The Best Rogue Trader Argenta Build in 2024: A Beginner’s Guide

Rogue Trader Argenta build (2)

Hello, Rogue Traders! Craving a side dish of heresy-slaying with your void-faring adventures? Then join me, because I am about to explain the best Rogue Trader Argenta build! This game guide will help you maximize the power of the fiery Sister of Battle, Argenta!

In the grimdark universe of Rogue Trader, Argenta ain’t your average gal. This fiery Sister of Battle is a walking inferno, a one-woman crusade against the forces of Chaos. But with so many talents, gear, and skills to choose from, building the best Rogue Trader Argenta build can feel like navigating a warp storm blindfolded. Relax, pilgrim, ’cause this guide is your holy bolter in the darkness.

So, get ready, strap, and let me show you how to create a powerful and versatile character that can handle any situation. Whether you prefer melee, ranged, or psychic attacks, we have the perfect build for you. Ready to forge the ultimate Rogue Trader Argenta build? Let us dive in!

Who is Argenta in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader?

This woman is not just pious; she is a walking arsenal, wielding a bolter that spits explosive shells like a holy Gatling gun. But she is not just about blasting heretics; she is also a preacher, a Ministorum priest who can rally your crew with inspiring sermons and mend their wounds with faith alone.

Argenta comes from a “death world,” a planet that is extremely hostile and dangerous to life. She has learned to survive and thrive in such harsh conditions, making her tough and resilient. She is also a soldier, a trained fighter who can use various weapons and tactics. She has high agility, toughness, and ballistic skills, which are her primary characteristics.

Argenta is a loyal and faithful companion who will follow your orders and support your cause. She is also a compassionate and caring person who will tend to the wounded and comfort the suffering. She has a strong sense of justice and duty and will not tolerate any heresy or corruption. She is a valuable asset to your team and a formidable foe to your enemies.

So, there you have it: Argenta, the fiery preacher-warrior who brings both the Emperor’s wrath and his healing touch to the battlefield. Let us explore the best Rogue Trader Argenta build now!

Three Best Rogue Trader Argenta Builds

The key to the best Rogue Trader Argenta build lies in your preferred playstyle. Embrace the flames, become the master of explosions, or stand as a beacon of hope for your allies – the choice is yours!

01. Fire Queen

Set your enemies on fire! Make Argenta fast and agile, and give her two Flamers to burn everything. Use Burn Baby Burn and Inferno to make more fire on the ground. This way, Argenta can fight close to the enemies, kill many of them, and make the big ones very weak.

02. Argenta Bomb Expert

Do you like big booms? Make Argenta strong and fast, and let her throw Melta Bombs and Grenades. Use Demolitionist and Blast Radius to make the explosions bigger and better. This way, Argenta can destroy the enemies with style. But be careful, don’t hurt your friends with the bombs.

03. Argenta Holy Helper

Do you want to be a good person? Make Argenta smart and brave, and let her support your friends. Use Righteous Fury and Crusader to make your friends stronger, and Cleansing Flame and Beacon of Hope to heal them and remove bad effects. This way, Argenta can work well with others and make them happy and healthy.

How to Build the Best Rogue Trader Argenta?

There are many ways to build Argenta, depending on your playstyle and preferences. You can focus on her bolter skills, her flamer skills, her melee skills, or her healing skills. You can also mix and match different skills and talents to create a hybrid build. However, in this section, I will focus on a flamer-focused inferno queen build that can deal great AoE damage and also heal your allies. This is my favorite Rogue Trader Argenta built.

This build is based on the following principles:

01. Weaponize the flames

Use a flamer weapon with great damage and a large area of effect. This will allow you to use the burn baby burn ability, which sets enemies on fire, dealing damage over time and spreading to nearby enemies. This is great for dealing with groups of enemies and setting the battlefield ablaze. You can also use the inferno ability, which creates a massive explosion of fire, dealing huge damage and stunning enemies. This is good for breaking enemy defenses and causing chaos.

02. Mobility Is Key

Use the run and gun feature, which allows you to move and shoot in the same turn. This will give you more mobility and flexibility, allowing you to position yourself in the best spot and avoid enemy fire. You can also use the revel in slaughter feature, which resets your run and gun ability when you kill three enemies in turn. This will let you move and shoot more often, increasing your damage output and survivability.

03. Master the Flames

Use the flamer mastery abilities, which enhance your flamer skills. You can choose from three options: area attack, which increases the area of effect of your burn baby burn ability; turn MP, which reduces the movement point cost of your run and gun ability; and MP recovery, which restores some movement points when you kill an enemy with your flamer. These abilities will make you more efficient and effective with your flamer.

04. A Touch of Healing

Use the Medicae skill, which allows you to heal yourself and your allies with Medikits. This will make you a combat Medic who can support your team with healing and buffs. You can also use the Medicae abilities, which improve your healing skills. You can choose from three options: heal MP, which restores some movement points when you heal an ally; heal AP, which restores some action points when you heal an ally; and heal area, which heals all allies in an area when you heal an ally. These abilities will make you more helpful and generous with your healing.

05. Talents for A Fiery Savior

Enhance Argenta’s strengths with multiple talent options.

With this build, Argenta becomes a fiery guardian angel, leaving enemies as ashes and allies feeling invincible. Her agility, toughness, and ballistic skill will be unmatched, and her burning passion will light the way to victory.

Remember, this is just one path of many! Experiment, mix, and match, and forge your own legend of Argenta, the Inferno Queen!

Wrapping Up

Alright, that is how we turn Argenta into a fire-breathing badass! Remember, there is no one “best Rogue Trader Argenta build,” so grab this guide as a spark and ignite your own flames of Argenta-awesomeness.

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