Reels, Triller: Platforms Overshadowing TikTok?

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Nivedita Rohmetra
Nivedita Rohmetra
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Lately, Instagrams’s new short video feature, Reels which is also considered an alternative for TikTok has captured the market for influencers and content creators. While all short video platforms are being seen as a replacement for TikTok, Reels, remains a recent and the fastest growing in the game.

Triller is another social networking platform that allows users to edit and synchronize short videos to background tracks and share their work with other users. 

As the future of TikTok remains somehow unsteady and shaky, creators are seen shifting to other platforms. As in India, the ban of TikTok was followed by huge growth in the number of users of Triller.

Reels was first launched in Brazil in November 2019 and then extended to France and Germany. Following the ban of TikTok in India, the feature was rolled out by Instagram in the country in 2020. And today Reels is a very popular source of entertainment and video creation in 50 countries around the world, including the USA.

All short video platforms are somehow similar in terms of features and video sharing experience. What matters is the number of users and engagement offered by the platforms. People are also using these platforms to showcase their brands and products. Above everything, these are a source of entertainment for people who like scrolling on social networking sites and explore pages. These offer a platform to individuals to push forward their creative instincts and showcase their talents to the world. 

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Why Reels?

Triller: Platforms

Being a part of an already established platform, Reels offers this advantage to users to add to their Instagram following and engagement through a new mode of expression. People are seen uploading short 15 to 30 seconds long fun videos on the platform, dancing to trending Instagram songs beats, lip-syncing, showcasing their art, editing, skincare, and comic skills. And, since the lockdown, many people are using their free time to explore their creative sides. It’s quite a nice way to get rid of boredom and monotony, engaging with people on the web. 

Through the explore section on the app, creators with public accounts can actually reach huge audiences from around the world. It is not just about new creators who showcase different kinds of content on the platform. Global brands, companies, and creators like Netflix, Louis Vuitton, Sabyasachi, NBA Basketball T-Series and many others upload Reels on their Instagram handles too.

Instagram used to be more of a personal space earlier. But, with new features like Reels and IGTV, it is also growing into a marketing hub with different brands promoting their ventures.

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Triller: Social Video Platform - Apps on Google Play

The platform has been around since 2015. The platform has its own appealing attributes. Users can choose from a huge music library or their own audios plus different filters, emojis, and editing tools. It has an auto-editing function which is also explained by their slogan: “You do you, Triller does the rest.” They are also reaching influencers on TikTok to grow their brand and audience using their app. A ban on TikTok might end up expanding the users of Triller, making it the best alternative for the app. 

If one is experimenting with content, Triller is a fun place to discover and communicate. The clip syncing feature is an easy alternative of complex editing tools on Reels and TikTok. Both, Triller and Reels offer options to users to make their accounts private or public.

Each of these platforms provides users a safe place to explore, create, and connect. These apps provide a broad explore page through which creators can reach people beyond their following. And for those who just enjoy watching videos, the apps are a great source of entertainment offering a variety of content. The popularity of an app also definitely depends on who uses them. Almost all popular celebrities, musicians, and stars have their own Instagram handles. Thus Reels become a preference for users as they can follow the footsteps of big influencers and gain their own following. Different trends and challenges remain common to all video-sharing platforms.   


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