Rep. Steve Thompson: I stand with Republicans – Must Read Alaska

Rep. Steve Thompson: I stand with Republicans – Must Read Alaska

Open Letter from Rep. Steve Thompson:

I appreciate the voters’ support in the Aug. 18 primary, and I’m proud to be the House District 2 Republican candidate in November’s General Election.

I’m already working with my Republican colleagues and over the next two months I will work tirelessly to win the seats we need for a strong Republican majority in the next legislative session.

If we hope to effectively promote our conservative values, then it is imperative that we work to form a solid majority by combining our strengths and setting aside petty issues. I anticipate that we’ll have the numbers for a Republican led House, but as we saw in the 31st legislature, we need more than just numbers.

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We need a commitment from all elected Republicans to work together to create the strongest organization we possibly can. Otherwise, we will find ourselves sitting on the sidelines again. Allowing ourselves to fall into the minority is akin to falling on one’s sword unnecessarily; especially when we have the numbers to control the House.

I recognize that there are many competing interests and issues in the Republican party today. It isn’t always easy to work together, even when we start out with the same ideological framework. For the sake of our districts, our state and the citizens of Alaska, we must take the higher ground and agree to a platform and principles we can all live with. As in all things political, we must compromise.

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I know the word “compromise” has negative connotations for some. While we may have to concede rigid positions on certain issues, we are not going to compromise our values. We can all agree on that, I’m sure.

I’ve had a number of conversations with Republican Party leadership, Republican candidates, current Republican legislators and other party members on our strategy moving forward.

We all understand the difficult task before us; the necessity to form a Republican Majority to run the House. We are a family and as with any family, we will face disagreements and disappointments. We cannot let this deter us.

Through the difficult process of forming an organization and setting a positive course for our state, we must insist that the obstacles we face do not tear us apart, but rather make us more focused and determined to do the right thing for our constituents and for Alaska. 

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I’m honored to have the support of the Republican party and I’m proud to represent my district.  I will do everything in my power to ensure that our conservative values are the driving force when we get to Juneau in January.

Rep. Steve Thompson represents House District 2, Fairbanks.

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