Prime Hydration Secrets Revealed On Impaulsive Podcast Episode 309- By Logan and KSI

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KSI and Logan Paul, two names you can’t stop hearing these days. Whether it is about a gruesome boxing match or a collab business partnership, these two influencers have never left the spotlight. With their joint venture, Prime Hydration Drink business, they have inspired all of their fans to move on from this petty rivalry. And by coming together for yet another podcast episode on Impaulsive, they proved this was not an act but rather a new beginning for their friendship.

Guess who’s back?! back again..!! Yes..It’s your boy KSI and that to watch a bang. If you have been an active user of Youtube, there is no way you have missed the Impaulsive podcast episode 283, the first episode when KSI and Logan Paul sat together discussing their previous boxing matches. And if you loved that stream, well (of course you did after all, it is still the most viewed episode of the impaulsive ), then you are in for a treat because once again, KSI returned to make your day special.

Through the 1 hour streaming of the episode, a lot of topics were discussed. From KSI’s cryptic tweets to mental health and Prime Hydration’s backstories To KSI’s imposter syndrome, we surely had our fair share of entertainment. So, let’s briefly hover about all the significant topics discussed in the Impaulsive Podcast Episode 309 – The Return Of KSI.

KSI’s Cryptic Tweets

What’s the best way to start an episode other than with KSI’s weird cryptic tweets? During KSI’s plane journey, he posted some broken-hearted tweets like “What is true Love” and “How Can I Love someone when I don’t love myself?”

KSI and Logan  latest Podcast

To which he replies Mann… I’m single in it, and I’m just going through it !! Lol. But this makes him admit that he misses her girlfriend. We all know he has broken up with his girlfriend in Nov 2021, but her identity is still a mystery.

“Whenever I am alone, and I’m listening to certain music, I am like.. f**k I miss her, man”.

KSI’s Identity Crisis- Imposter Syndrome

KSI, in Logan paul’s podcast Impulsive confesses, how he sometimes feels like he doesn’t understand how he has gotten to the position he is in.

KSI and Logan latest Impaulsive Podcast episode

“I think I am still dealing with this.. especially these past few years have been fast man. Everything with boxing, music, even YouTube Sidemen. I just didn’t ever think we’d be at this point. So it has just been a lot for me to figure out who I am. I think I have had a little bit identity crisis. Personality disorder, something like that”.

He also admits he feels like suffering from an Imposter Syndrome. Well, Fame and hard work do takes their toll on people.

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Mental Health And Overthinking

“2021 was a great year for my career, but 2022 is gonna be a great year for me.”


Following their discussion on identity crisis, Logan Paul and Ksi lead to topic of Mental Health and Overthinking. In this part of the KSI and Logan Paul podcast, we get to know different insightful details about their life. KSI also mentions his therapist, for whom he is really grateful. He thinks mental health is important and should be openly talked about. We can see his intentions again when he posted-

“I recently got a therapist because I think I just need one. I need to be able to talk to someone about my thoughts, my feelings, and about what the f**k is going on in my life. Sometimes it gets too much”.

He wishes he could trade it with blissful ignorance because he feels like he is “struggling to find joy in things.” 

Prime Hydration Drink Stories Revealed On Impaulsive Podcast Episode by Logan Paul and KSI

Of course, the primary aim of the podcast was to discuss their New Beverage Drink Prime Hydration. They said that with their Prime Drink, they want to rival the most prominent brands of the world- Gatorade, Powerade, Pepsi, Coke. They both agree that the whole story, idea, and details about Prime hydration’s concept seems just crazy even now. 

Everything about Prime Hydration drink

Also, take a look at All The Facts About Prime Hydration-Price, Flavor..!!

Back Story Of Prime Hydration Drink Disclosed on KSI And Logan Podcast- | Prime Hydration Drink Behind The Scenes

In the podcast episode 309, The Return of KSI, logan reveals the backstory behind the creation of Prime Hydration Collab venture. He confesses how hard it was for him to make this proposal before KSI. Though he feels they have amended their relation during their last Impaulsive podcast with KSI episode 283, but still they weren’t 100% friendly. Even though he knew KSI would be his best option in the Prime Hydration’s partnership, he was hesitant to approach him. But he finally kept his ego aside and texted KSI- “Yo man, I have an amazing idea…” Lol. Seriously we could have never imagined any partnership between these two, let alone being business comrades.

