How To Reset Instagram Explore Page | Decoding The Algorithm-101

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What’s the last thing you see before you sleep? Instagram!! From the beginning to the end of our day, we cannot imagine our life without scrolling through Instagram’s explore page. It’s that addicting! However, if you don’t like some posts, or if you completely want to change it you can follow these easy steps on ‘How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?’. 

Explore Section is the page on Instagram that shows up after you click on the “Magnifying Glass” icon in the bar, which displays on the bottom of your screen. It magically shows everything you’re interested in, posts, videos, and even reels. (Although there’s little magic and more science) You might wonder how everything you like keeps showing up on your Instagram Explore Page. Well, there’s an explanation on that too. (More on that later

Quickly go through our solution on ‘How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?’, you only need to go through these super easy steps once. So let’s begin the article and try these steps ASAP. 

Instagram Explore Page Algorithm | How Does It Work? 

How To Reset Instagram Explore Page

If you remember Instagram between the time of 2010 and 2015, then you might actually know how much Instagram has truly changed. From being a totally unknown app to now being the most popular social networking app, it has come a long way ahead. 

But! But! But! 

For being the best social media app, it had to introduce a lot of changes, and one of those massive changes was, improving its algorithm

For a layman, Algorithm is a bunch of lines of code made for executing a process step by step. The definition of an Algorithm might have changed with time but it works the same. 

But how does it work on Instagram? 

Instagram algorithm notices the things you spend the most time on while using the app. It can be dance videos, or art pictures, anything you like. The Instagram algorithm analyzes your likes and dislikes and brings you more that you like, or posts that you might like.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

For instance, if you love watching dance videos on Instagram, the algorithm will bring you more of the same, along with some similar content. It will bring more accounts to your Instagram explore page who dance. You’ll also see some dance reels, more videos on different dance styles, and more related stuff. Like in the picture above, I like watching nail manicure videos, so you can see it in my explore page

Got the idea? 

Now, you might ask if the Instagram algorithm brings us what we like, then why should we reset it? This brings us to our next question. 

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Why Should I Reset My Instagram Explore Page?

If you are looking for reasons, there can be many for you to reset your Instagram explore page. Firstly, you can do it if you are bored of your Instagram explore feed and just want to watch something that you don’t normally see very often. It will bring you something fresh, and you should definitely try resetting your Instagram Explore page at least once. 

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?
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Secondly, if you share your Instagram account with someone, and you don’t see what you have been interested in lately, you can reset your Instagram explore feed. 

PS. We don’t recommend hiding stuff from your partner. 

Things to do to Reset Instagram Explore Page?  

The process to reset Instagram Explore Page is done in two different sets of steps. Firstly you need to clear your search history and then reset the explore page. 

Why do we need to clear the Search History?

Your search history also affects your explore page, whatever you have searched will come up in your explore feed. Instagram keeps track of profiles you have searched for and will bring you more of their stuff. 

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How to Change Instagram Explore Feed?

If you don’t want to change your Instagram Explore page entirely then you can follow these steps to remove only a specific kind of post from the page. 

1.Open Instagram from your phone.

2. Click on the ‘Magnifying Glass’ option, which displays at the bottom of your Instagram screen.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

3. Click on the post that you don’t want to see anymore on the Instagram Explore page.

4. Click on the three dots appearing on the top corner of the post.

How To Reset Instagram Explore Page | Decoding The Algorithm-101

5. Select ‘Not Interested’.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

6. Instagram will display “This post has been hidden. We’ll show fewer posts like this from now on.”

Now, that post will not be shown on your Instagram Explore page. You can try doing the same process with different posts you don’t want to see on your Instagram Explore page. 

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How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

1.Open Instagram from your Android or iPhone.

2. Login to your account.
(Skip this step in case you already have a logged-in account on Instagram app)

3. Click on the profile picture icon on the bottom right of your screen.

4. Click on the three-line burger icon in the upper right corner.

5. Tap “Settings”.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

6. Tap on the “Security” option

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

7. Under the “Data and History” section, click on “Search History

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

8. All your recent searches will be displayed here.

9. Click on the blue-colored “Clear All” option on the top.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

A pop-up message will appear saying “You won’t be able to undo this. If you clear your search history, you may still see accounts you’ve searched for as suggested results.

10. Click on the “Clear All” option to reset Instagram explore page. 

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

As your search history would be cleared now, your Instagram explores page would also be reset. These are the only solutions on “How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?”

Wrapping Up

The steps are super simple and easy. Do try it at least once to change your Instagram feed. 

This article had the easiest explanation on ‘How to Reset Instagram Explore Page on Android and iPhone?’. If you found it helpful then, do comment below and let us know that it helped you.

Share this article with your friends and let us know if you have any queries left on the topic.

Have a Great Day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to reset Instagram explore?

Yes, you can easily reset Instagram explore page. Go to Settings and clear all your search history. You can also do it manually by clicking “Not Interested” on every post that you don’t like in Instagram Explore Page.

Is it easy to reset Instagram explore page?

You can either change your Explore feed on Instagram or you can completely reset your Instagram explore page. All it takes is a few clicks on the Explore page and in ‘Settings’ and you can have a brand new Explore Page on Instagram, with everything fresh.  

How do you reset Instagram suggestions?

On your explore page, click on the post that you don’t like. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the post. Click “Not Interested“. After this, you will see fewer posts like that on your Instagram explore page.

Why is my Instagram explore page messed up?

Sometimes due to cache issues, the Instagram Explore page gets messed up. However, you can easily clear cache on your phone. If the problem persists then uninstall the app and download it from Play Store or Apple App Store again.

How to reset Instagram Explore Page?

Simply click on Settings>Security>Search History>Clear History>Confirm Clear History.

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