Satellite Cameras Enhance the Capacity of Earth Observing

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The one thing that has marked a rapid shift in the way world organizations have been collecting data is the earth observation satellites with high-precision satellite cameras. These satellites are facilitating a more profound and critical understanding of our earth like never before. There are plenty of applications of the earth imagery data generated by a satellite camera. Let us delve deeper into understanding how these cameras are promoting better earth observation and study.

Satellite Cameras Enhance the Capacity of Earth Observing

Importance of Satellite camera for Earth Observation and Aerospace

There must be a high importance reason behind the 700+ earth observation satellites revolving over the earth. These satellite constellations are a combination of both Geosynchronous and Polar satellites. The major aim of these satellites is to cover all the earth’s surface and generate imaging data. This data is used for detecting, predicting, and monitoring the micro and macro changes in the earth’s systems.

Earth observation has become an inevitable necessity today, given the course taken by the world and humans. As we build more technologies and inventions to sustain life, it becomes essential to see how our actions are impacting the earth. An earth observation satellite with a camera facilitates exactly that by generating imaging data in diversified temporal, spectral, and spatial resolutions.

The aerospace industry is coming forward with major satellite solutions aimed at delivering better solutions for world organizations. The primary use of this satellite data is being done in climate change, agriculture, conservation, mining, pollution tracking, calamity prediction, military use, finance, insurance, etc. With the right data available for all such domains, the concerned authorities will make better decisions.

Satellite Cameras Enhance the Capacity of Earth Observing

Some of the Top Discoveries Made by Earth Observation Satellites

Sending satellite cameras in space has been one of the best achievements of the aerospace industry. They have put impressive sensing data at the disposal of the scientists, helping them gain knowledge about any major global events. Many major discoveries have also been made by these satellites, and here are some of the top ones:

1. Spotting Ancient Archaeological Ruins

Space archaeologists have used the satellite earth camera to study ancient civilizations. One of the most important discoveries made with their help was the ancient ruins of Egypt. The images of the region captured during the wet season laid bare the outlines of Tanis’s ancient city. GlobalXplorer, a citizen science platform, saw numerous users feeding data on unrecorded ancient sites through these satellites.

2. Studying Invasive Species

The satellite earth camera has also helped scientists uncover data on the invasive species through remote sensing imagery by locating them for eradication. One of the examples of organizations working on such projects is the Darwin Foundation. They got data from the company Maxar that has been capturing multi-spectral and high-resolution images. These images helped with data on plant chlorophyll concentrations and species characterization.

3. Determining Animal Migration Patterns

The images received from a satellite camera in real time have helped scientists with wildlife conservation and management efforts. A fascinating study was made of animal migration patterns to understand the threats better and protect wildlife loss. The researchers used real-time data to gain insights into the biodiversity and impact of human activities on them.

4. Detecting Illegal Sea Crime

Information from satellite tracking cameras has also been used for crime control. Organizations around the world have used the data for gaining insights on illegal fishing on the high seas. Other than the imaging data, the sensitive receivers have also been playing the role of detecting radio signals from the AIS of ships. The crime control organizations use this data for detecting and preventing significant hazards in commercial fishing.

5. Finding Lost Continents

These discoveries weren’t made by the satellite remote camera but by a sensitive instrument used in the GOCE satellite of the ESA. This instrument studied the shifts in the gravitational pull of different regions on earth. The scientists studied this remote sensing data to make digital models for studying the formation of continents.

Use of Satellite cameras by Private Players

 The aerospace industry is constantly expanding, with more and more private players entering the domain. These private companies are building highly advanced earth observation satellites with high satellite camera resolution to produce precision imaging data. They generate remote sensing data that any interested organization from the world can avail.

After collecting the data, it is processed as per the type of sensors used by any particular organization. The private companies are contributing towards making more micro earth observation satellites that are cost-effective and more accessible. They also use high-resolution cameras or imagers with a high-quality spatial resolution for accurate capturing of objects. The primary clients of these aerospace companies are from the petroleum and mining sectors, trading companies, hedge funding companies, and insurance sector, etc.

Thus, the satellite cameras have proved to be revolutionary for the aerospace industry by enabling the satellites to produce better earth observation data. They are genuinely helping expand our knowledge about the planet and make better decisions at improving lives.

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