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Everyone likes to see themselves represented. Don’t we? Especially when it comes to our idols, we want someone who looks like us – real! Google is trying to bridge the gap between real and reel. Google revealed the release of Real Tone in Google Photos, search, and across the Google Platform at the Google I/O 2022.

Historically, the camera technology was not tested diversely leaving the people of color underrepresented and overlooked. Even the modern-day cameras still carry this color bias. This leads to unflattering images of people of color. This is where the Real Tone feature steps in. It has been developed to make the Google cameras and image products to be more receptive to different skin tones.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing in 2022
Google Pixel 6 Pro Unboxing in 2022

At the last year’s Google I/O event, the Real Tone feature for Google Pixel 6 was announced. However, having this feature in one device is not enough. So, this year, Google is taking this a step ahead. If you are following Google I/O 2022, you must have seen that Google announced the extension of the Real Tone in Google Photos and across the Google Platform. Google will be using the Monk Skin Tone Scale for better imaging of different skin tones.

What is Monk Skin Tone Scale?

Monk Skin Tone Scale is a scale to measure the different skin colors. It has been developed in collaboration with Dr. Ellis Monk, a Harvard professor, and sociologist.

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The effect of skin tone and colorism on people has been the key area of study for Dr. Monk. He has done his research for over 10 years and his work culminates in the Monk Skin Tone. It is a 10-shade skin tone scale

Real Tone in Google Photos

This is not to say that the Monks Skin Tone Scale represents all skin tones. However, it is still more representative than all other current camera technologies. Google also claims that the MST scale will help build large representative datasets to train the AI models to give better results for all skin tones.

Real Tone in Google Photos

At Google I/O 2022, Google revealed that it will soon launch the feature of Real Tone in Google Photos. A set of Real Tone filters will be released that work well across all skin tones. These filters have been tried and tested using the Monk Skin Tone scale.

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Famous image-makers like Kennedi Carter and Joshua Kissi, who are known for creating beautiful depictions of their subjects, have worked with Google to evaluate these Real Tone filters. 

You get to select from a wide range of looks. You can find a Real Tone filter that is suitable to your style. The Real Tone in Google Photos will be launched across different platforms like Android, iOS, and the Web in the coming weeks.

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Real Tone in Google Products

Have you ever bought something online but the product did not compliment you? Yes? Let me tell you that you are not alone. Computer vision, a type of AI that is used by computers to understand images is found to be less receptive to people with darker skin. This is the reason that Google will be introducing the Monk Skin Tone scale across Google. This will help in improving the search for Google Products.

Real Tone in Google Photos

With the help of the MST scale, Google will be able to understand the subject in representation. This can help it understand whether a product will work for different skin tones. 

Real Tone in Google Search

Whether you are searching for a makeup look or an outfit, the same thing does not suit everybody. A makeup look that suits a lighter skin tone may not look that good on a darker skin tone and vice versa. This is why representation in images is important. Everyone wants to find images and videos that reflect their needs.

Real Tone in Google Photos

To tackle this problem, Google will be using the Monk Skin Tone scale in Google Search. This will help you to find more relevant results that can be helpful. When you search for a query in Google Images, you will get an option to refine the results by skin tone. However, this representative search cannot be done alone.

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So, Google will also develop a way to label the content in the near future. This will help the creators, brands, etc. to label their content on the basis of skin tones, hair texture, and color. 

Wrapping Up

It is time to Wrap Up! We are living in 2022, and it Is time our camera technologies start doing the same. We need to improve these technologies to include all types of skin tones. Google has been very vocal about racial issues and has taken the first step to improve its camera technology. Soon, we will have the Real Tone in Google Photos. Besides that, Google is also trying to improve skin tone representation across its platform.

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