Email Security Threats and Security Measures for Small Businesses 

Email Security Threats and Security Measures for Small Businesses 

Small and medium businesses are at risk for email attacks. The actual number of phishing attacks is much higher than what you would think. In fact, about half come from small- and medium sized businesses. Learn how to protect yourself against these emails with our guide on preventing them in the first place as well as some tips when it comes time for cleanup after an attack has occurred

Email Security Threats and Security Measures for Small Businesses 

Most businesses have general email accounts that can be guessed by adding a prefix like “help desk” or “sales” to their domain. These are attractive because they’re easy for hackers, who want access in order to use them strategically especially when targeting companies worldwide at once. 

Hacks are becoming more and less sophisticated. In order to mount an attack, all that’s needed is a false email address or the spear-phishing emails which appear legitimate at first but contain hidden surprises like files or links. 

Hackers often target small businesses because many do not have stringent cyber security measures in place. If your small firm contracts with large businesses, you could be seen as an attractive “back door” to big firms. If the attacker can gain access to your organization, they can then target the big firm you contract with.

  • Ransomware – In a typical ransomware incident, malware delivered via email encrypts enterprise data and purports to deliver the encryption key for free.
  • CEO Fraud – When an attacker gains illegal access to a high-level account, they can impersonate that person and approve transactions which defrauds your business.
  • Data Theft – Hacks to company systems are becoming more and more common, with the goal of stealing data. Hackers can get access not only employee credentials but also product information or customer details that could be used for financial gain in amongst other things

Small Businesses Software Solutions for Email Security Threats in 2022

With threat monitoring software, you can protect your network from phishing and ransomware attacks by identifying suspicious senders or attachments before employees view them. Along with specific email threat protection, you need a strong security suite that checks for malware and viruses.

Encryption software ensures that your emails are safe from prying eyes by encrypting the data before sending. As such, an attacker would need access to this key in order for them to read and extract any information. 

The best way to protect your company’s data is by investing in an internal firewall. You may think that all threats will be turned away if you place firewalls at access points, but this is a false assumption because hackers could easily slip through any perimeter defenses and enter sensitive areas like payroll registers or customer records without being noticed.

It’s also a good idea to invest in an internal firewall. Too many organizations only patrol the perimeter. Unfortunately, this falsely assumes that all threats will be turned away. By placing internal firewalls at the access point to sensitive business data, you can safeguard against internal threats and attackers who have gained access. 

If you’re concerned about security, a managed services provider is the way to go. They can answer any questions and concerns that arise when protecting your business from cyber threats so feel fully informed in taking action.

Implementing email security can be overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. A managed service provider will help make it easier for your company by providing clear instructions on how to protect yourself from scammers and hackers. 

2022 Best Business Education Practices to Tackle Email Security Threats

With recent leaps in technology, many employees are unaware of the risks associated with certain behaviors. This is where safeguarding begins- by educating your staff on how they can be more susceptible to hacks and identity theft while using their personal devices for work related tasks like sending emails or researching projects online. 

Along with education, it is crucial to set a policy regarding safe email usage in the workplace. Your company’s cyber security plan must include ways of protecting enterprise data from attack via emails and other access points like websites or payment systems networks.

Also you can get use of Organizational Virtual Private Networks (For e.g. Get a Philippines VPN if your company belongs to the Philippines), to get your safety double security over issues where hackers might pop into your accounts to leak data. 

If you want to reduce your risks, educate staff on how they can spot and avoid phishing emails as a first line of defense. These usually incorporate an authentic looking email with something too good to be true or ask for sensitive information that may put them at risk.

Also if it’s actually legitimate business correspondence from the company in question rather than just another scammer attempting to get their hands onto what we know must belong deep within our inboxes by any means necessary. 

You can rest easy knowing that your personal information will never be transmitted over email. Your bank may use postal mail or telephone to communicate with you about sensitive matters, but they’ll rely on the tried-and true method of written communication for less important details like account numbers and user passwords. 


Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. You can’t just implement email security tools and then leave it at that, because if you do not review your controls every few months or years depending on how often they are revisited. There could be vulnerabilities lurking where hackers might exploit them! Stay informed with the latest threats by working closely together as part of a team and through this cycle we’ll continue protecting ourselves against new forms of attack while also staying ahead in today’s increasingly competitive market landscape. Maintaining constant assessment helps us stay one step ahead so no matter what comes along our company will always have its reputation intact and keeps the organization safe and secure for in terms of Digital Privacy. 

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