Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues 2021 | Things Your Coworkers Will Love

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One of the best things about the Holiday Season is gifts. Christmas is just around the corner and I cannot wait any more for things to get all starry! If you also love giving gifting to people during the Holidays, then you are at the right place. Here you will find 24 different Secret Santa Gifts for colleagues.

Secret Santa is not just about gifts, it is more of a celebration and tradition. We appreciate our relationships and friendships with gratitude and humbleness. Gifting is just a way to show their importance and your regard towards them.

You all must be thinking about what you should gift to your friends that will really make them feel good. I must tell you, you should really plan something great for them with some great lights, some well-cooked food and with a perfect gift in your hand that will bring a great smile to their face. 

Why not be a Secret Santa for your office friends? Surprise your colleagues with some Secret Santa gifts this Christmas. We have curated an amazing list of Secret Santa gifts just for you.

Top 24 Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues

Flavored loose tea leaves

1. Flavored Loose Tea Leaves

It’s a very well-known fact that everyone loves tea. So it’s a perfect gift for a co-worker to make him feel relaxed. Various flavored loose tea may include green tea, white tea, herbal tea, black tea, yellow tea, oolong, and fermented tea.  

Great books

2. Great Books

Books are a great source to pass your free time. These are helpful in providing knowledge and side by side help you to grow more. So go ahead and pick up some great books for your book lovers.

Water Bottles

3. Water Bottles

Ahhh! Such a necessary thing for everyone. Stainless steel bottles are a perfect way to gift someone as they are useful both in summers as well as winters. It’s a great secret Santa gift. You can also check out these amazing Starbucks Christmas Cups.

Gift cards

4. Gift Cards

What about a pretty well-designed gift card for a co-worker so that they can keep it on their table and that card will always remind them of you wherever they will look at that card.

Homemade Scented Candles

5. Homemade Scented Candles

This is just more than a perfect one. Everyone loves decent scents around them every time. So go ahead and make one decent scented candle for your co-worker and mark on it- Scent with love!


6. Wallets

They will love to have it as a co-worker. It is the most useful and necessary thing for everyone. From eldest to youngest every person needs it. So buy one genuine leather one for your co-worker.

Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues 2021 | Things Your Coworkers Will Love

7. Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are pretty good when they are kept on the table. A pretty decent table lamp will definitely make a great Secret Santa Gift for this Christmas. 

Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues 2021 | Things Your Coworkers Will Love

8. Succulents 

The most basic gift one can gift to someone. They look so beautiful and even look more beautiful while gifting someone. So go and buy a bunch of succulents. Check out some of the Christmas plants.


9. Cushions

Yeah. This one is for relaxing so go and make one customized one of something they love. You can also go for a picture of theirs or maybe for a picture of your group or lastly the picture of you two.

Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues 2021 | Things Your Coworkers Will Love

10. Electric Heater

The one necessity for everyone in winters. It is needed if someone is just sitting idle at their own home or working in the office. This makes a perfect gift that one can buy for their co-worker.


11. Smartwatch

As everyone knows each individual is going all digitally so a smartwatch is the best for a working person so that he doesn’t have to carry each and every gadget around with them everywhere they go.

Office kit

12. Office Kit

The basic office emergency kit is a necessity for a worker working in an office. Go with the necessities and buy a good office emergency kit that includes everything for an office user. 

Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues 2021 | Things Your Coworkers Will Love

13. Handmade Windchimes

They look so beautiful while hanging so do a little effort and make one beautiful wind chime for them that they can hang at their workplace or even at their homes.

Self Care Kit

14. Self-Care Set Kit

Apart from your co-worker, they are also kind of your friends so think about them as you self-care for yourself and buy a good self-care kit for them. It’s a great secret Santa gift to give. It will make them feel good and create a good vibe between you both.  

Coffee beans

15. Coffee Beans

I guess every office worker is a coffee lover. Every person needs it while working as it will make them feel free and release them from every stress so give them some coffee beans and be a stress buster for them.

Essential Scented Oils

16. Essential Scented Oils

These essential oils are basic that everyone has. Essential oils have different use for different things. You can go for a kit of essential oil or you can also go for a different one and make your own kit containing different flavors.


17. Headphones

Everyone listens to music while relaxing. Music is the solution to everything so go for a good headphone set. Search for a good one and go for a Wireless Headphone to give a great Secret Santa gift.

Woolen Handmade gloves

18. Woolen Handmade Gloves

Again a necessary item for winters. Try to make it on your own and make one good pair of designer gloves. Even if you don’t know how to make it take help from your mother or grandmother and make them feel good.

Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues 2021 | Things Your Coworkers Will Love

19. Homemade Sauces

Yummy! Homemade sauces are always unique because every time it tastes differently. So stand up, go in the kitchen, mix some flavors, grind them, and make a good one. 

Pro tip- Taste it before gifting.   

Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues 2021 | Things Your Coworkers Will Love

20. Handmade Chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates so go and make some for your co-worker. They will definitely love it as it’s a pure form of love when you will make it on your own and present them with a big smile on your face. 

Laptop sleeves

21. Laptop Sleeves

We all know a working person becomes careless regarding little things around them. So go show some affection and care towards their things. Buy one good laptop cover that suits their personality. This will make a great Secret Santa Gift.


22. Projector

A basic thing in every office or any workplace. You can buy a mobile projector that will make it easy to work. They can carry it anywhere they want and it will make them feel somewhat burden-free.

Wine bottle

23. Wine Bottle

So here comes what everyone needs at some point in their life. Buy one good bottle of wine and pack it on your own and make them wonder what’s inside the pack. It will look great for a coworker.

Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues 2021 | Things Your Coworkers Will Love

24. Waterproof Notepad

Waterproof things are the best-made things while in the office as one has to sit there and have everything there so it’s a good thing that one needs if anything splits out there in case. So everything can be saved.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the amazing ideas that you can use while choosing Secret Santa gifts for your colleagues. I hope you find the best gift from the list. Surprise your work friends with these thoughtful gifts and enjoy the Holidays with them. Also, share this with your friends and colleagues. Let us know in the comment section if you have any more ideas. We would love to add it to our list!

Have a great day and an amazing year!


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