Sell pictures online and engage your fanbase on qrush – the new online trend! – Deadline News

Sell pictures online and engage your fanbase on qrush – the new online trend! – Deadline News

Whether you recently decided to become an online model or you made that decision years ago, the main reason you chose this activity might be the possibility of great earnings. The online modeling activity offers you freedom and lots of great opportunities, but one thing is certain: a great marketing strategy can help any model or influencer enjoy fantastic revenue! Today you’re going to learn a few details on the latest fan app out there: It’s the newest trend in online social entertainment, so if you are planning to sell pictures online via a fan app, qrush is the place to be right now!

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Here are some of the most important details you need to learn about this new platform and a few tricks to help you sell pictures online and enjoy great earnings!

What is qrush?
This is a new fan app that centers its activity on online entertainment. Thus, it focuses on influencers, online models, and other performers in this field. Anyone can connect to his/her favorite performer via an online subscription system. Of course, is not just for models that want to sell pictures online, videos, and private content. All content creators are welcomed, including chefs, fitness trainers, artists, and anyone who has some interesting content for the online audience.

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The difference between qrush and most social media apps out there is that your content will not get you a ban on the platform. You don’t have to hide your private content behind a subscription wall, you can also use it to tease and get as much attention from the fans as you can.

The freedom that qrush guarantees and the different functions that this platform offers can help you greatly increase your earnings if you are a serious content creator. You can sell pictures online, videos, private content, daily selfies, video conversations, tutorials, behind-the-scenes shots, and much more. It’s a chance for your fans to stay up to date with your activity and discover the real you. Also, it’s a chance for any content creator to engage his/her fanbase in ways that were not available until now. Some of the top online models already have a content creator account on Check out Jessica Sage!

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Here are some of the details you need to know about qrush

– You can use qrush for two different reasons: you can open up a subscriber account and subscribe to each of the channels you want to follow or you can start a channel that your fans can subscribe to. If you want to sell pictures online or videos and performances, you just have to add your bank account info in the app.

– You can set your own subscription price (between $5 and $50 per month). Subscriptions are not the only way of earning on qrush. You can make money via PPV messages, video calls, paid DM’s, and other functions on the platform that allow you to engage your audience.

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– The platform can send your earnings on a weekly basis, and the fee that they receive for hosting, managing the platform and the payments is 10% of your total earnings.
– The billing process is built into the app so you won’t have to use payment portals or other billing apps to secure your income.


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