7 Reading Strategies To Improve Vocabulary for Beginners in 2021

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
Smriti started her journey by attaining a degree in computer applications. She loves to indulge in reading undiscovered stories only to draw profound explanations about life and its existence. She welcomes you aboard on her expedition of finding herself. Smriti writes her content with a smile on her face hoping to transcend it to her readers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a teacher, a parent, or a learner. Reading Strategies for improving vocabulary can be beneficial to everyone. If you want to polish up your vocabulary, this article is made for you.

Reading is such a basic verb, yet this simple reading text habit has shaped personalities more than you know. Reading is an art; it is the reader’s curiosity in action to know anything and everything. It can make you travel anywhere in the world by sitting at just one place and holding a book. One might say that reading makes time travel happen in between the slim pages. And to go through these experiences while reading, vocabulary plays a huge role. We will tell you how. 

There are many ways one can learn reading strategies specifically designed for focusing on vocabulary. Here is a list of ways that will help you improve your vocabulary skills-

  1. Unintended Learning
  2. Conscious Learning
  3. Re-Reading
  4. Deduce from Context Clues
  5. Apply Root-Word Technique
  6. Play Word Games
  7. Selective Choosing

The importance of vocabulary can never be denied. Having a good vocabulary can be helpful in more areas of your life than you think. From good communication to having an excellent occupation. It has a role everywhere in your life. It will boost your confidence, and you’ll ask yourself, why didn’t you work on it before?

How To Improve Your Vocabulary Skills?

Before we begin with reading strategies, this little point needs to be made. To process to improve your vocabulary skills is a never-ending process; it is not going to happen overnight. This process needs to be organic. You can surely increase the speed of the process with your efforts and your memorizing capacity. Now let’s begin with the strategies for improving vocabulary skills.

1. Unintended Learning 

Father reading to child: Unintended Learning; Reading Strategies to improve  Vocabulary
Source: Educational App Store

It is pretty noticeable in children, with homes that hold good vocabulary skills, to develop early word consciousness. This is not seen often in children living in environments where language skills aren’t encouraged.

So if you are a parent who wants his or her child to have a great vocabulary, this is your time to improve your vocabulary. Because a child learns most from the parents and other family members nonetheless. 

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2. Conscious Learning 

Boy Reading a Book: Conscious reading;  Reading Strategies to improve vocabulary
Source: Scholastic

This method works on the intentional and continuous effort made on reading. If you are reading something once in a blue moon and fussing over your poor vocabulary skills, nothing will change. Ever! You would have to make a habit in the routine of reading.

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Keep beside a dictionary and use it whenever you need. You can also write the words on your notepad on your phone or somewhere where you are reminded of them, at least for a few days. Don’t forget, Efforts pay and these will definitely improve your vocabulary in the long run.

3. Re-reading 

Reading Strategies to Improve Vocabulary
Source: NBC News

It is about the above-written point. If you are a ‘reader‘, you will certainly know reading a book once never quenches that thirst. It is a book-lover thing. You have to reread it, and we are sure you’ll learn more about it than your last read. Also, revising those words again would be like refreshing your memory. It will also prove helpful in giving you a different perspective or detail that you missed earlier.

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4. Deduce from Context Clues

Reading Strategies To Improve Vocabulary for Beginners
Source: Pinterest

While referring to making habits, it is impossible to know all of the words written in prose or a poem. But you can always guess the meaning of the word about the context in which it has been written. Often writers and poets play with the literal meaning of the word into something that can only be explained by reading the sentences written before or after or in continuation with it.

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Therefore, you probably know the word, but the writer didn’t write it with the same meaning in his/her head. It is also possible that you might not know the word, but by practicing reading we are sure you’ll make it out.

5. Apply Root Word Technique

Reading Strategies To Improve Vocabulary for Beginners
Source: Reading Rockets

Root words have either a prefix or a suffix or both before or after the main word, respectively. This strategy can be applied to many words, not just in English but in Latin and Greek.

Consider the word mortality, here mortal is the main word, and it is the suffix that denotes quality or condition. Besides, Mortis means death in Latin. So mortality automatically refers to someone who can die. That’s how words are interpreted in Root Word Technique.

6. Play Word Games

Reading Strategies To Improve Vocabulary for Beginners
Source: Gossamer

At some point in time, it will be tiring to read different words every day and try to memorize them. In that case, you can try playing different games that are available on PlayStore and Apple App Store. Now realize what will happen when you play these games.

  • You are learning new words or maybe reviewing old ones.
  • You are using a different and new approach towards learning vocabulary, which is also fun.
  •  You will get your statistics about how good you are at vocabulary, and you can practice or increase the difficulty level, all based on your learning capabilities.

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7. Selective Choosing

Reading Strategies To Improve Vocabulary for Beginners
Source: Preply

There are approximately more than 450,000 words in English alone. It is not humanly possible to know all of them. That’s why selective choosing of terms will help you memorize. The words we remember now are related to our experiences, personal lives, and professional lives.

If you try to memorize words with no relation or connection to you whatsoever, it will be quite testing for you to learn them. So if you are failing at improving your vocabulary it might be because those words can’t connect to anything relatable in your brain in your life. 

Wrapping Up 

Finding ways for improvement in basic things like reading can be challenging. The conventional methods are reading newspapers and dictionaries. But aren’t these boring? These might work for some of you, but for others, they might not. So this article sums up all the Reading Strategies that would assist you in improving your vocabulary and give you that boost of confidence in your desired language. 

From the above-written points, Re-Reading and Playing Word Games are the ones that I like the most. These have helped me improve my vocabulary skills as I love to read a book more than once for better clarification and meaning. You can try many of these strategies and let us know about your favorite ones. We will be more than happy to hear from you.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vocabulary? 

It is the aggregate of the words known and used by a person. Another word for vocabulary is word book or dictionary.

How does vocabulary affect our reading? 

It is a pretty basic thing to read, but how many of us know the actual core of a language? Having a good amount of knowledge of the words and their meanings can improve our understanding skills of reading. Be it a paper, magazine, or some thesis, you can ace at understanding it, and it will help you write better too.  

How can you improve your vocabulary by reading?

1. Choose any book you like to read.
2. Note down tough words with their meanings.
3. Keep revising those words.
4. Read more chapters and continue your learning.

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