Saint Als opens clinic for COVID patients who don’t need to be in the hospital

Saint Alphonsus Health System opened a new clinic on the Boise Bench for COVID-19 patients who need medical care — but don’t need a hospital bed.

“Patients who have received positive COVID-19 test results, are waiting for results of their tests or have recently been discharged from the hospital for COVID-19 can get non-emergent care at this clinic,” said Dr. Louis Roser, Clinic Medical Director.  “We will be treating their COVID symptoms as well as any chronic conditions until their illness has resolved and they can continue getting care from their primary care provider.”

The clinic, on Judith Lane near Federal Way, will open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. It will not offer COVID-19 testing. The health system said the facility will offer care in a “clean and safe” setting. The clinic does not include a waiting area, and patients will go straight from their vehicles to an exam room.

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The clinic aims to give patients who don’t need hospitalization – or who the hospital discharged – a place for treatment of COVID-related symptoms. Roser called it a place to treat “long haul” patients.

“The clinic will provide comprehensive COVID-related care, as well as manage patients’ COVID symptoms and complications from the virus,” Roser said. 

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To receive care at the new clinic, patients will need an appointment and referral.

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