Richmond area pharmacies start administering COVID vaccines

Richmond area pharmacies start administering COVID vaccines

Richmond, Va. (WRIC) — There is a new way you can get your COVID-19 vaccine, the shots are starting to arrive at Virginia pharmacies.

This week, eight Virginia Walmart stores received doses of the vaccine and have started giving them out, said Market Health and Wellness Director Victoria Pevercini.

Right now, Walmart is scheduling appointments through local health departments.

“If they are a group that Walmart’s vaccinating right now, then the district will have them reach out to us over them phone so we can schedule an appointment,” Pevercini told 8News.

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None of the eight Virginia Walmarts that have the shot at this time are in the Richmond area, but Pevercini said they expect to expand to more locations soon.

However, several Richmond area CVS pharmacies will be getting shipments of the vaccine as early as Tuesday.

36 CVS stores total will administer the shots across the Commonwealth. There, eligible Virginians will be able to register for appointments through the CVS website, according to a CVS Health spokesperson.

The pharmacy told 8News they are administering the shots through a federal partnership, meaning local health districts are not involved. They said patients will simply provide proof of vaccine eligibility, when they arrive at CVS.

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However, on Friday, Dr. Danny Avula, who is leading Virginia’s vaccination effort, said the state is working with CVS to make sure the vaccines are not distributed on this “first-come, first-served” basis.

“What we really want to is ensure that CVS can integrate into our state strategy, so we have had daily calls with the state representation with CVS,” said Avula.

Pevercini with Walmart said, ultimately, pharmacies providing vaccines gives a sense of comfort.
“For some people to get vaccination in a pharmacy which is already their own pharmacy with a team and pharmacy they already know,” she said.

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According to Kroger’s website, their Virginia pharmacies have administered COVID vaccines, but do not have any more doses available at this time.

Walgreens is offering COVID vaccines in some states, but not in Virginia at this time.

CVS said they plan to expand vaccination to more locations, with the goal of eventually administering 20 to 25 million shots per month throughout the country.

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