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Halloween is here, and autumn has arrived! It’s not just the autumn that has sprung on us, a lot of new Halloween in-game updates have arrived as well. Players of the popular Roblox role-playing game Royale High are already waiting in line to try their luck in the recently released Halo interface. Are you here to have all the Royale high fountain answers? You are unquestionably on the correct blog. 

After recently watching all the Halloween update releases of Warframe, Adopt me, Phasmophobia, DBD, Minecraft, MultiVersus Monster Mash Halloween Event, and now Roblox’s another Halo answer interface. Players are rushing to try out all the new Roblox Halloween updates since they are just for this October month. So, let’s learn all the Royale high fountain answers quickly.

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I will not be wrong if I say that this Year’s Roblox Halloween event is epic. Each and every day, players encounter new Halloween surprises on the site. Be it new costumes like Rainbow friends, the epic Headless head, spooky Pumpkin heads, new spooky Halloween music, Halo interfaces, creepy Halloween chest locations, new pets, and now this new Roblox fountain Halo answers interface. Let’s check out all the correct royale high fountain answers for Halloween 2022.

All The Correct Royale High Fountain Answers 2022

You’ll be getting the correct list of Royale high fountain answers 2022 here in a bit. Remember that the Halos are not assured even if you answer correctly. You have a possibility of winning diamonds, losing diamonds, nothing, a random amount of XP, or a very rare halo.

All The Correct Royale High Fountain Answers Halloween 2022

The chances of winning if you answer all the Royale high fountain answers are –

  • Diamond win: 30%
  • Diamonds lost: 30%
  • Win a random amount of XP: 30
  • Halo prize: 10%

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A list of all the correct Royale high fountain answers are –

Story ThemeOption AOption BOption COption D
Choose a path+Dimond-Dimond+XP+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Halo+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP
Hazel’s pumpkins+Dimond-Dimond+XP+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Dimond+XP-Dimond
Giant scarecrow+Dimond-Dimond+XP+Dimond+Nothing+XP+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Halo-Diamonds
Make A portion-Diamonds+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Halo+Dimond+Nothing-Dimond+XP+Halo-Diamonds
Corn Maze+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Dimond-Dimond+XP+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP
Halloween Festival +Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Halo+Dimond-Dimond+Halo
Friendly Dark Kitten+Dimond-Dimond+Nothing+XP+Halo+Dimond-Dimond+Halo
Fall Farmers market+Dimond+XP+Halo-Diamonds+Halos
Jinx’s Potion Brewery +Halo+Halo
Choose a pumpkin+Halo
Snowy Owl+Halo
Halloween costumes chest+Halo+Halo
Old stall vendor+Halo+Halo
Buttmutts stolen acorns+Halo+Halo
Maxwell the ghost+Halo+Halo
Fall festival with adam+Halo+Halo
Forest’s voice+Halo+Halo
Knitting Lady+Halo
Leaves creature+Halo+Halo
Abandoned Mansion+Halo+Halo
Graveyard realm+Halo
Choose a homemade treat+Halo+Halo

To make sure you don’t lose the Halo you should learn all the Royale high fountain answers correctly.

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Wrapping Up

These are all the correct Royale high fountain answers. I hope you understood the answer table correctly. I hope you liked all the new updated Halo interfaces of Roblox. Let me know your favorite Roblox Halloween item below. I also assume that you are on your way to submitting all the royale high fountain answers Halloween 2022. Enjoy this Halloween with the Roblox Halloween Event.

I want you to check out Path of EX once to get deeper insights and information this Halloween. You can drop a comment if you have any further doubts about this. Just enjoy this Halloween festival holiday with your friends & family. I will make sure that I’ll back with yet another interesting and useful Halloween update for you. Till then, take care and enjoy the Roblox Halloween gameplay.

Happy Halloween!


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