Is There a Roblox Movie & Is it on Netflix [2024]

Roblox Movie

It’s no surprise that Roblox has become everyone’s favorite, bringing in millions with its millions of online games. As Roblox grows, fans wonder if the game will go from just PCs & phones to theaters with a Roblox movie. In this article, we’ll find out all about the official Roblox Movie!

There are rumors, tweets, and discussions going around about an official Roblox Movie on Netflix, but gamers don’t know how much of it is real. Since fans regularly make edits and self-made trailers, it’s hard to know what’s official and what isn’t.

So, as gamers and viewers look for a movie based on Roblox, will they be happy or disappointed? Let’s find out if there’s a real Roblox Movie or if it’s just a rumor.

Is There a Roblox Movie | Official Movie on Roblox

There was an official Roblox platform movie called Roblox: The Movie, supposed to be created by Universal Studios and released in 2014, but it got canceled. Although there have been talks of other Roblox movies, no official statements have been made.

Is There a Roblox Movie on Netflix?

Even though it’s high in demand, Netflix doesn’t have a Roblox movie. Not just that, no official announcements have been made suggesting that Netflix will have any movies planned with the Roblox video game.

List of Roblox Movies in 2024

Roblox Movie

Although these might be just rumors, there are some Roblox Movies in the making that fans have been going crazy about. Here’s a list of all Roblox Movies:

  1. Roblox Doors Movie
  2. Roblox Piggy Movie
  3. Roblox Rainbow Friends Movie

Wrapping Up

So, there was supposed to be an official Roblox movie from 2014 called Roblox: The Movie, but it got canceled. That said, there’s no Roblox movie on Netflix. Despite rumors, Netflix hasn’t announced any plans for a Roblox movie, so that’s a little disappointing. The wait continues for Roblox fans who are waiting to see if these movies will become a reality or stay as rumors.

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