it is a light-hearted comedy with entertaining moments..

6) ‘Tis The 30th Season Season 30, Episode 10

Here, Marge Simpson makes a lot of effort to cope up with her wild and dysfunctional family. In the dedication of making everything perfect, she goes to great lengths but is unable to get the perfect Christmas present for her family. Her husband and her kids then try to cheer her up and with all the emotions and humor makes a perfect episode.

It highlights her dedication to her family and shows that Christmas is not about gifts but a loving family and their company.

5) Simpsons Christmas Stories Season 17, Episode 9

Simpson Christmas Episodes
Simpson Christmas Episodes

It is an enjoyable Christmas episode, with a yuletide theme. But unlike previous ones, it is full of Christmas cheers and involves many holy stories.. like the birth of Jesus, Simpson’s rendition of the Nutcracker, and of course Grampa Simsons WWII Christmas story. Fans loved this episode especially the heartwarming musical.

The Simpson family offers a lot of genuine heartfelt laughs and cheerful festive emotions.

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4) She Of Little Faith Season 13, Episode 6

The primary purpose of the show always had been to deliver bundles of laughs, but it never fails to interfere and occasionally comment on more controversial topics like politics and religion.

Simpson Christmas Episodes
Simpson Christmas Episodes

Similarly, in this episode when Lisa chooses to become Buddhist after she becomes disillusioned with Springfield’s Church, Marge tries to make her shift back to Christianity by luring her with Christmas.

It shows the importance and value of Christmas for the Christian faith and beautifully celebrates the holiday of Christmas. At the same time giving a thought-provoking concept of accepting other beliefs…

3) ‘Tis The Fifteenth Season Season 15, Episode 7

A Christmas story is incomplete without a moral at the end..and here, Homer becomes the selfish villain that reforms to become a hero that teaches the whole town by changing. After buying an expensive present, undergoes realization and improvises his true Christmas spirit.

Also, the episode can be seen as riffing on Christmas tales like, ‘A Christmas carol’.

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2) Marge Be Not Proud Season 7, Episode 11

Simpson Christmas Episode
Simpson Christmas Episode

Of course, where there’s Bart there’s a problem. Here again, Bart gets into a troubling situation when he shoplifts a video game just before Christmas. Marge is disappointed and Bart is left guilty throughout the holidays… This episode is full of hilarious and entertaining content like the Nall cop incident and homer’s speech. 

But irrespective of all the chaotic situations, the end turnouts are to be satisfying and justified.

1) Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire Season 1, Episode 1

The most significant fact about this show is that it started with a Christmas episode. Though it has evolved to such a great length with its content as well as its graphic animations, the very episode still holds a memorable position. After all the record-breaking series had it all started with fun Christmas festive vibes…

Homer and Marge when seen facing financial trouble on holidays, Homer secretly gets a job at a mall of becoming Santa Claus to provide for his family. Even after so many years, the jokes still sound amusing and captures your attention. 

It is indeed, my forever favorite one…!!

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Simpson Christmas Episode
Simpson Christmas Episode

Wrapping Up

 Simpsons surely make you feel that your family is not the only one with such drama, embarrassment, and dysfunctionality.. We all have to face it but when things get difficult, they are the only ones that come forward without expecting anything in return… .so while we all are waiting for the next season.. Enjoy the holidays with unlimited fun and laughter by binge-watching these best Simpsons Christmas episodes.

Do share which episode you loved the most…!!


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