Roblox PS4 Trophies: All About Roblox PlayStation Trophies

Roblox PS4 Trophies

After ruling PC, Xbox, and mobile gaming, Roblox marked its presence on PlayStation in October 2023. With its latest update on PlayStation 4, Roblox has introduced 8 different trophies. Gamers are ecstatic about this new feature, which brings Roblox PS4 Trophies to their favorite gaming console.

The Roblox PS4 Trophy feature is a great opportunity to earn some exciting PlayStation achievements. You can earn rewards for gaming with your friends, rating games, customizing your avatar in multiple user-generated worlds, and joining a PlayStation Network Party. Though no Platinum trophy is added in the update, all of these 8 Roblox PS4 Trophies are quite easy to achieve.

After facing criticism for removing some celebrated car manufacturers from the game, Roblox has given PlayStation players a reason to rejoice. Here’s everything we know about the Roblox PlayStation Trophies.

List of All Roblox PS4 Trophies | Roblox PlayStation Trophies

Roblox PS4 Trophy: All About Roblox PlayStation Trophies

The Roblox PlayStation Trophies list is rather easy to achieve and can be completed within a few hours of casual playtime. Here’s a list of all 8 Roblox PlayStation Trophies:

Trophy NameTrophy Type
Trailblazer – You played 15 different Roblox games.Gold
Four’s Company – You played a Roblox game with 3 of your friends! Gold
Explorer – You played 5 different Roblox games.Silver
Pollster – You rated 5 Roblox games.Silver
Scout – You played a Roblox game!Bronze
Marathon – You played a Roblox game for one hour!Bronze
One Name, Many Faces – You changed your avatar’s look!Bronze
Strength in Numbers – You joined a PlayStation Network party and played a Roblox game. Bronze

How To Play Roblox Games On PlayStation Console?

Here’s a guide on playing Roblox games on PlayStation Console to win your Roblox PS4 Trophy:

  • Access Roblox on PS4: Search for “Roblox” on the PlayStation Store on your PS4 or PS5 console.
  • Download Roblox: Click on the Roblox icon, download and install the game on your console.
  • Launch Roblox: Once the game is fully downloaded, click on “Play Game” to launch Roblox on your PS4 console.
  • Set up your Roblox Account: On the main page, you will see the option of “Log In”. Enter your login credentials or scan the on-screen QR code if you are an existing Roblox user. If you are a new user, click on “Sign Up” and make a new Roblox account.
  • Explore the Roblox Interface: After completing the steps mentioned, you will automatically be led to the Roblox home interface.
  • Play Roblox and flaunt your PS4 Trophy!

Wrapping Up

With the introduction of 8 Roblox PS4 Trophies, players are thrilled to play their favorite Roblox game and achieve these exciting rewards. The Roblox PlayStation Trophies list is almost similar to that of Xbox achievements, the only difference being three additional challenges for gamers in Xbox.

So, dive into your Roblox PlayStation gaming playlist today, and don’t forget to share your achievements with us. Keep checking Path Of EX for more such informative articles.

Happy Gaming, Folks!

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