Shelby Sacco Advocates Sustainable Lifestyle Changes | TikTok Starlet Shares Her Story

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Shelby Sacco is one of the most loved and adored starlets of TikTok. The reason for her popularity is one that justifies all the hype. Shelby Sacco advocates sustainable lifestyle changes. These simple yet effective changes helped her fix her years of distraught eating patterns.

Shelby Sacco is famous on TikTok for the eating habits that she swears by. She is helping millions of people through the platform to love themselves and to take better care of themselves. Shelby believes that to make and follow those changes over a long period, they have to be easy to follow.

So how did Shelby Sacco lose 25 pounds and change her life around? Let us have a look at Shelby Sacco Advocates Sustainable Lifestyle Changes.

How Did Shelby Sacco Lose 25 Pounds?

Shelby Sacco advocates sustainable lifestyle changes

Shelby Sacco had started working at her first job after completing college. Though it seems like a dream for many, Shelby struggled to adapt to the new change. She has admitted in an interview that she has struggled with disordered eating for around eight years. During her first year out of college, she gained a lot of weight. She mentioned she started using prescription amphetamines to lose weight. But this made had an adverse effect on her health. Shelby Sacco admits that the drugs caused her to not eat during the daytime. But made her situation worse when she started binge-eating once she got off the medication.

The eating habits and workout regime Shelby Sacco swears by is that of eating healthy 60%-80% of the time. While sharing her journey on TikTok, Shelby also encourages her followers to do workouts. But she suggests her followers on following workout regimes that make them happy. So instead of the workout feeling like a punishment, it will be more of a fun activity. Let me walk you through all the ways Shelby Sacco follows to keep her weight off.

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What Helped Selby Sacco Keep the Weight Off in the Long Run?

Shelby Sacco advocates sustainable lifestyle changes

Following her eating habit, which consists of 60%-80% of healthy meals, Shelby Sacco makes sure to follow a staple for her breakfast. It can be eggs or avocado. She also recommends having 4 meals of the week that are home-cooked. Shelby likes to toss in Chicken and Veggies or Salmon and Rice while she is preparing her breakfast. Shelby says making sure you have around 13 to 17 meals of the week that are healthy makes all the difference.

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Shelby said that along with eating healthy, it is necessary to have physical movement. Shelby found that even though she liked walking throughout her day, she enjoyed strength training even more. Once she combined strength training with her walking regime, Shelby started to enjoy her workouts. Shelby Sacco advocates sustainable lifestyle changes that will work for your lifestyle.

Shelby Sacco advocates sustainable lifestyle changes

As much as eating healthy meals and working out helped Shelby Sacco to get into a healthier version of herself, she swears by being kind to herself. She makes sure that she writes affirmations to remind herself of all the goodness that is in her heart. Self-love, Shelby confirms, is what helped her get back on her feet after she was down with COVID last December.

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Wrapping Up

Shelby Sacco advocates sustainable lifestyle changes that helped her lose 25 pounds. After battling with terrible health that ultimately affected her mental health, Shelby loves to make changes that are easy to follow in the long run. She follows an eating pattern of 60% -80% healthy eating along with getting enough exercise.

Instead of following trends and diets that don’t make much change but rather only made her feel more terrible, Shelby Sacco found what worked for her. Changes that are easy to follow will eventually help you see the desired results. So do you agree with Shelby on making changes that you can follow? Let us know in the comments. Until we get back to you with the latest trending news, keep checking in with the Path of Ex.


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