Samsung Washer Error Codes | A Quick Reference Guide

List of Behind Samsung Washer Error Codes

In technical parlance, flashing codes on the screen connotes some signal. Positives aside, there can be some negatives of technology as well. What does that signal imply? What does flashing an error code stand for? Almost all electronic devices, at some point in time, encounter certain glitches. The same fits in with the case of Samsung Washers. What do the Samsung washer error codes mean? Let us find out more about the Samsung Washer error codes and the meaning these codes stand for. Let us find out more about these codes. 

In order to ensure that the Washer stays in good condition, Error codes play an important role. The error code simply gives you the starting point in case there is any issue with the working of the washer. The error codes act as a whistleblower that signals anything wrong whatsoever has happened with the washer. However, the good thing is that the issue is not that complex. It can be resolved.

The list of the Samsung washer error codes is long, with each error code denoting a different meaning. In this article, let us try to explore the Samsung Washer error code and thor meaning. Let us dive in to know about it. 

The List of Samsung Washer Error Codes And Their Meaning? 

List of Samsung Washer Error Codes

In order to make an informed decision, it is important to know and decipher these error codes.  In case you are having any trouble understanding the Samsung Washer Error Codes. Given below is the list that will help you to decipher these codes. 

All Samsung Fault Codes Washer Problem Solution
LO or FL Door Lock Error Even after seven tries you fail to unlock the door after the cycle is complete, the Lo or FL will appear on the screen. Unplug the Washer and force open the door. Check if the wiring connection to the lock and switch of the door is Ok. Tighten it if required.  There are chances that force close might damage the door that is made up of plastic. However, replacing the door is not much expensive as it would cost you even less than calling a technician. 
dsThe door is not locked In case the washer does not start, the ds code will appear on the screen. Ds code means that the washer door is open and there is something wrong with the lock. You can use a diagnostic test mode to check the door and lock switch assembly. That will show whether the lock is defective or not. In case it is defective, replace the lock. 
dcUnbalanced LoadWhenever there is an unbalanced weight, the final will detect the overloading of weight. All you need to do is cancel the spin and let it end. Redistribute the load and start the spin again. 
In case the problem persists, there might be something wrong with the suspension system. Check for wear and tears and fix the issue accordingly. 
Sud (F70)Excessive Suds Sud (F70) is due to excessive suds, which is caused due to excessive usage of detergent. The more you cycles, it will leave your clothes sticky and will ven make the washer smell.  
Let the Suds settle and restart the spin. Wash the clothes again without using detergent. And then clean your washer. 
lEWater level sensor failureIE code stands for water level sensor failure.  Just unplug the washer, and check if the wired connection is alright between the main control board and the water level sensor. If the problem still persists, replace the water level pressure sensor. 
nFWater fills problemIn case the washer takes more than 40 minutes to fill or if the water level remains unchanged even after 60 minutes, the nF code will appear. There might be something wrong with the water faucet. Check the water faucets behind the Washer. Make sure the faucets are open and kink-free. 
In low temperatures, it also freezes. So check if it is frozen. 
LEThe low water level during cyclesThe leaks in the water tub or an improperly installed drain line result in water level drops. These errors can siphon water out of the washer. Try to refill the water by reinstalling the drain line. 
OEHigh Water Level or OverflowWhen inlet valves are not shut off, it causes water to overflow. So you need to shit off the inlet valves properly. 
tEWhen the water temperature is too high or too low,Check the water temperature by running diagnostic test mode if the temperature is significantly different from the actual temperature. Change the temperature sensor. 
ndNo Water draining Check if the water is draining out properly. Remove clog if there is any. If the water is not drained within 15 minutes, this seeks intervention. 
E2Stuck key on control boardIf the keys are stuck on the control board. Remove them gently. If you still fail to remove them, replace the user interface control board. 
3ENo signal from the drive motor tachometerOn both the drive motor and electronic control board, check all the wire harness connections. Make sure that they are properly connected. 
2EInternal control board failureYou can fix it by unplugging the washer for a while. This will help you to reset the main PCB Control board. You can plug in again after a while and check if the code id disappeared and the error is fixed.If the problem still persists, change the control board. 
HrHeater relay failureOn the main PCB control board, the heater acts as a relay component. You can fix it by unplugging the washer for a while. This will help you to reset the main PCB Control board. You can plug in again after a while and check if the code id disappeared and the error is fixed. 
AEThe communication gap between main PCB and sub-PCB in the control panelWhenever there is a communication gap between the main PCB and the sub-PCB in the control panel. To fix this error, check if the wires are properly connected. Replace if there is any error or damage in the setup. 
SFMain PCB errorUnplug the washer for a while. This might reset the electronic control board. Plug in the washer again and check if the error is fixed. If the issue persists, replace the electronic control board with a new one. 
nF1Hot and cold water lines are reversedMake sure that both hot and cold water lines are connected correctly on the back of the washer. 

Wrapping Up

It seems as if the error code is the mystery code. Each code depicts a certain type of fault and issue. Each code is meant for a specific error. All you need to know is what a particular code stands for. Once you decipher it, the solution is easy. In this article, Samsung Washer Error Codes are deciphered. You can go through the list and do away with errors. 

I hope this article will be of some help to you. In case something is missing. You can let us know by writing in the comments section. We also look forward to your valuable feedback. You can visit our website for content like this and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How can I check the error code on my Samsung front-load washer?

Ans: The error codes will bed displayed on the digital display of the machine. Generally are alphanumeric codes. However, in older models, the blinking light connotes malfunctioning. 

Q2: How can I reset my Samsung washer?

Ans: Unplug and turn off the circuit breaker. Wait for around five minutes before you turn it on again. 

Q3: Why are Samsung Washer Error Codes vital? 

Ans: Because they allow you to get to the nub of the issue. 

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