Sherlock Season 5 Is Coming Super-Soon! Hints by Benedict & Martin (2022)

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Who’s desperately waiting for those dialogues and plots? All of us! And that too desperately! Don’t you wanna know when Sherlock Season 5 is coming? I know that’s a yes. That’s why you should not miss this article by any chance because it has every piece of news regarding Sherlock BBC Season 5. 

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BBC brought Sherlock on 25th July 2010 and since that day no one can get enough of Sherlock. You can blame the creators for that storyline, but for me, it was the acting of Benedict and Martin. People are crazy for Baker Street boys and we truly cannot ask why. The way BBC Sherlock has left its viewers in suspense after the ‘The Final Problem’ is truly making all of us want Sherlock Season 5 even more. 

When asked about Sherlock Season 5, both Benedict and Martin have agreed that there is going to be the next season. There are more chances that the next part of the series might not be a bunch of episodes. Check out, what the producers and actors have said about the release date of Sherlock BBC Season 5. 

Is Sherlock BBC Season 5 Coming? 

Steven Moffat stated in 2014 that Sherlock Season 5 has already been written by him and Mark Gatiss. But once Season 4 came out, they didn’t express any interest in producing the next season. Mark Gattis also has said that the shooting of Sherlock Season 5 can not be organized because of the super busy schedules of Benedict and Martin. He also stated that a potential fifth season is still up in the air. 

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Time and again, the viewers have been given a lot of hints that the BBC Sherlock is not over yet. We know this because of some solid statements given by Cumberbatch and Freeman. 

Sherlock Season 5 News

Recently Martin Freeman had an interview with Collider, and he said “Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Gatiss, and Steven Moffat are super busy and that’s the reason they do not want to run the risk of ruining the show’s legacy by producing a subpar season.” That’s a direct hint that there is definitely going to be Sherlock Season 5. 

When asked about what would the next part be? A movie or TV show? He replied, “Yeah, I think it is possible. It might be more likely, yeah. I think we’ve all left it so that it’s not a full stop, it’s just a big ellipsis or a big pause. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to say, ‘Oh, it’s a full stop.’ I’m not sure. To be honest, I’m a big believer in not going past your sell by date, in anything, really. Don’t outstay your welcome.

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This itself says that Sherlock BBC Season 5 is definitely on the cards and is not canceled. There are high chances that the Sherlock Season 5 will come pretty soon. 

Sherlock BBC Season 5 Cast 

Sherlock BBC Season 5 is going to have Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the protagonists as they were in the last seasons. There won’t be any change on that. We watched the show mainly because of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Since the last season ended with Eurus Holmes, Sherlock’s sister. There are many chances Sherlock Season 5 will have more of her story. 

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Sian Brooke, the actress playing Eurus Holmes, said in an interview, “It would be great, she is a character I would love to revisit. You don’t get to play these parts every day, she’s abnormal and those sorts of parts are always great.” You can see how excited she is to play the character of eccentric and extremely smart Eurus.  

Whenever Sherlock BBC Season 5 is coming, it cannot happen without Andrew Scott. Our very own Jim Moriarty. He rocked the character he played, even better than Benedict. (If it’s not a sin to say so). So there are a lot of stories left from the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, that have Moriarty in its best. BBC Sherlock is inspired by his legendary novels, and will undoubtedly have Andrew again in its detective show.

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Sherlock Season 5 Release Date 

When Benedict Cumberbatch was asked about the release date of Sherlock Season 5, he replied that he didn’t know anything about it, but there was hope in his answer for the next season. 

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“I’m the worst person to ask on this because I never say never, obviously. But I don’t know. And I’m the worst person to ask because my slate’s pretty, pretty full at the moment, as is Martin and all the other key players involved. So, who knows? Maybe one day, if the script’s right. And I say ‘the script,’ maybe it could be a film rather than the series. Who knows? But anyway, not for now.

Both Martin and Benedict have somehow said that there are chances of a movie rather than a series of episodes. Was that a coincidence? Maybe not. 

Wrapping Up

Although BBC Sherlock’s fans are dying to watch Sherlock Season 5, it is not currently planned because of the schedule of the actors. But that doesn’t mean it is never going to happen. We have seen that everyone from the crew says that the BBC Sherlock series is not over yet. When is it coming? We will let you know.

Till then, check out our other articles and share this one if you liked reading it. Ciao!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Season 5 of Sherlock?

The release of Sherlock Season 5 might be postponed. It was to happen in 2019 but somehow got delayed.

Why is there no season 5 of Sherlock?

No one from the Sherlock crew has said that Sherlock Season 5 is canceled. Due to the busy schedules of Benedict and Martin, it got delayed, but it will definitely happen.

Is Sherlock in love with Molly?

It appears that in Season 3, Sherlock is affectionate to Molly, while we are not sure about the romantic love. Sherlock does love Molly in a friendly way.

Did Sherlock Holmes love Irene Adler?

Benedict revealed that his role Sherlock fell in love with Irene Adler in ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’. Sherlock was charmed by Irene and did love Irene.


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