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File picture of snowy road conditions / Credit: News Now Finland

With frosty mornings back on the calendar, police are offering some seasonal safety tips for motorists as road conditions turn more wintry.

Vehicle windshields need to be frost and moisture-free for maximum vision during morning drives.

“This is especially pronounced on bright mornings when driving in the low sun. Visibility through the side windows is as important as visibility from the windshield. So please allow enough time to heat the car and clean the windows” says Asko Sartanen from East Uusimaa Police.

If the windshield washer has only been filled with water during the summer, add some anti-freeze now and test it, as well as the car’s interior heater, earlier rather than later police advise.

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Sartanen also says to consider how drivers use their lights, and that rear lights don’t always come on automatically.

“This can be a challenging situation for the traffic coming from behind.”

“Although there is general talk about winter speed limits, they are primarily dark and twilight weather restrictions. Since under these conditions it is possible to make observations much later than at other times, it makes sense to drop your speed” he adds.

When it comes to changing from summer to winter driving tyres, it’s optional from 1st November to 31st March depending on weather conditions.

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