6 Absolute Reasons to Watch Attack on Titan

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Watching anime has become an absolute trend nowadays. To become the man (or woman!) of culture, you must have seen some of the best anime that the Japanese TV studios have to offer. And in this article, we’ll cover reasons to watch Attack on Titan, one of the best anime (if not the best) aired to date.

Honestly, the only reason you should resist your urge to not watch this amazingly detailed anime is if you fear setting the bar too high for your future plan-to-watch anime series. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just a newbie watching anime or a seasoned fan rewatching the series, the Attack on Titan will blow your mind.

Here in this article, we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t give a second thought to watch Attack on Titan

  • Unexpected Storylines
  • Great Character Development
  • Amazing Soundtrack Selection
  • Dark and Violent
  • Unforgettable Action Sequences
  • Top Quality Animation

Read along the article to know why this animated series is so popular that its fans are eagerly waiting for the second part of the finale season that is set to be aired in 2022.

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Reasons to Watch Attack on Titan

Now let’s dive right into the heart of the article by discussing the points made above. But don’t worry about spoilers, we have tried to not spoil this absolute masterpiece for you (or Have We?), *cue villain music*

1. Unexpected Storylines

6 Reasons to watch attack on Titan: Storyline
Source: theprestige.global

Why Storyline makes one of the reasons to watch Attack on Titan?

The age-old debate of Anime vs. Manga does apply in this series as well. But we bet there won’t be a single Manga fan who will be disappointed by the visual representation of the Manga storylines in this anime series. The producers of the series have done a great job in effectively portraying the story from the Manga adaptation with a few changes here and there.

Overall, the storyline is quite unexpected with a lot of twists and turns. The Attack on Titan is full of shocking plotlines that will get you hooked and make you come for more. If you are a fan of the GOT Universe and were surprised how the first season concluded with the death of Ned Stark (OOPS!, spoiler alert!), then you’ll definitely fall in a love-hate relationship with this series as well.

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2. Great Character Development

6 Reasons to watch Attack on Titan: Character Development
Source: Den of Geek News!

Why Character Development makes one of the reasons to watch Attack on Titan?

The story of Attack on Titan revolves around the characters living in three concentric walled cities to protect the rest of humanity from giant beings known as Titans. Even though the main protagonist of the series is Eren Yeager, the series justifies the use of other characters by balancing out their own stories in the plot.

Every character serves a unique purpose to the story and also makes a way for great character development. With new characters being introduced after every few episodes, get ready to face a wide range of emotions from admiration to infuriation in this emotional rollercoaster ride of a journey. 

3. Amazing Soundtrack Selection

Why Soundtrack makes one of the reasons to watch Attack on Titan?

What makes or breaks the success of a great anime series is the kind of soundtrack used. The Attack on Titan doesn’t compromise in this regard and delivers some of the best soundtracks we’ve ever encountered.

The choice of soundtracks used in this series will immerse you deep into the scenes. The soundtracks will make you feel like you’re the one going through the story arc; the chills and the goosebumps from the music makes each scene much more fascinating.

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4. Dark and Violent

6 Reasons to watch Attack on Titan: Dark and Violent
Source: Den of Geek News!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise as the series is a rather dark fantasy set around human-eating monsters. Attack on Titans is in no way intended for children. This might not be a plus point for all as not everybody goes around in search of dark and violent content in a series. But if you don’t mind a little-to-moderate gore action, this series will be worth it.

Apart from the man devouring Titans, the gruesome world of Attack on Titan also includes some human villains which makes the plotline more intriguing and keeps you emotionally addicted to the series.

5. Unforgettable Action Sequences

6 reasons to watch Attack on Titan: Action Sequences
Source: thegeekhearld.com

Why Action Sequences make one of the reasons to watch Attack on Titan?

The epitome of this anime series is its wildly popular action sequences. The plot revolves around our main characters taking on the gigantic Titans, so it should come as a  no-brainer that there will be a lot of fight scenes involved in the series.

Ever had the urge to rewatch a particular fight scene from your favorite show or movie like Iron Man vs. Hulk showdown? If yes, then the fight sequences from this anime will surely take you to that point to notice and admire the detailed work put into the animation, which brings us to our next point.

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6. Top Quality Animation

6 Reasons to Watch  Attack on Titan:  Top Quality Animation
Source: Screen Rant

Why Quality of Animation makes one of the reasons to watch Attack on Titan?

The quality of animation is the reason why people choose to stick to the animated series. No matter how good the storyline is, if the quality of any series sucks,then nobody’s going to invest their time in that series.

Speaking of which, Attack on Titan delivers the best possible animation to its viewers. From stunning visuals behind action scenes to the attention-to-detail in the whole storyline, the quality of animation speaks for the worldwide success of the animated series.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our list of reasons to watch Attack on Titan. We hope that the article helped you decide to watch this amazing animated series. Let us know if you agree with our points in the comment section below.

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