Shieldon Location in Indigo Disk: How to Catch Shieldon in 2023

Shieldon Location in Indigo Disk

Have you ever dreamt of catching a dino-mon straight outta the Stone Age? Well, inside, prehistoric Pokemon roam wild; the mighty Shieldon is calling your name. But where’s this rock-hard critter hiding? That is where I come in, with your ultimate guide to Shieldon Location in Indigo Disk. Get ready to explore your inner paleontologist because this ancient hunt is about to get epic!

Trainers, the Pokemon world is buzzing with questions! Chespin’s gone missing, Crispin’s got a sandwich obsession, and Totodile’s vanished faster than a Squirtle in a sprinkler. But amidst the chaos, one question reigns supreme: What is the Sheildon Location in Indigo Disk DLC?

Well, fear not, brave adventurers, for the answer to Shieldon Location Indigo Disk is just a scroll away. Grab your Poke Balls, sharpen your instincts, and prepare to conquer the Terarium’s prehistoric puzzles!

Shieldon Location in Indigo Disk: Where’s Sheildon?

Shieldon, the Shield Pokemon and ancestor of Bastiodon, may be ancient, but it is far from extinct in the Indigo Disk DLC. Finding and capturing this spiky friend requires patience, perseverance, and a keen eye.

Shieldon has a massive head with a sturdy face and can withstand any attack with its iron armor. Shieldon is exclusive to Pokemon Violet, so if you are playing Pokemon Scarlet, you will have to trade with a friend to get it. But where can you find Shieldon in the first place?

Rejoice! You are in the prime location to get Shieldon. Head to the Canyon Biome’s towering mountainside and scale its peak. This rocky haven is Shieldon’s stomping ground, and with a bit of exploration, you will likely encounter it alongside exclusive pals like Treecko.

Large Mountainside in the Canyon Biome

Shieldon exclusively calls Canyon Biome home. Look for the central, towering peak within the Canyon Biome – that is its prime stomping ground.

Now, shifting our focus from Shieldon Location in Indigo Disk, let us explore what it takes to acquire Shieldon in Pokemon Scarlet.

How to Get Shieldon in Pokemon Scarlet: Clever Strategies

If you are eager to get Shieldon in your Scarlet journey, don’t worry! Shieldon is not native to the Scarlet version, but there are clever ways to get this ancient Pokémon on your team. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Trade Tricks: Make friends with trainers in the Violet version who have explored the Terarium. A simple trade with one of these skilled trainers could be the solution to getting the desired Shieldon in your Scarlet collection.
  2. Raiding the Web: Keep an eye out for online raids that involve Shieldon or its evolved form, Bastiodon. By joining these online battles, you have a chance to get your prehistoric reward and improve your Pokemon Scarlet team.
  3. Poké Home Pilgrimage: If you’ve met Shieldon in another Pokémon game, maybe from a previous adventure, use the power of Poké Home! Go on a trip to Poké Home, move your spiky prehistoric pal into your Scarlet, save the file, and complete your Pokédex collection with the addition of Shieldon.

With these clever strategies at your disposal, there’s no need to fret about Shieldon’s absence in Pokemon Scarlet.

What Makes Shieldon Special | Why Should You Catch Sheildon?

Shieldon is a formidable Pokemon that can enhance your team greatly. It boasts high Defense and Special Defense and can master moves such as Iron Head, Stone Edge, Heavy Slam, and Metal Burst. It also possesses the abilities of Sturdy and Soundproof, which shield it from one-hit KO moves and sound-based moves, respectively.

Shieldon’s Tera Type is Rock, which grants it a 1.5x damage boost to Rock-type moves while also eliminating weaknesses and resistances from its original typings while retaining those typings’ STAB. Shieldon’s optimal Nature is Adamant, which increases its Attack and decreases its Special Attack.

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Wrapping Up

Alright, Poke-pals, that wraps up the lowdown on Shieldon Location in Indigo Disk! Shieldon’s hiding spot in the Indigo Disk is cracked, and you are officially prepped to catch this prehistoric powerhouse. Remember, if you are rocking Pokemon Violet, it’s a straightforward climb to the top of that Canyon Biome mountain. For Scarlet players, it is all about those trades, raids, and maybe even a Poke Home pilgrimage.

Now, fuel up your Pokedex and head over to Path of EX for more awesome guides and tips. Our team of trainers is always on the lookout for the next big discovery, so keep checking back for your daily dose of Pokemon wisdom!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Find Shieldon in Pokemon Scarlet?

No, you cannot. Shieldon is a Violet exclusive in the Indigo Disk. But don’t despair, Scarlet trainers! Trades, raids, and Poke Home are your ticket to prehistoric glory.

2. What Is the Shieldon Location in Indigo Disk?

Climb the big mountain in the Canyon Biome – Shieldon chills at the peak, waiting for a battle. Just keep an eye out for that sparkling rock that triggers its spawn!

3. Is Shieldon Hard to Catch?

Not if you strategize! False Swipe keeps it from fainting, and its Sturdy Ability means the first hit won’t take it down. So, aim carefully and prepare for an epic prehistoric tussle!

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