Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center pay homage to Broadway in Valentine Ghostlight Series

Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center pay homage to Broadway in Valentine Ghostlight Series

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center is hosting its second season of its Ghostlight Series called a Broadway Valentine.

The Ghostlight Series: A Broadway Valentine

Many of the performances and acts are meant to focus on Broadway and how long they have been shut down due to COVID-19 paying homage to them by showcasing Broadway love songs. Local artists will be featured in the series and say they are cautious with these virtual performances, following guidelines to keep them safe.

“We’re hopeful and thankful to all of our donors and our contribution that we’ve received, and we are sustaining, and we will be around,” said Emily Moore, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center. “We know we are going to make it, and we know the community will be there to support us when we do survive this pandemic just like everybody else. We are going to be so excited to get live music, theater, dance, all of the arts back here at the Robinson Grand, and have everyone from the community here to enjoy it.”

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The center staff said they are cautious when filming the Ghostlight series because they want to remain safe and keep the artist safe. With more than one person on stage, they make sure that they are distanced by at least six feet.

“So, the Ghostlight series came about just by watching another theater putting on a one-off song with their Ghostlight on stage. And we saw that and it was a big theater in another big city, and we thought, ‘we can do that,’ we have a Ghostlight, we can start bringing in small acts and be able to present that virtually,” Moore said.

The center’s representatives said that COVID-19 had pulled all live events from not just their venue but really all venues altogether. They have been able to have some live acts on stage that were private and were not open to the public following the guidelines set forth by the health department.

virtual mini-concert series

“We are a community center we have so many things here at the Robinson Grand, not just the big ole concerts, which are great, but we have field trips from the schools, and we miss those kids so much. We have community events and activities, teacher training, parties, baby showers, and two ballrooms. So, having all these types of events really does make us a community center, and we miss that aspect,” Moore said

Also, Moore adds they can still do some small things under caution following COVID safety guidelines.

The next Ghostlight series planned will be in March around the theme arts in the school’s month, showcasing talented students in the unique series. Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center had a large virtual audition call receiving many students wanting to be on the stage showcasing their arts and talent.

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