Also, Logan asked– 

What Intrigued KSI To Say Yes? Why KSI Agreed to Say Yes To Prime Hydration Drink?

Ksi revealed that he “always wanted to do a hydration drink,” and indeed, he was working on one. And then logan came up to him with the product and the idea of Prime Hydration drink. “I was like F**K OFF ( laughs)” 

Well, wasn’t that just perfect..!!

Then KSI said how he first made sure that it had all the things he wanted- 

  • Low calories
  • Good taste, and
  • Something we could easily drink every day without regret.

So he decided let’s give it a try and BOOM..!! 6 months later, here we are- With 3 million bottles going to-

  1. Walmart
  2. Target
  3. Kroger
  4. CVS
  5. GNC
  6. Ralph’s and
  7. Vitamin Shoppe.

Ohhh..God, it’s crazy. But I guess crazy is their middle name.

Why Logan Paul Started Prime Hydration Drink Business?

Logan confessed in his podcast with KSI, how he felt like existing Hydration Beverages are either- 

– Not good for you – tastes like shit – are archaic as f**k

“It’s totally a garbage; why has no one made a Hydration drink that”-

  • Actually good for you
  • Is affordable
  • Tastes Good
logan and KSI podcast about Prime Hydrate

Logan Paul and KSI in Impaulsive podcast admitted how glad they are that they started this business venture of Prime Drink together. They are excited about the journey and what the future will hold?

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KSI Made A New Announcement On Latest Logan’s Podcast

KSI, on his podcast episode with Logan Paul, announced that he is writing his new Album that will be released sometime in the near future. Also, he has decided to film his life continuously without shutting off the camera. For this, a cameraman has been filming him around 24 hrs since June throughout his Highs and Lows.

KSI Dating A Devil Worshipper

Shocked?! Well, you will be when you hear it- in the KSI and Logan Paul’s podcast, the audience bursted out with laughter hearing KSI’s amusing encounter with A Devil Worshipper.

“This is the reason I Had COVID and later tonsillitis.”.Lol..KSI just being KSI.

He narrates a story where he dated a girl who worshipped Devil. These things can happen only with KSI. Trust me; You need to see KSI and his narration. It’ll make you roll with laughter..!!

KSI Bashes Jake Paul on the Latest Episode of Logan Paul’s Podcast- “I Think He’s a C**t”!!

Ending the Impaulsive podcast with a bash, KSI very evidently declares that even though he has reconciled with Logan Paul, he still thinks Jake Paul(logan’s younger brother) is a C**T.

He says there’s a lot of bad blood between him and Jake, and he can never in his heart find a way to like him.

Ksi and jake paul fight in podcast

When co-host Mike Majlak asked KSI about his relationship with Jake Paul, KSI clearly said, “No, I still f**ing hate him.” and always will. 

Do you ever feel you could reconcile in the future? To which KSI replies maybe when I beat him. Lol 

“I’m sorry, Logan, but I think he’s a c**t. Obviously, he’s like smashed it, like he’s killed it like you know, with what he’s done. Yeah, fair f**ing play, like it’s pretty good. The way he knocked out Woodley, stupid. And people are saying it’s fake, it’s not fake. Like he cleaned him out, and it was like a great shot but, I don’t know, for me, I just can’t in my heart, be like oh I like him now.” 

Wrapping Up

This was indeed an entertaining session with KSI and logan Paul on his Impaulsive podcast episode 309-the Return to KSI. The session is filled with hilarious moments and amusing conversations. No doubt, this latest podcast episode will also break all the previous records and will soon become the most viewed episode. During Logan and KSI’s conversations, we also uncovered many intriguing facts about Prime Hydration drink- its backstory, behind the scenes, and other such amazing facts. In all, I had a fantastic time, and I hope you did too…

But I’m interested to know which part amused you the most, so share your thoughts and let the conversation going..!! 

Au revoir mon ami..!!


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