Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew Gameplay Walkthrough Guide

Shadow Gambit Gameplay Walkthrough

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is a more creative production from Mimimi Games, released on August 17, 2023. In this stealth strategy game, you get to be a cursed pirate and assemble your equally cursed crew. You can get the complete Shadow Gambit walkthrough in this article.

Ignacia is your evil arch-nemesis who has captured the Red Marley in the game. You must work with your pirate crew to defeat the acolytes and save the ship.

Are you ready to explore the massive island and test your powers? Read on to get the complete Shadow Gambit gameplay walkthrough and tips to get you through it.

Shadow Gambit Gameplay Walkthrough

Shadow Gambit Gameplay Walkthrough

Shadow Gambit Mission 1 Walkthrough

In the first mission of Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, you need to cross the island to reach and free the Red Marley. It won’t be as easy as it sounds because of the acolytes protecting the island.

Here’s how to complete mission 1 of Shadow Gambit:

1. Kill the Acolytes

Once you get on the island and kill the acolyte that spots you, the real game begins. Take out the acolytes you see on the island and hide their bodies under the bushes so that you don’t get caught.

Keep moving toward the next target while capturing the glowing green indicators.

2. Kill the Prognosticar

You will reach a point where you jump from one rock to another and sense a mysterious magical power. You will see the Prognosticar next but you should not attack him directly. Instead, it would help if you got past the Prognosticar.

Note: Throughout the game, you’ll come across “memories” that you need to capture. You can see these memories anytime to reset time using F8.

3. Reach Red Marley

You should hear a voice guiding you to the island’s top and helping you defeat the acolytes. You will find out that the voice is that of your ship, Red Marley. Follow the voice and its commands.

To defeat the Prognosticar, kill the acolyte approaching him and use the boulder on top of the bridge to get rid of the Prognosticar. (Objective: Push Rock)

After the push rock objective, you need to ascend up some stairs that are being watched. Use your Time Freeze skill to climb up and kill the acolyte effortlessly.

As shown in the image below, keep going and reach the top of the island. Once you reach the top, you will hear the dialogue between Red Marley and Ignacia, your arch-nemesis in the game. Red Marley has been captured and infested by Ignacia’s men. (Objective: Ascend Red Pillar)

4. Free Red Marley

Go to the Red Marley by climbing the giant chains at the harbor. Remember to defeat the acolytes before the time at the top of the screen runs out.

Once on the ship, it would be best to head for the captain’s quarters. But to get there, you first must attack the Custodes that maintain the seal. You can find the first at the beginning of the ship, above deck, and the second on the other side.

5. Break the Seal

Now that you killed the Custodes, you can break the seal. Once you do, you will talk to Red Marley in its form. Discuss terms for its freedom and head to the next adventure, the open sea!

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew Gameplay Walkthrough

Wrapping Up

Shadow Gambit’s adventures bring a new experience with each mission, from killing your first acolyte to taking over Red Marley. Are you ready to keep going and team up with your pirate crew? Comment if you need help, have suggestions, or feedback.

Happy Gaming!

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