Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Everything We Know Till Now

Galaxy Buds Pro

With so many new launches, Samsung is now ready to launch the rumored Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Just like every other mobile company in the market, Samsung is ready to up it’s game. We know that Apple has a monopoly in the market when it comes to wireless earphones with its very successful and leading device Air Pods. Apart from the competition, we also know that Samsung has already launched its three versions of wireless earphones under the name of Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Bud Live.

Samsung is now coming up with the fourth iteration of the wireless earphones series. There have been some rumors and certain leaks about the upcoming earbuds. We have compiled everything we know about the new and upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Name and Release Date

The new rumored Galaxy Buds Pro is not the first such device by the company. We know that Samsung has been trying for a long time to come up with new devices and own over the competition.

The company has not made any statement regarding the new Galaxy Buds Pro. But keeping in mind the name of the previous devices we can make certain guesses about the name of the upcoming wireless earbuds.

The previous devices in the same series were

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

It is very evident that the Galaxy Buds moniker is consistent throughout the naming of the series. This would mean that we can expect the new earphone will be named with the same moniker.

Galaxy Buds Pro Case
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There were some rumors that the Galaxy Buds Pro would be named Galaxy Buds Beyond. Still, we are not sure about the exact name the company would choose. All we can do for now is to wait around for the company to give some details and information about the new Galaxy Buds Pro.

Although there was some rumor about the spate of certification that pointed towards the name: Galaxy Buds Pro.

The model number of the Galaxy Buds Pro SM-R190 was written on the documents published by the FCC and the Indonesian telecom authority SDPPI.

The news concerning the release of the Galaxy Buds Pro is also unknown. But we know that Samsung usually launches a new pair of earbuds with the launch of a new smartphone. The previous earbuds, Galaxy Buds Plus were launched with the smartphone, Galaxy S20. When the Samsung Note 20 was launched, the company also released the Galaxy Buds Live.

Knowing how the company works, we can expect that the company would launch the Galaxy Buds Pro with the early of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, sometime in January, 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Design

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We are expecting that the new Galaxy Buds Pro will have the same design as the original Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus. We believe that the company will keep the Live series separate. So if you are looking for new bean-shaped earbuds, you will have to wait a little longer.

The new Galaxy Buds Pro will have an in-ear design. With the new device in the series, we can expect the Galaxy Buds would offer a better fitting.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Specifications and Features

The new Galaxy Buds is expected to have premium features like active noise cancellation. The noise cancellation feature was missed in the Galaxy Buds Plus but then the feature was included in the Galaxy Buds Live.

Along with the noise cancellation feature, the earbuds are expected to have an ambient mode as well. this mode will help to hear important sounds. The mode will also alert you about your surroundings.

Just like many earbuds in the market, the Galaxy Buds will also come with a charging case with a 472 mAh battery. We can also expect the battery capacity of the Galaxy Buds Pro will be similar to the previous earbuds by the company, the Galaxy Buds Live.

Not much is known about the upcoming Galaxy Buds. We are expecting the company to make an official announcement regarding the launching of the Galaxy Earbuds. It is highly expected that the earbuds will launch with he Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Till then, we can wait for the release date to come out.

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