School of Theatre & Dance Presents ‘Sonnets for an Old Century’ | Texas Tech Today

School of Theatre & Dance Presents ‘Sonnets for an Old Century’ | Texas Tech Today

Performances will take place Feb. 11-14 via Zoom Webinar.

Audiences will consider the question of what story to tell to reveal the truths that
define life when Texas Tech University’s School of Theatre & Dance, housed within the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts, presents “Sonnets for an Old Century” by José Rivera and directed by April Langehennig.

Performances will take place Feb. 11-14 via Zoom, and virtual curtain times are 7:30
p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Set in the space between life and what may come after, “Sonnets for an Old Century”
examines what it means to be alive through examining what each person leaves behind.
In a series of exquisitely written monologues, “Sonnets” captures the subtle, often
overlooked treasures of everyday life.

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“The characters voice their disappointments, triumphs, narrowmindedness and empathy,”
Langehennig said. “These sonnets represent their last chance to make a statement about
their life and beliefs. I chose ‘Sonnets’ because the play gives marginalized actors
a chance to shine by telling stories that are relevant, complex and representative
of their own cultures and identities.”

An added interactive component will give audiences the opportunity to respond to a
series of questions during the performance that determine the order of the sonnets.

Tickets for “Sonnets for an Old Century” are $5 for individuals and free for Texas
Tech students with a valid R number, which can be entered as a promotional code online.
To purchase tickets, visit the School of Theatre & Dance website.

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