Roblox Audio Library: Song IDs, Library Link & How to Add Audio [2024]

Roblox Audio Library: Music IDs, Library Link & How to Add Audio [2023]

Who doesn’t like a good song playing in the back while gaming? And if you’re an active gamer or creator on Roblox, you’re missing out if you’re not using the Roblox Audio Library. In this article, you’ll find the Audio Library in Roblox and trending music codes and song IDs to improve your Roblox adventures.

The Audio library is an important part of the Roblox gaming experience because when creating a game on Roblox or in a long gaming session, you need Audio to spice up the experience. With the Roblox Audio Library, creators and developers can upload audio files to Roblox.

If you want to add Audio like fun background music, special sound effects, narration, and more to your creations, the Roblox Audio Library is at your rescue! Read on to enhance your creator skills and develop better games by using the Audio Library in Roblox!

Roblox Audio Library Link 2024: Where is The Roblox Audio Library (Mobile & PC)

You can easily find the Roblox Audio Library in the Create section of Roblox. To find the Audio Library in Roblox, follow the steps below or use the Roblox Audio Library link to head there directly:

  1. Go to Roblox,
  2. Head to the top navigation bar beside the Avatar Shop,
  3. Go to the Create section,
  4. Click on Audio,
  5. You can see the Roblox Audio Library now!

Now that we know where the Audio Library in Roblox is, let’s look at some of the latest music codes and song IDs to use in Roblox.

Roblox Audio Library Codes & Music IDs | Roblox Song IDs

Roblox Audio Library

The Audio Library in Roblox has thousands of Audio for you to use for free because you can only sometimes make and upload your music or look through a list of thousands to find the one you want. So, Roblox audio library codes and music IDs can especially come in handy during events, update releases, or the creation of new games.

Here’s a list of Roblox songs or Roblox Music IDs:

Sr.Song NameMusic ID
1Doja Cat Get Into it (slowed)7066609753
2Olivia Rodrigo Brutal6937354391
3Dua Lipa Levitating6606223785
4Doja Cat Need to Know6940413841
5Lil Nas X Industry Baby7081437616
6Ed Sheeran: Bad Habits7202579511
7Flo Rida: You Spin Me Right Round145799973
8Luis Fonsi Despacito673605737
9Justin Beiber Yummy4591688095
10What’s Up Danger Movie Version Spider-Verse3106151105
11Lalisa: Drop Some Money7551431783
12Ckay Love Nwantiti SLOWED7453158420
13Everywhere I Go7156629013
14Among Us Drip6486359635
15Alan W. Sabrina Carpenter On My Way SLOWED2985525819
16Kali Uchis Telepatia (slowed and reverb)6403599974
17Nya! Arigato (TikTok Song)6441347468
18Dua Lipa Levitating6606223785
19Doja Cat Say So521116871
20What’s Up Danger Movie Version Spider-Verse2071829884
21Amaarae SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY8026236684
22Ashnikko Daisy5321298199
23Bach Toccata & Fugue in D Minor564238335
24Belly Dancer x Temperature8055519816
25Beethoven Fur Elise450051032
26Beethoven Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement)445023353
27Claude Debussy Claire De Lune1838457617
28Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato Solo2106186490
29LISA Money7551431783
30Lady Gaga Applause130964099
31Kelis Milkshake321199908
32Nintendo Mii Channel Music143666548
33The Anxiety Meet Me At Our Spot7308941449
34Spooky Scary Skeletons515669032
35Soft Jazz926493242
37Billie Eilish NDA7079888477
38Juice WRLD Lucid Dreams8036100972
39Darude Sandstorm166562385
40Glass Animals Heat Waves6432181830
41Boney M Rasputin5512350519
42BTS Butter6844912719
43Fetty Wap Trap Queen210783060
44Maroon 5 Payphone131396974
45Frozen Let It Go189105508

If you want more Roblox Music IDs, you can head to APM Music and search for a song according to your mood, genres, albums, and more from a collection of millions.

