Should I Keep a Pet in My Dormitory? What to Check Before Making the Decision

Should I Keep a Pet in My Dormitory? What to Check Before Making the Decision

Many people keep pets as a way of gaining companionship. These animals can help you pass the time and fight boredom. Furthermore, when you have a pet, your physical life will be more active than those who don’t have them. The reason is that you may be playing with them or walk them around. But, does your school allows you to keep a pet?

Examples of pets you can keep are dogs, cats, turtles, fish, and even gerbils. The choice of the animals will depend on the school rules. Some of these regulations do not allow for the keeping of these creatures. Others place conditions that must be met for you to be allowed to bring a cat as your school companion. 

Apart from school regulations on keeping pets, there are other things you should consider before you bring an animal. These include the affordability of staying with them and whether your neighbor loves the creatures.     

Well, read more on what to check before bringing a pet to school. 

The Cost of Keeping a Pet

There are costs you have to meet when keeping a pet. These include paying for their food and medical expenses. Do not keep a costly animal. Look out for a creature that is easy to maintain and one whose feedings are readily available.  

The Rules of the Halls of Residence

Dormitories are where students are residing. In this regard, there are rules you have to follow when you decide to stay in one. Every organization has regulations that must be followed, and this includes even essay writing service companies.  

One of the rules you are likely to find in a dorm is “No Pets Allowed.” When you are in such an environment, then you should not bring your dog. You have the option of looking for another place of residence, where you can keep any animal you want. 

The Concerns of Your Roommate

Some people do not like pets. When you have such kind of a roommate, then consider their feelings. It would not be wise to bring your cat or dog, as it may inconvenience them. 

In this regard, there several reasons that make people hate pets. These include:

  • Fear of the animals: Some people are afraid of pets. They can’t get near a dog, a cat, or even a turtle. When you have such a roommate, respect their feelings. If it is a must that you keep the creatures, move to another room.
  • Bad experience with the pets: Your roommate may not like dogs because they once attacked him. This is a psychological problem that can be treated.   
  • Natural hate for animals: Some people don’t like pets. This has nothing to do with their experience or fear, but their personality. 


Before deciding to keep a pet, you need to consider the element of time. Determine if you can spend quality hours with the animal. Creatures such as dogs love to be walked around. Moreover, find out whether you have the time to engage in such a process.

If you don’t have the time to look after the animals, keep a pet that is easy to maintain. You don’t need too much effort in keeping creatures such as tortoise, fish, and gerbils. Other options include rats, lizards, and parrots.  


Capability to tolerate a pet is a must-have attitude required if you want to keep the animals. These creatures can be a nuisance at times. The reason is that they can mess up your room, and you may need to clean it constantly. So, if you are tolerant of the behavior of these creatures, keep one.

Identify the Breed You Want to Keep

Don’t keep any pet breed. Some animals are unfriendly to foreigners, and others are very calm. For instance, if you want to keep a dog, the Pomeranian can be an option. It is a tiny animal and can fit in a student’s room. 

Some of the characteristics that make the Pomeranian be an option include:

  • It is friendly.
  • It is easy to keep.
  • The animal is calm and playful.
  • It is suitable for small rooms and apartments.

Consider many things before you decide to keep pets in school. The most important thing is to determine whether the dormitory allows for the keeping of these animals. In case they are not allowed, look for a private hall of residence. Other issues to consider before deciding to keep pets are the costs of their upkeep and your roommates’ attitude.        

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