25 New Roku Free Channels in 2022 For Optimum Viewing

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Roku, one of the leading hardware digital media brands, is constantly making its place among the best streaming services in 2022. Especially in such times, where Lockdown is the new normal, people need platforms like Roku that will serve as a complete entertainment package. On one hand, it serves as a perfect source of enjoyable content, while on the other it is an optimum provider of Roku hardware (smart sticks, smart TVs, and streaming players). But recently, Roku has created its hype by adding 25 new free Channels to its streaming service. 

In such a short time, Roku has been successful in creating its place among the best streaming services of 2022. And its latest announcement of including 25 new channels to increase the viewing horizon had made it talk of the town. It will soon act as a strong rival to other Mega service providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime by constantly amazing people.

Wanna know what are the Roku new free channels? And that too free! Well, read along to know about all of these spectacular upcoming Free Roku Channels in 2022.

List of New Roku Free Channels in 2022

New Roku Free Channels added in 2022

Though currently, Roku is in 5th place among the best and most popular streaming providers. With its 80,000 shows and movies currently on the service, it has provided 200live TV Channels to its customers. 

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What makes this service provider unique and special is the fact that it provides a wide range of free Channels and Shows/Movies for ideal viewing. In short, we can say it’s a one-stop destination for all our entertainment sessions.

Now, let’s explore all the New Roku Free Channels has decided to include in its latest update-

  1. AfroKiddos
  2. AfrolandTV
  3. Aspire TV Life
  4. Ax Men
  5. BlackPix
  6. Bob The Builder
  7. Crime ThrillHer
  8. Demand Africa
  9. Fox Weather
  10. Ice Road Truckers
  11. Kin
  12. Kriminal
  13. Modern Marvels
  14. Project Runway:
  15. Red Green Channel
  16. Redbox Faith & Family
  17. Redbox Romance
  18. Sensical 8+
  19. SPARK TV
  20. Supermarket Sweep
  21. The Price Is Right: The Barker Era
  22. This Old House Makers Channel
  23. Total Crime
  24. UnXplained Zone
  25. Vive Kanal D Drama 

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Wrapping Up

These are the New Roku free channels you get without any membership or extra subscription charges. All of these Channels will be enough to cater to all your needs-

If documentaries are on your agenda, go for BlackPix, but if you are in the mood for some crime thrills then Total Crime, Crime thriller, Kriminal would come in handy. If fashion is the line you want to go for, watch Kin, but if you need some motivation to inspire you, SparkTv will warm your heart. And kids even you can have your fair share of enjoyment with- Bob The Builder and Modern Marvels Channel on Roku.

I hope you find this article on “25 New Roku Free Channels in 2022 For Optimum Viewing” insightful. Keep visiting Path of EX and do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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