Roblox Audio Library Music IDs Full List:

  1. All-Time Best Roblox Music IDs
  2. Best Christmas Roblox Music IDs
  3. Best Halloween Roblox Music IDs
  4. Roblox Valentine Music IDs For 2024
  5. It’s Raining Tacos Roblox ID Music Codes

How to Add Music to a Roblox Audio Library: Mobile & PC

You can use music already present in the Roblox inventory or add/upload Audio of your own, whether it’s something you recorded or a new song you love. There are two ways to add or upload your music to Roblox, notably the Roblox Audio Library: the Roblox Studio or Roblox Create.

Roblox Audio Library

Method 1: Using Roblox Studio

You can also add music to the Audio Library in Roblox through the Create section of Roblox itself in just seven steps.

How to add music to the Roblox audio library with Roblox studio:

  1. Go to your Roblox Studio
  2. In the View tab, click on Asset Manager. 
  3. Click on Bulk Import.
  4. Select your audio files to import
  5. Click on the Confirm button. 
  6. A green checkmark will now display beside the audio files that are successfully uploaded.
  7. You’ve now added audio in the audio library using the Roblox Studio!

The audio you add to the Audio Library in Roblox must meet the Community standards and format requirements.

Method 2: Using Roblox Create

You can also add music to the Audio Library in Roblox through the Create section of Roblox itself in just 5 steps.

How to add music to the Roblox audio library with Roblox Create:

  1. Log in to your Roblox account.
  2. Click Create at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on Audio.
  4. Click on Browse and pick the audio file to upload.
  5. Click on “Upload.”

Note that it costs Robux to upload music in the Roblox audio library, and uploading a more extended file costs Robux more.

Roblox Audio Library Not Working: Why & How to Fix

Roblox Audio Library is a much-used part of Rooblox, especially for creators, so it can be problematic to face issues when trying to use it. So, like every other software, it’s possible to face problems with the Audio Library in Roblox as well. Let’s look at some of the reasons why the Roblox might not be working and how to fix it.

Roblox Audio library

Why is Roblox Audio Library Not Working?

There could be a few reasons why the Roblox audio library is not working for you, which can be fixed with some simple solutions. Here is a list of some of the primary reasons most people face Roblox audio library not working:

  • There are temporary bugs in the Roblox Audio Library. 
  • You have the ad-blocker enabled. 
  • Roblox Audio Library does not identify some search terms.

The one good thing is that you can quickly fix the Roblox audio library not working issue using a couple of simple steps that take minutes to execute. Let’s look at the solutions to fix the Roblox audio library not working.

How to Fix Roblox Audio Library Not Working?

You can try one or both of the solutions to fix the audio library not working till your audio library starts working again. You can fix the Audio Library in Roblox not working by turning off specific tools and using the SFX hack. Let’s see the Roblox audio library fixes in detail:

  1. Try disabling your ad-blocker and other extensions temporarily.
  2. Type “SFX” after the search term. E.g., “song name” SFX. 

Wrapping Up

The Audio Library in Roblox has thousands of free audio for you that you can access by going to the top navigation bar beside the Avatar Shop and then to the Create section. The fun part about the Audio Library in Roblox is that you can upload your own audio (at a price) and use it on your mobile or PC!

Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Some Sound IDs for Roblox?

You can try a couple of trending Sound IDs for Roblox, like 6937354391 (Olivia Rodrigo: Brutal) and 515669032 (Spooky Scary Skeletons.)

Q2. Is Uploading Music in the Roblox Audio Library Free?

No, it costs Robux to upload music in the Roblox audio library. Uploading a longer file costs more Robux, so the longer the file, the more Robux it costs.

Q3. Where to Find Roblox Audio?

Roblox > Beside Avatar Shop: Top Navigation Bar > Create > Roblox Audio Library

Q4. How to Find Song IDs on Roblox 2024?

You can find the top Song IDs for Roblox by manually searching in the Audio library or visiting Path of EX to get new audios!

Q5. Can We Find Music by Roblox Audio Library Search?

No, there is no way to search the Roblox catalog or Roblox audio library for off-sale Audio with a plugin or otherwise. The only way you can access said private assets is if you already have a link through which you can reach it.

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