9 Signs He’s Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!!

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Smriti Razdan
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Do you think your man is cheating on you? What are the alibis he uses often? These questions might be bothering you for a long time but not anymore. Here are all the signs he’s cheating on you. Even if you are a little bit suspicious, you cannot ignore your gut-feeling girl!

A survey in the UK has revealed the most popular alibis men use for cheating on women. You won’t be surprised to know that the most common excuses are “Work” and “Going to the Gym”. If you hear these often then I am already sorry for you. This article brings you a lot of harsh truths about all the signs he’s cheating on you. 

There are literally many signs he’s cheating on you, but the first sign is your intuition. A girl just knows when the guy is not into her. But that doesn’t mean you can use cheating just for being skeptical. Think about all of these signs thoroughly and then make your wise decision. 

Let’s go through all the signs and find out what sign is most relatable to you. Read closely, we have even provided a quiz just so you know how strong you feel he’s cheating on you. 

9 Secret Signs He’s Definitely Cheating On You 

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: Relationship Culture

Sometimes the truth is in front of your eyes but you just deny it only to save your heart. This is the time you should go to your family and friends and talk to them. Their opinion about your partner matters the most. 

1. There are Fishy Ads on his Phone

Since it is the time of technology, everything is super smart. Before you have any signs he’s cheating on you, you have to watch out for clues. If your relationship is normal and suddenly you see some fishy ads on his phone, then that is something to think about. Every browser and application suggests to you what you have previously searched for. It can also be some related product or service similar to your previous searches. 

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: Vixen Daily

So even if he has deleted his search history, his ads will tell you what it is that he’s looking for. If you see a name like Ashley Madison or some call girl service shows up, you know you are not the one who searched for it. These are the signs he’s cheating on you online. 

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2. He’s Often Accusing You of Cheating!!

This sign is pretty common in Cheaters. They are often the ones who blame everything on you when confronted. If your guy is often accusing you, that either means he is insecure or he’s cheating. And that’s not me saying it. A lot of therapists have concluded this. 

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: A Conscious Rethink

His blame game would get really strong and he would be fierce like he didn’t do anything. That’s one of the signs he’s cheating on you.  

3. Things Just Don’t Add Up

You know there are lies and he’s covering it up with more lies. He might have said he’s out with his friend. And then you got to know that friend was somewhere else that day. When you confront him, there he brings another lie and you just know it. There’s intuition. To be true intuition is one of the truest of the signs he’s cheating on you. 

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: Prevention.com

Even when there is a nice explanation for whatever he has done, you just know that he’s hiding something. It’s just not right and that’s when things don’t add up. 

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4. He Doesn’t Involve You in his Work-life Anymore

It’s pretty common for boys or men to introduce their partners to their colleagues. He might have also asked you to come to the after-party to meet his office friends. But if all of that stopped after a while, then all of it can be signs he’s cheating. 

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: Thought catalog

No doubt, some offices have strict policies around bringing limited people. The ‘Change of Policy’ can be an actual reason, but it shouldn’t happen to out-of-office get-togethers. Like going to a Christmas party or summer ball. 

These are just signs he’s cheating with someone from his workplace. 

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5. He Doesn’t Share His Location With You Anymore

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: iStock

Some couples feel comfortable sharing their location with their partners. This way you always know where they are and how far they are from you. But if it was your thing and now he suddenly wants his privacy then it’s worth a thought. Does your relationship change in between? Did something happen? Is it because of a normal fight or is a fight an excuse?

You decide if that’s a sign he’s cheating on you or not, but not sharing his location is pretty common for cheaters. 

6. Spending More Time on Phone

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: Investigation Hotline

A lot of us are on Work-From-Home, but that should never be the reason to stay distant from each other. If you guys stay together and he’s spending a lot of time on his phone or just smiling at his phone, instead of spending his time with you. 

Him, not spending quality time with you, always being on phone, even using excuses to be on phone are all nothing but signs he’s cheating on you.

7. The Bathroom is his Fav Place Now

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: GoodtoKnow

I won’t lie, it can truly mean he’s cheating when he suddenly starts going to the washroom for brushing or a bath out of nowhere. That is surely suspicious. How can you ignore all the signs he’s cheating on you when sometimes it becomes pretty obvious. 

Also, when he comes and quickly goes to have a bath first, without greeting you, it could mean he wants to hide some colognes from you. Rest, you know better. 

8. He’s Less Intimate With You

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: MYWorkLife

This is one of the most common signs he’s cheating, which has been faced by many women I know. All these cheaters suddenly don’t get close to you or just stop getting in bed with you. Of course, it’s a sign of cheating.

Besides when you guys are in a fight, at that time not sleeping is pretty okay. Even justified. But otherwise, if he has no interest in you, what more signs do you need he’s cheating on you?

9. Sudden Affection for You

9 Signs He's Cheating On You: Secrets Your Man Is Hiding!!! (2021)
Source: Healthline

If you feel he’s giving you such attention and affection that he has never given you before, then you need to give it a thought. He might be feeling guilty and wants to compensate for what he has done. These are all signs he regrets cheating on you. 

If you just want to make up your mind if he’s cheating or not, you can try taking the “signs he’s cheating quiz”. 

Wrapping Up

All these signs he’s cheating on you are the most obvious ones. Don’t ignore all the red flags and observe all that you can. Know to walk out at the right time before things get ugly. 

If you think your friend’s partner is cheating on them then share this article with them and be aware of all the red flags. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Signs he’s cheating on you

1. He has changed.
2. Your intuition tells you.
3. Secretive use of phone or PC
4. He is unreachable
5. He often lies to you.
6. He’s accusing you of lying.

Signs he’s not cheating

1. He’s open about all his friends
2. He is relaxed when he tells you about other girls
3. He’s honest with you.
4. He doesn’t have anything to hide.
5. Takes out his time to be with you.
6. He has good boundaries with his co-workers.
7. He only flirts with you.

Signs he regrets cheating

1. He has begun adjusting according to you suddenly.
2. He apologizes often.
3. He’s open to counseling and therapy.
4. Breaks off ties with them.

Signs he’s cheating on you with his ex

1. He mentions her quite often
2. He compares you two
3. He doesn’t talk about his past relationship
4. He doesn’t when you talk about her
5. Still hangs out with her
6. Gives her more priority over you

Signs he’s cheating on your long-distance relationship

1. He is always busy
2. No communication between you two
3. If you ask questions they get angry
4. They show no desire to meet you

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