Benefits of Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD | Combination of Sharpshooter & Crossbow Expert!

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Is a sharpshooter really for you? Does it suit your personality? “Take a note: If your character loves the bows and arrows, you are a stealth Archer from a good old Skyrim, and hitting harder really charges you up; Sharpshooter is your feat: (Handbook).” Sharpshooters in one of the powerful feats in dnd 5e. It is a mandatory feat for any build focusing on ranged attacks. Starting from its profound powers to its benefits and classes, you are going to find everything about Sharpshooter 5e on this page. 

Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD allows the characters to exchange -5 to hit for +10 damage. However, in the case of building a fighter sharpshooter, they can combine the archery fighting style with other extra attacks than any other class. 

Surprisingly, Sharpshooter works on all of the ranged weapons, despite its description. It doesn’t ignore pronely and impose a disadvantage on attacks made farther than 5 ft. For further information about Sharpshooters 5e feat, continue to read. 

5e Sharpshooter Feat DnD

Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD

With Sharpshooter, you can master any shot with ranged weapons that others find difficult to do. You also don’t need to have any prerequisites for this. Sharpshooter allows you to avail the following benefits:

  • Attacking at long range doesn’t impose a disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls.
  • Your ranged weapon attacks ignore half cover and three-quarters cover.
  • Before you make a ranged attack with a ranged weapon with which you are proficient, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll in Sharpshooter 5e DnD. If you do so and the attack hits, it deals +10 damage. 

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Benefits of Sharpshooter Feat 5e DnD 

Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD

1. Attacking at long range doesn’t impose a disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls.

Every ranged weapon comes with a first number/largest number. A large number signifies how long your maximum ranges are. However, in order to hit the maximum ranges, you have a disadvantage imposed.

But in the case of Sharpshooter, it allows you to use your weapon with maximum ability without any disadvantage imposed.

2. Your ranged weapon attacks ignore half cover and three-quarters cover.

Sharpshooter 5e has a powerful effect on the feat. It allows the players to aim at the quarter of a target, at up to 600 feet. 600 ft is four times greater than the shorter-range distance that allows you to shoot from with a normal dice roll. 

3. -5 penalty to the attack roll, +10 damage 

Another powerful benefit of the Sharpshooter dnd is an add-on to the +10 penalty with a -5 fit. This means that if a player takes a -5 penalty to the hit, it will allow you to add a +10 to the attack’s damage.  With Sharpshooter dnd 5e feat, a player becomes a super player in no time. It lets you throw the most difficult shots easily. Ranger Volley 5e also allows you to play like every single archer, or gunslinger, with your ranged weapons. 

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Shoot with any long-distance, without any covers, and deal with more damage with your hits, without getting penalized. 

This dnd sharpshooter 5e feat does not let you sit in the back and wait for the melee combatant to come and knock you down. Instead, it triggers you with some unusual energy that keeps you on the front to do some wild things. 

Exploit Ranger Volley 5e to the Fullest

Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD

Ranger Volley 5e has to be your first option. It has a ranged weapon as a primary one. It also includes the usage of a bow, crossbow, firearm, or even a slingshot. Score up your shot, and perform the most impossible shot. There is no harm in taking a -5 penalty. It also allows you to deal with some extra damage. 

Have a +10 as it starts to blend into the background as you get the stronger equipment. 

Preferable Classes for the Sharpshooter Fighter 5e    

The three classes that should take the Sharpshooter 5e Feat are- Ranger, Fighter, Rogue. If you are wondering why are they, the most suitable ones, go on:

Benefits of Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD | Combination of Sharpshooter & Crossbow Expert!

1. Rogue:

As Rogues get a lot of sneak attacks, Sharpshooter 5e in dnd allows them to deal with some sneak attack damage at a far range. It permits you to hit the target with a penalty of up to 10d6 of extra damage and 10 more for that extra umph. 

2. Ranger: 

Suitable for Rangers with Archery fighting style.

3. Fighter: 

The fighter class gets enough attacks to get the most out of Sharpshooter 5e in dnd. It allows you to release a volley of arrows upon your enemies. It also includes gunslinger and subclass. 

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Combination of Crossbow Expert and Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD 

A Crossbow Expert 5e with Sharpshooter feat 5e is one of the powerful combinations that negates the Crossbow Expert feat range of minimum 30 to maximum 120. A – 5 and + 10 always trigger the player to hit his last. But, a player can hit extremely hard with this.

Benefits of Sharpshooter 5e Feat DnD | Combination of Sharpshooter & Crossbow Expert!

And the fact that the crossbow is giving you the third attack, means that a player is gambling on two of the three lands. Use it with a class that has the extra attack class feature. To the minimum, Crossbow Expert and Sharpshooter allow you to have three attacks per round. Although, a player, if any, has his actions and bonus actions.  

Wrapping Up

Sharpshooters 5e DnD makes you a superhero in your own way. It does not limit you with attacks, rather allows you to hit with as much power you want, and takes you on a violent aggressive trip. The increase in level-ups can bring out the best from you. 

So go on rockstar, form a strong combination with another feat and kick the game. Beat the energy dudes and divas. 

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