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Before moving ahead on our decision about the strange rules of Feather fall 5e Dnd, you need to know what actually is Feather Fall 5s? Feather Fall is one of the strange spells available to the characters that ought to confuse them at first with its contradictory aspects. According to the rule book, a player falls at a rate of 10 feet per round under the impact of a feather fall. This technically means that a character with a speed of 30 ft has to make a total of 3 rounds to fall the entire distance. 

But, after multiple testing, it is concluded that the actual falling speed is comparatively much faster than 10 feet per round. These contradicting statements make the clause in the rulebook invalid. However, the rule of 10 ft per round can also be in context to the characters walking or running, and not the ones who are falling. To sum up, it is completely vague and unclear to make a thorough judgment. 

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There are high chances that this confusion will be sorted in the rules of the Feather Fall 5e DnD. So without any further due, let’s dive right into the defined rules. 

Feather Fall 5e DnD

Feather Fall 5e DnD

Dungeons and Dragons FeatherFall 5e is a spell cast on a creature or object to make them fall asleep. It is made when an object/creature is falling. 

Considering many creatures have wings, a caster is prone to make many mistakes. He can probably cast a spell on another person. But Feather Fall spell 5e ensures safety to them, which can be fatal. This does not give you an advantage over gravity.

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For instance, Suppose you cast a Feather Fall on an object that is already in motion. This will slow the object down but won’t stop. 

“Feather fall 5e’s falling creature descent rate lowers to 60 ft per round until the spell ends”. It means that when a feather fall cast is made, it decelerates to 60 ft per round, regardless of its actual speed. It will fall at the same speed till the spell ends.

What Are The Strange Rules Of Feather Fall 5e DnD | New Spell Alert

However, when a spell is cast on the object that is already falling with a less terminating velocity, fewer than 60 ft, it falls faster than its usual speed. If in case a creature falls before the spell ends, it doesn’t result in the falling damage. It allows the creature to land on its feet. 

Casting 1 reaction (Taken when you or a creature falls within 60 feet)
Range60 Feet
ComponentsV M(tiny feather)
Duration1 minute
Classes Sorcerer, Bard, Wizard

Can You Use Feather Fall 5e on Yourself?

Fortunately, Yes, it is completely allowed for you to use Feather Fall 5e on yourself. You can descend slowly and gradually from any height. 

Does Feather Fall 5e Work With Any Type Of Fall?

Dnd Feather fall 5e works perfectly well for any kind of horizontal or vertical movement. However, it is not made for a diagonal movement. 

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What Are The Strange Rules Of Feather Fall 5e DnD | New Spell Alert

What is the Speed of a Character’s Feather Fall 5e? 

The speed of a character moving using a Feather Fall is half of their average speed approximately. A character can also make a regular attack or cast a spell while making a fall. 

After How Much Time Does The Effect Of Feather Fall Fades?  

The effect of a Feather Fall lasts for the entire duration during the fall, but the moment a character jumps or is left in the air, the spell ends. 

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Wrapping Up 

DnD 5e Feather Fall is an amazing spell to pull any creature or monster down. It also ends the spell when an affected creature takeover the damage from any source. An effect of the Feather Fall negates if you are able to grab any object, in order to hit the ground before falling. 

However, it has some strange rules. Give it a read, try it on, and do write down below. We would love to hear ‘How you made the most of this spell’. 

Do reach out for any queries, we are here for you.

Good Luck! Adios..!!


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